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  • Discuss performance: Boris has filed two bugs (bug 373693 (addref) and bug 373694 (release). Status?
  • dbaron on slow down he was encountering.
  • Performance in general.
  • Outcome of leaks tests?
  • jst on status of landing the CC timing code (bug 374239).
  • Discuss next steps.

Leak Numbers

Peterv: Not much changed from last week. Found one JS edge that was keeping XBL global objects alive. Also wrote a patch to make the cycle collector itself not leak on shutdown. These should drop shutdown leaks a little bit.

  • bug 375063 (Leaking nsJSContexts and nsXBLDocGlobalObjects at shutdown)
  • bug 375075 (Stop leaking the cycle collector on shutdown)

Tried to reland patch for bug 372960 (Make XPConnect traverse more JS edges), but Tinderbox is still going orange. Will probably back out again, seems related to CC performance issue. Tried to turn on jst's timing code, but that made Tinderbox go green so can't debug the issue then.

Made new patch for bug 372713 (Add cycle collection to RDF datasources) to address r- comments.

Worked a little bit on bug 373693 (Cycle collector makes AddRef about 6x slower) and bug 373694 (Cycle collector makes Release about 11x slower), not done yet.

Status of Pending CC Code in Bugzilla

Next Steps

Audio of This Meeting