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Previous Actions




  • Add-on compatible by default final decision
    • We'll leave this as is, DTC down to FF4
    • We can react post-release with an add-on hotfix changing the compatibility (pref extensions.minCompatibleAppVersion)
  • Add-on hotfix testing Status
    • With our beta audience, working with Metrics to understand uptake






  • found some regressions in V8, Kraken and SunSpider tests for latest Aurora compared to the Beta. Who should I contact about this?
  • Working to land the Windows UAC service work on Aurora tomorrow pending completion of client side work


  • Beta 6 and 3.6.26 build 1 is currently with QA

Of concern (RelMan):

  • bug 694243 – Very frequent small hangs, seemingly in GC/cycle collector - we're still following the lead that the Metrics team has given us about a mid-October regression time. On the whole, however, this does not appear to be affecting a significant number of our beta users.
  • bug 718389 – Startup crash @ PR_EnumerateAddrInfo | nsDNSRecord::GetNextAddr - new crasher in beta 4 that basically disappeared in beta 5. We've reached out to affected users with builds backing out each change in beta 4, but we haven't heard back. Code inspection didn't yield anything promising. Difficult to say whether this issue was compiler optimization specific to beta 4 or if we've already lost all affected users before beta 5 was released.
  • bug 711564 – [10.5] Firefox Crash [@ GLEngine@0x620cf ] - crashes caused by plugins incorrectly using Core Animation on Firefox 10.5. We did not take the proposed fix since it seems to take a hammer to the issue - disabling other plugins from working correctly in order to resolve the crash. Investigation is ongoing, but a fix at this point seems risky (possibility of a functional regression vs top crasher).
  • bug 690287 – Tracking bug for UA sniffers failing to handle a two-digit version - we've been following up with Kev for outreach to all affected sites, and Jean-Yves posted a featured hacks blog post that explains how to check your sniffers
  • Unresolved top crashers tracked for FF10 (6 or so are unique from the list above) - I've been working with the crash-kill team to make sure none of these are scary startup crashers. The rest are still under investigation.
  • bug 716945 – Figure out why Flash hang volume dropped very significantly in 10.0a1 trunk on 2011-10-29 - resolving this issue was deemed to be too risky for the late FF10 beta timeframe. Checked with the crash-kill team to make sure that their ability to diagnose issues would not be hindered.

Possible new issue (Cww):

  • Loss of cursors: [1], bugs on the issue seem to point to flash video and/or multiple monitors. I wouldn't call this a blocker if it's limited to multi-monitor setups. We'll find out more on release.


  • Final sign-off for FF10 will be tomorrow, 2012-01-25
  • Next source migration is 2012-01-31


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  • Alex - decide on unthrottling window, communicate strategy