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Previous Actions

  • jorgev - look into ACR reports for candidates for the override list.
  • akeybl - to schedule informal post-mortem for 9.0/9.0.1 to cover slow rollout in preparation for 10.0




  • Add-on compatible by default Status
    • QA: Held a testday this past Friday. We had some coverage on Linux but we're working on covering the list of add-ons in Windows and Mac. We'll run through the list using automation to cover most of these add-ons. ETA: today/tomorrow.
    • Also, there's an effort to go through the list of add-ons, by sets, in an automated way. Henrik Skpin (whimboo) is leading this effort, which combines a set of Mozmill tests and Selenium tests to check browser and content functionality with add-ons by default. ETA: before Jan 23rd
  • Add-on hotfix testing Status
    • QA: The functionality has been tested using the test cases provided by Mossop. No problems. There's still work on the add-ons that will be offered through AMO (not just AMO staging). ETA: this week.






  • We're collecting remaining work for Mobile FF11 prior to beta here


  • GC/CC Status
    • Daily half-hour meetings at 3:00PM PT in Warp Core.
  • Beta 5 to go to build later today


  • Our build of Firefox 10 beta 5 will be cut this evening (2012-01-17)
  • Our informal Firefox 9 post-mortem is tomorrow (2012-01-18) at 10AM PT in Warp Core
  • We'll be pushing out a FF3.6.25->FF9.0.1 advertised update tomorrow (2012-01-18) afternoon
  • Add-on hotfix testing with our beta population coming this week (hopefully 2012-01-18 if QA verification works out)
  • Code freeze for FF3.6.26/10 is this Friday, 2012-01-20
  • Go to build for FF3.6.26/10 release candidate will be 2012-01-23
    • A decision about whether or not to ship add-ons compatible by default in FF10 (and with what prefs set) will be made this same day
  • Final sign-off for FF10 will be 2012-01-25
  • Next source migration is 2012-01-31


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