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To Do

We're using this list as a hopper to get people going on tasks from week to week. After our weekly calls we'll add action items attached to people who commit to getting things done or without an assignee for items that we need help with. At the end of the week we'll revise and move the completed tasks off the list.



  • School of Webcraft Roadmap in line with Drumbeat Roadmap - Drumbeat Roadmap
  • Mozilla Summit lightning talk - John to write
  • Liasing with experts - Pippa / John to divide?
  • Drumbeat.org page content updated - Pippa (need edit / write access - waiting on Matt / John)
  • Edit 90 second video on school of web craft that john and philipp recorded
  • Create 'course catalog' on drumbeat.org and p2pu.org - Pippa
  • How the internet works proposal - John
  • Setup tags for blogs to go to mozilla, drumbeat, webcraft, and p2pu


  • Mapping proposed courses to competencies - Pippa (course leader interviews)