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Previous Actions

  • Sheila - to come up with list of plugins/versions that may need blocklisting
    • AVG and other plugins still need to be investigated
  • Alex - to talk with Mounir about bug 703568 and bug 701517 versus backing out battery API









  • Silent update team (rs, bbondy, ehsan, catlee, lmandel, bhearsum, clee) recommend pushing out the Removal of OS security dialog for Windows to Firefox 11.
    • There is too much risk with the addition of the Windows service and changes to releng build process
    • Security has not yet signed off on the feature, work is in progress
  • A consequence of pushing out the Removal of OS security dialog for Windows feature to Firefox 11 is that the Background updates feature should be pushed out to Firefox 12.
    • The two new features each introduce significant architectural change. These features should land in separate releases to mitigate the risk of breakage.

Meanwhile, in good news, tonight's nightly builds and updates should be signed automatically in production. Details in


  • FF9 Beta 5 go-to-build tonight on IRC. May be later than usual due to the email outage and buttoning things up. While I have everyone, here are the three bugs that we'd definitely like to take action on before building:
    • Need to make a decision on bug 705572 with relation to Kindle Fire support in FF9.
    • Need help backing out bug 679961.
    • If possible, coming to a decision on whether we can take a low-risk fix for bug 702111.
    • Consider taking bug 702572, which can cause 100% CPU usage
  • FF9 sign-offs are next week!
  • Rob to come up with fixes for system restore bugs tomorrow, will nominate for aurora/beta


  • Need to create an off-Mozilla fail-over for release-drivers
  • 8.0 -> 8.01 update mechanical question?
  • All updates disabled in bug 708013 until PHX is stable.


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