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Meeting Details

  • Time and location: Monday, 10am PST, conf bridge 359
  • irc.mozilla.org #elmo for back-channel

Previous Action Items

  • peter to post final patch review for django_compressor (DONE)
  • peter to file bug about passing query string on redirect from /dashboard?a=b --> /shipping/dashboard?av=b (DONE)
  • stas to transfer work on team page to peter on wednesday
    • meeting 10am PDT about (stas to set up) (MEETING SET UP)
    • no more bikeshedding on icons, **focus on functionality**
  • Update -dev-'s db from that of -stage- on the server. (DONE)
  • Pike to look into why https://l10n-dev-sj.mozilla.org/dashboard/compare?run=146569 raises error (DONE)
  • Once the patch for redirecting dashboard with query string is finished, try to cut a release.
  • Pike to talk to relevant Narro people about getting them OFF l10n.mozilla.org so we can soon take it over
    • we need a bug about redirect narro URLs back to the new narro domain.
  • Pike to make complete bug-list of showstoppers for setting up new boxes.

Meeting Notes

  • Attendees: peterbe, stas, Pike
  • Release?
    • cut the release now
      • look at test/elmo/settings/local.py for the local_mounts
  • New Team home page
    • stas liked: 02 (same as Jason), version number might be missing
      • (Pike) an application (e.g. "Firefox") might have a "more info" link
    • Pike liked: 02, don't bother with "popularity sort"
    • peterbe liked: 02
    • let's not modify the green/red/grey bar for now
      • except one improvement to order: red left; grey middle; green right
    • Pike to help peterbe group trees by application names
    • drop the "#### strings" piece from the table
    • Pike: maybe there should be magnifying glass (links to compare-locales). Consider putting this in laterish.
    • Examples of locales with fully translated strings but lost of obsolete ones
    • Idea: if missing strings, show it in red; if obsolete, show it in orange; if reported strings, show it in orange; if neither, show "translated!" in grey. Always make this text snippet a link to compare-locales.
  • peterbe: cracking on with new design
  • l10n.mozilla.org now redirects to l10n.mozilla-community.org
    • Us taking over l10n.mozilla.org is about a week away (yay!!)
    • When we do take over, consider adding an extra message to the 404.html template saying ("If you're looking for...")
    • We use same cert for current domain as l10n.mozilla.org
    • Apache changes:
      • add "l10n.mozilla.org" to ServerName
  • Consider just adding l10n.mozilla.org as *alias* and then "launch" the new domain in conjunction with the new design.
    • 1l0n/webdev party!!!

Action Items

  • In a weeks time (14th November) ask to switch IP for l10n.mozilla.org