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Note: Channel meeting combined with the Fx9 throttle decision meeting


Previous Actions

  • Christian: Fill out the notes on the wiki page DONE
  • akeybl: Figure out why other browsers show in the Amazon appstore when searching for Firefox Email sent to Amazon
    • And figure out how to get it to stop happening
  • Christian: Send an email asking QA what they want to do about Fx10 beta 2
  • ashughes: Respond to Christian's email and make a decision for QA

Firefox 9

Today is a decision point for unthrottling. The next scheduled decision point is January 5th.

Known issues

  • IT had some datacenter issues yesterday, updates had to be turned off temporarily
    • Turning on automatic updates may hurt
    • No confidence there is monitoring of the right things
    • joduinn is reluctant to flip to 100%
    • We have room to turn on something more
      • We really should check with IT if we want to turn on updates
  • Had to remove Fx9 from the Amazon market
    • Looks like they may have resigned our apk
    • Wasn't enabled for the Fire anyway (2 different approvals, sigh)
    • bug 713777 has details
  • bug 696020
  • bug 712929
  • See
    • Mobile 9: bug 712517 - Rotating device can display blank white screens
      • known before launch, still searching for a regression range

Throttling decision

  • Keep it how it is?
  • Turn on automatic updates?
    • if so, by how much? 10%? 50%? 100%?
  • Start a 9.0.2 for known issues?
    • this would be for mobile also (we didnt do 9.0.1 for android, good to get back into lock-step if possible)?



  • Do we need to do the compat bump on AMO now that we have compatible by default?
    • We will continue doing the compatibility bumps. The only difference is that we won't be doing positive bumps (telling devs the add-on passed and increasing the maxVersion on AMO), only negative bumps (telling devs the add-on didn't pass compatibility checks).
    • The negative bump logs will also serve as a source of incompatibility data.


  • bug 711275 Make sure appVersion changes with every Firefox 10 beta - will ensure that the add-ons default to compatible path will be hit on each beta update
    • Have we seen any issues? How would issues show up?
    • Is QA running automated tests with the top 500 add-ons (and top 50 "bundles"?)


  • Need to get a fix for bug 711900
    • Worried that it is stumping some heavy hitters (bz, gavin, etc)
  • Crash stats now shows Native UI crashes in their own product



  • Aurora is now Native UI / Firefox 11


  • Beta 2 plan?
    • Sent the go yesterday, QA should have builds todayQA have the builds.
    • Waiting on QA to see if Friday release is possible
      • Fixes between beta 1 and beta 2 are minimal due to holidays
    • QA said they might not make Friday because they rely heavily on Romania and they will be off all week
      • New information says there may be resources available
    • Official QA Status as of 2011-12-28 @ 14:00h:
      • Testing of 10.0b2 builds has been ongoing since 10:00
      • Romanian team reduced to 3 (from 7) during the holidays
      • Targeting sign-off by Friday -- will only delay if serious issues are found
      • Juan is on PTO this week so Anthony is driving the release
      • 10.0b2 test plan


  • We are going to have Blekko look for bad version sniffing (that may affect Firefox 10)
    • When is this happening?
  • What to do with emails with questions/bugs from users to android marketplace account?



  • joduinn to check with IT about capacity/load in PHX/v.a.m.o.
  • bug 713964 filed to track unthrottling to 10%, if IT are ok with this.