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Previous Actions



  • Do we need to do the compat bump on AMO now that we have compatible by default?
    • Probably a good idea
    • Christian to follow up


  • bug 711275 Make sure appVersion changes with every Firefox 10 beta - will ensure that the add-ons default to compatible path will be hit on each beta update
    • Done...thanks RelEng!


  • Not much to say as we haven't refreshed Aurora and Beta yet
  • Trunk looks pretty good
  • Discussion about Socorro rollouts
    • They were planning to roll out today, did they?
    • Sheila said yes, added Native/XUL mobile
    • Sheila said there is a regression that they are fixing
    • Expressed concern that we need to watch their rollouts more carefully
      • Part of the reason we didn't catch the 9.0 startup crash was due to Socorro
    • Laura and the team have plans to have a better staging environment, etc in 2012
  • Christian mentioned rhelmer opened up bug 712441. Anyone looking to do some adhoc crash-stats queries via an API should look there (note it isn't good for large queries)
  • Asa asked over email if bug 711900 means we should hold off releasing Firefox 10 beta 1 to the beta channel
    • Christian said he didn't think so (beta quality, will give us more info, other changes need to be tested, etc)
    • Everyone seemed to think that was fine (including Asa)



  • Plan to put the Firefox 11 bits on the Aurora channel today
  • Mobile aurora will be getting Native UI
  • Aurora XUL tablet users will get Native Phone UI
    • Need to message for them to move up to release or beta to keep tablet UI
    • Grace said it was in the announcement
    • Christian will have someone put it on the wiki download page
    • This shouldn't be a problem for Beta and Final as they are in the appstores, don't use the channel update system, and we can restrict by device
    • This shouldn't be a problem for the Amazon appstore as they have one device which uses phone UI (so it will get Native) and the tablets with amazon app store installed are miniscule
    • IN the future we are splitting the nightly and aurora snippet channels into nightly/aurora-xul and nightly/aurora-android (bug 712678)
  • QA said it will take longer to sign off on updates but functional testing is done - PASS


  • Plan to put the bits for Firefox 10 out on the Beta channel today
  • Plan changed from before, Beta and Aurora are going out on the same day due to 9.0.1
  • See the stability section for a question about the pause bug
  • Beta 2 plan?
    • Original plan was to stick with the plan (go to build Tuesday the 27th, RelEng build, QA test, release the Friday)
      • NOTE: We will always default to the pre-specified plan (go on Tuesday, build on Wednesday, QA qualify Thursday, push Friday) unless explicitly told differently
      • Doesn't run over any holidays
      • Fixes between beta 1 and beta 2should be minimal due to holidays
      • John says that was his expectation and works for RelEng
    • QA said they can't make that because they rely heavily on Romania and they will be off all week
    • Christian said he'll send the go on Tuesday the 27th and QA needs to decide on the following:
      1. We will prioritize testing from more to least important, test until friday, and release with what we have. It's beta quality and the changes should be small, so we are willing to risk going out without full qualification.
      2. We will wait for QA's full testing and release after (Likely Jan 3rd)


  • Discussion about Blekko and using their index to search for potential web compat issues
    • We should create a program behind this for certain types of changes (such as removing web-facing objects, api, etc)
    • We are going to have them look for bad version sniffing (that may affect Firefox 10)
  • John mentioned that searching for "firefox" in the amazon appstore returns other products
    • Alex said likely due to keywords
    • Can't see any keywords in the search UI
    • We'll get it changed if at all possible



  • Christian: Fill out the notes on this page
  • akeybl: Figure out why other browsers show in the Amazon appstore when searching for Firefox
    • And figure out how to get it to stop happening
  • Christian: Send an email asking QA what they want to do about Fx10 beta 2
  • ashughes: Respond to Christian's email and make a decision for QA