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Previous Actions

  • Sheila/Marcia - to come up with list of plugins/versions that may need blocklisting
    • AVG and other plugins still need to be investigated







  • Tracking bug 708715 – crash je_free | plds4.dll
    • Not extremely high volume
  • Tracking bug 704158 – [adbe 3051400] Consider blocking Flash 10.0.x
    • Got confirmation that this can be accomplished with a server-side block
    • Not a startup crasher either, so can slip past our release build date without consequence



  • Ready to enable add-ons default to compatible on Aurora. Recommendation is to enable on Monday. Gives a week of testing on Aurora before the merge. Can pref off if any major issues are found.
    • Lots of the code has been tested on nightly over the last couple of weeks.
    • Blair is very confident with the code - has extensive tests, already responded to QA issues.


  • QA is on track to sign-off FF9 beta 5 Desktop by Friday morning
  • Spinning build 2 of FF9 beta 5 (mobile only) for bug 708283 – NullPointerException in VideoPlayer on launch
    • We still expect to go out with both desktop (build 1) and mobile (build 2) beta 5 tomorrow, but mobile may be delayed till the afternoon
  • Plan is to code freeze FF9 tomorrow (12/9)
  • Go to build for beta 6 will be 12/12 or 12/13
    • Can we line up QA for the possibility of moving up the beta 6 release timeline 1 day (12/15)?
      • Yes, as long as QA has builds by EOD Tuesday
  • Final signoffs are next Wednesday (12/14)


  • Plan is to code freeze 3.6.25 tomorrow (12/9)
  • Go to build for 3.6.25 will be 12/12
  • Release of 3.6.25 to the beta audience will be 12/14
  • Any updates on a possible 8.0.2?
  • Any issues/regressions with 3.6.24->8.0.1 bug 691483 so far?
  • Any issues/regressions with birch->m-c bug 704549 so far?


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