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Previous Actions

  • Christian - to discuss 682754 with philor
    • Not done yet, sigh
  • Alex - to fix up tracking-firefox10 nom list
    • Airplane homework for tomorrow




  • Some new issues logged - still need to investigate further for impact
    • bug 702217 - OOM crash in nsUrlClassifierStore::ReadPrefixes or nsUrlClassifierPrefixSet::SetPrefixes
    • bug 702901 - js::types::TypeScriptNesting::~TypeScriptNesting()
    • bug 702910 - Firefox 9b1 crashes at startup
    • bug 704460 - js_ValueToString. Mac crash - Seeing this on 10 as well.
    • bug 704488 - je_free | mozutils.dll@0x2a9f



  • Add-on compat by default landed
    • Preffed off
  • We'll be blogging asking Aurora users to turn it on
    • There is some discussion about if other bugs should be fixed first




  • Silent update pieces are still on the table for Aurora but have not landed
  • Add-on hotfix feature is still on the table for Aurora but has not landed
    • Getting a security review on Wednesday


  • Going to build later today for beta 3
    • Planning to push out on Monday due to holidays and QA short-testing previous betas
      • If you have issues with this, let me know
  • Feedback:
    • Stability complaints (but maybe always the case)
    • The following issues raised an eyebrow:
      • Some Scandinavian bank login crashes: bug 704664
      • Maybe something with IPv6 (waiting for more input comments before filing)
      • Maybe something with full screen bug 694690 and bug 639705
      • "my extensions aren't showing up in about:addons. They seem to work, but nothing is listed." (waiting for more input comments before filing)


  • Firefox 8.0.1 is out
  • 3.6 → 8.0.1 MU will come out before Firefox 9
    • Christian will send an email detailing a proposed date
  • Check out dev-planning for a post about Firefox Nightly for Android going XUL → Native UI. We plan to cut over tonight
  • Should we have a channel meeting this Thursday?
  • Amazon Appstore submission
    • We're going to submit FF8 (in order to prevent initial submission lag time) but not post on the store
    • We're planning to submit FF9 on Dec. 20 and post when approved
    • Blockers include FF9 testing on the Kindle Fire and marketing materials
    • bug 704352 already found for making the icon larger in FF9 for the Kindle Fire


Aurora Queries

Beta Queries


  • Alex - to upload latest Beta file mapping to WinQual, and continue to do so on a weekly basis