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  • Looks like 3 of the top 4 crashes are in yarr / regex handling


  • Top crash on desktop 9.0b1 bug 701425 - Only appears on 9.0 starting with build id 20111105042036. Might be correlated to Norton 360(?).






  • Live on the channel last week
  • Using new release notes format (
    • Note that the "auroranotes" part may change
    • Note that they aren't 100% done but there is a good foundation
      • For example, we don't have all the categories we want
      • Will be more dynamic in the future


  • Live on the channel last week
  • Will go to build today as long as it doesn't impact 8.0.1


  • Firefox 8.0.1 is being qualified
  • Firefox 8.0.1 includes a fix to java handling tickled by an Apple bug/release
  • Not doing anything to fix the existing system restore omni.jar startup crash until 9
  • Took a dll block for RoboForm versions causing startup crashes
    • QA says didn't work on XP, Kev said it did. See the action items for QA to resolve
      • Seems to not be complete / not be working the way we expected
  • Style inspector inadvertently left on in Fx8
    • Team says not worthy of a 8.0.2
  • Postponing the 3.6 → 8.0 MU
    • bug 691483 Do 3.6.24 -> 8.0 advertised major update
    • Not postponing until Fx9, plan to do it in th Fx8 timeframe still...Christian will message
  • Verification that FF3.6.25 will sim-ship with FF9.0
    • yes. we'll be shipping a FF3.6.x release with each major *.0 release pending Enterprise Working Group discussions.


Aurora Queries

Beta Queries


  • Juan - Check the RoboForm block on XP again
    • Connect with bsmedberg
    • Be sure to make sure the dll block is right and the RF dll has the proper/expected version
  • Sheila - Contact Chris Leary about YARR/regex top crashes in Aurora
  • Christian - Figure out Loc stuff for b2