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Mozilla has a San Francisco office! This page has information about it.


Mozilla San Francisco
2 Harrison St., Suite 175
San Francisco, CA 94105

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finding the office

Enter the building from the Embarcadero (street), just a few steps from its intersection with Harrison Street (NW corner between Harrison & Folsom).

Mozilla has space on the 1st floor (including the entrance lobby facing the Embarcadero), 2nd floor, 3rd floor, and 7th floor.

from BART

  • Take BART to the Embarcadero station
  • Exit Embarcadero station to the street level - Exit B1: Market & Spear Street
  • Walk South on Spear street to Harrison st.
  • Walk East on Harrison st. to the Embarcadero, but don't cross.
  • Turn left onto Embarcadero, immediately walk up the stairs to the 1st floor entrance.

from MUNI

  • Take MUNI (N or T line) to The Embarcadero & Folsom St. station
  • Walk South on the stop to Harrison st.
  • Beware of trains and traffic!
  • Carefully walk West across Embarcadero to the office

Alternatively, take any MUNI line to Embarcadero station and follow the BART instructions.

from SFO

  • Go the BART station adjacent to the International G gates (e.g. walk or via Airtrain)
  • Take BART to Embarcadero station, follow BART instructions above.

Getting around the Space

  • If you need to use the elevator to go from the 1st to the 2nd floor please see the SF receptionist, who can unlock it between the hours of 8:30am-5:00pm Monday through Friday. If the receptionist is not available, please use the main building elevators. If you need to use the elevator outside normal business hours please contact [wpr at] to make arrangements in advance.

Group spaces

If you are visiting the office to attend a group event, there are a few different places where they might be held.

Foxhole is the space devoted to work weeks and trainings. It is in the upper left part of the floor plan document above and is in the red box. This is in the courtyard area next to the coffee drinking statue.

The Commons is a public space where the Weekly All Hands meetings, brown bags and other community events are held. This is in the middle on the right side of the floor plan.

Behind the Commons, in the upper right part of the floor plan document, there is another space that is sometimes used for community events.

Restrooms (Toilets)

There are two single stall unisex toilets between the community room and the commons on the first floor. There are also open toilets on the first floor in the main building lobby. There are also some on the second floor. The ones on the third and seventh floors are under construction.


  • irc: #cbt
  • twitter: #cbt2013


  • [FILL ME]

nearby tasty eats


  • Visible from the office, the Bay Bridge is running computerized 25,000 LED light display artwork until 2015. For more details see

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