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Previous Actions

  • ashughes: Respond to Christian's email and make a decision for QA DONE
    • QA will attempt to sign off on Friday
  • joduinn to check with IT about capacity/load in PHX/v.a.m.o. DONE
    • IT said 10% is fine, and now they have said 100% is fine
  • bug 713964 filed to track unthrottling to 10%, if IT are ok with this. DONE
    • Auto updates are enabled @ 10%

Firefox 9

  • The Yahoo messenger bug bug 713014 may be due to bug 696020
  • QA found a possible gelocation regression when near a place with tons of access points (bug 713991)



  • Do we need to do the compat bump on AMO now that we have compatible by default?
    • We will continue doing the compatibility bumps. The only difference is that we won't be doing positive bumps (telling devs the add-on passed and increasing the maxVersion on AMO), only negative bumps (telling devs the add-on didn't pass compatibility checks).
    • The negative bump logs will also serve as a source of incompatibility data


  • Have we seen any compatible by default add-on issues? How would issues show up? Have we blocked any add-ons yet?
    • Is QA running automated tests with the top 500 add-ons (and top 50 installed permutations?)
    • QA lead looks to be Virgil Dicu (from the feature page)


  • Need to get a fix for bug 711900
    • Worried that it is stumping some heavy hitters (bz, gavin, etc)




  • Beta 2 test plan
    • On track to release on Friday -- no blocking issues found as of yet
    • bug 713991 - Geolocation fails consistently, regression caused by bug 668194, affects Firefox 9 (mobile & desktop)
    • bug 714045 - Site favicon not displayed in Panorama if entering Panorama before site has loaded completely
    • bug 714173 - Getting "There was a problem submitting your report" messages when trying to submit Mac crashes
      • No one outside of the MV office has been able to reproduce this yet
  • bug 711275 Make sure appVersion changes with every Firefox 10 beta - will ensure that the add-ons default to compatible path will be hit on each beta update
    • We had to not do this because Fx wouldn't install over previous Fx10 betas. It sees 10.0 (previous appVersion) as > 10.0b2 (new/altered app version)
    • We decided to go back to normal for b2, which means the default compatible path isn't hit for b2
    • Investigating bumping it to 11.0 for future betas to work around the issue
    • SM folks are aware


  • We are going to have Blekko look for bad version sniffing (that may affect Firefox 10)
    • When is this happening?
  • What to do with emails with questions/bugs from users to android marketplace account?
  • Alex and christian are taking point communicating with Amazon. Let's not have multiple threads which could confuse them.



  • jorge - Look at Fx10 bump failures and figure out when we are going to transplant to the compatible by default override list
  • ashughes - Will talk with Virgil about getting a compatible by default QA status report
  • clegnitto - Will talk to Asa to make sure the Blekko stuff is moving forward
  • clegnitto - Will add the Android market place support discussion to the Wednesday product meeting agenda