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Previous Actions

  • Juan - Check the RoboForm block on XP again
    • Connect with bsmedberg
    • Be sure to make sure the dll block is right and the RF dll has the proper/expected version
  • Sheila - Contact Chris Leary about YARR/regex top crashes in Aurora
  • Christian - Figure out Loc stuff for b2









  • Add-ons compatible by default landed on Aurora!
    • Preffed off
    • Christian and Laura have been talking to the add-ons team to get a blog, eta Friday
    • Please flip the pref and test
  • There is an add-ons test day tomorrow which will look at this functionality as well / flip the pref
  • Silent update pieces are still on the table for Aurora but have not landed
  • Add-on hotfix feature is still on the table for Aurora but has not landed


  • Created Firefox 9 beta 2 yesterday
  • QA is qualifying Firefox 9 beta 2
    • Sounds like they are done
  • QA asks if we can refesh the beta today rather than tomorrow
    • Christian and Alex think that's fine, we need to check with RelEng
  • bug 703034 shipping an advertised MU for Firefox 9.0 beta3 ?


  • try server version of Firefox 8.0.1 build 2 is being qualified (I bet you've heard that one before)
  • This time we think we've got it though (Ehsan's patch) - there was an issue on WinXP where unblocked versions of DLL blocked software caused startup crashes.
  • Hope to have testing completed by 3PM PT, then Ehsan will land patch, then go to build for RelEng
    • QA timeline?
  • Check out dev-planning for a post about Firefox Nightly for Android going XUL → Native UI


Aurora Queries

Beta Queries


  • Christian - to discuss 682754 with philor
  • Alex - to fix up tracking-firefox10 nom list