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Previous Actions

  • jorgev - look into ACR reports for candidates for the override list.
  • clegnitto - will come up with a % to unthrottle Firefox updates at and write a bug for RelEng DONE
  • clegnitto - Will add the Android market place support discussion to the Wednesday product meeting agenda




  • Add-on compatible by default testing
  • Add-on hotfix testing
    • Will have a signed XPI for QA to test later today, hoping to test with FF10 tomorrow since we're shooting to land bug 694068 for beta 4




  • Cheng - any increase in hang/freeze inquiries in the beta 10 population?
  • Did a backout for bug 714320 in beta 3 to see if the crashes drop
    • They did!




  • GC/CC Status
    • QA (Cameron) is running 3 mac minis with Firefox 10 using Boris' profile (started on Friday night) -- have not reproduced pauses yet but will continue to test
    • Also working on a JS test to stress GC
    • What is "unacceptable"? We have not been given an answer better than "it gets sluggish". It's hard tracking down a regression range without definition...
    • Can developers please reach out to Cameron (:camd) to help debug and test? If possible we need to come together to accelerate progress here as it puts Fx10 at risk.
  • Going to build for beta 4 today
    • Still trying to land the hotfix add-on work in bug 694068 today

  • Code freeze for FF10 is 2012-01-20
  • Go to build for FF10 release candidate will be 2012-01-23 (one day early)
    • A decision about whether or not to ship add-ons compatible by default (and with what prefs set) will be made this same day
  • Final sign-off for FF10 will be 2012-01-25
  • Planning to push our FF10 RC on 2012-01-26 (one day early)
  • Next source migration is 2012-01-31


Firefox 9.0.x

  • We want to do the 3.6 advertised MU ASAP after 9.0.1 is unthrottled all the way
    • Early next week so that we don't run into FF10 and can give enterprises due warning?
  • New 9.0 issues:
    • [1] Netflix doesn't work
    • tabbrowser.xml not responding [2] and [3] also happened in 8: [4]
    • Flash not working: [5] (may have to do with 64-bit flash?)
    • Lots of norton toolbar compatibility questions [6][7]
    • URL not valid complaints: [8][9]
    • Possibly more Java breakage: [10][11]
    • Some complaints that networks are slower with 9: [12][13]
  • Existing known 9.0 issues:
    • Yahoo web-based IM
    • Bookmark icons


Aurora Queries

Beta Queries


  • akeybl - to schedule informal post-mortem for 9.0/9.0.1 to cover slow rollout in preparation for 10.0