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Previous Actions

  • Christian - to discuss 682754 with philor
    • Alex sent email to philor today (11/29)
  • Alex - to fix up tracking-firefox10 nom list
  • Alex - to upload latest Beta file mapping to WinQual, and continue to do so on a weekly basis



  • Last week 11/22 the crash rate for Aurora seemed a bit higher than normal ~ 2.46 crashes per 100 ADU with 86K users.
  • This week 11/28 the crash rate is 1.77 crashes per 100 ADU for 97K users. It feel below 2.0 over the weekend with ~ 85K users.
  • We were seeing lots of fixed crashes in old build ids, still are ie: JSC::Yarr::Interpreter::interpret(). These should trail off eventually.
  • Top crash - msvcr80.dll@0x14500 not appearing in builds after 11/12.


  • Most of the top problems are 3rd party related like bug 705496 and bug 694974.
  • Working on list of stuff we would like to block for 9.0.






  • Silent update Windows UAC service has drop dead date of Dec. 6 to land on Nightly in order to be considered for Aurora.
    • Dev and releng still working on MAR file signing, final security reviews.
  • Need to make a decision soon whether to enable add-ons default to compatible in 10. Lawrence will follow-up with Blair.


  • FF9 beta 4 to be ready for "go to build" today bug 700905



Aurora Queries

Beta Queries


  • Christian/Alex - to discuss 682754 with philor
  • Alex - get somebody from add-ons to come
  • Sheila - to come up with list of plugins/versions that may need blocklisting
  • Alex - to send email to r-d about coordinating time for 3.6.24->8.0.1 MU
  • Alex - to talk with Mounir about bug 703568 and bug 701517 versus backing out battery API