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Channel Meeting Details

  • Tuesdays at 10am PDT, and Thursday at 2:00pm PDT
  • Mountain View Offices: Warp Core Conference Room
  • #planning for backchannel

Video/Teleconference Details - NEW

  • 650-903-0800 or 650-215-1282 x92 Conf# 99951 (US/INTL)
  • 1-800-707-2533 (pin 369) Conf# 99951 (US)
  • Vidyo Room: Release Coordination
  • Vidyo Guest URL

Previous Actions

  • [done] akeybl to talk to IT about zombocom (richard & zandr needed, but aren't around) -- to be continued

Schedule Update

  • 18.0b1 shipped
  • 19.0a2 unthrottled (tree closed due to 814793 – Permanent browser_bug567306.js orange since packaging update landed on Aurora)
  • 18.0b2 go to build coming today


    Add-ons affected by bug 761723: Tab Mix Plus, Tab Utilities, Tab Utilities Lite. All are currently marked as incompatible.
   Working on an etherpad explaining the current state of plugin blocks:



  • Not much data yet, should be better on Thursday




  • Good release uptake, almost 1M ADI on 17.0 release already
  • bug 763864 is the top crash on 17 release, followed by bug 752828 and bug 805754 - no real problem for 17 so far, but at least the former two are up within the top positions in early 18 beta data, we should see if we can fix them there.
  • Top crash in early 18 data is bug 780831



Verification Needed



  • bug 812683 crash in _d2d_clear_surface @ d3d11.dll (IE10?)
    • Extensive dogfooding has been unsuccessful, need more info to do more targeted testing
  • bug 405407 Merge nsDiskCacheStreamIO and nsDiskCacheStreamOutput
    • Need more specifics from Josh to guide testing


  • In relation to bug 804606 - Those gfx cards can be found in older Mac Minis. I'll send info to Marcia/Jason to see if she can look into it. - juanb
  • The list of bugs with qawanted tracking for 18 all have been commented on by QA.





[Matt] Font Issues - bug 814101 TMP - SUMO article instructing users to try dev version. Complaints are going down, but more visibility would help. FCKEditor/site issues - User agent change. Also affecting some financial institutions. In input I'm seeing capitalone most frequently. Cookie Exceptions not working in 17 - bug 814554 Tab Utils - Broken. Author seems to be working on update. TypeError: is undefined - Seems to be a change we made recently. Investigating scope. Big Spike in crash reports on input on 25th - Looks like one person? Can we get verification? Lots of addon incompatibility complaints - probably due to the two above [Tyler] Fresh Browser update - is a redirect that is giving users a "Firefox 17.1 sp1" download that looks like a virus. Not sure what is causing this or where it's coming from, but it's been explosive on SUMO the past few days. Any investigation help would be appreciated. Bug is on file as the site is also using our trademarks.

Thunderbird (Tue)

Metrics (Thu)


  • 17.0.1 drivers:
    • 814101 – Font Issue in FF 17
      • Pref can be flipped through an add-on hotfix, with possible perf regressions for users
      • Proper fix is already on Aurora/Beta (respects clearType user choice)
      • small group of vocal users, cosmetic (a11y?) issue
    • 814554 – Firefox 17 silently stops processing permissions.sqlite when rejecting rules valid under Firefox 16
      • workaround is undesirable (difficult)
      • Fix is being worked on
      • A few very vocal users, who are willing to use the workaround.
    • 813763 – Menu items like Addons Manager not working in FF 17 due to Tab Mix Plus
      • Too much code change to back out the regressing bug, bug 761723 (would require forward change)
      • We've marked TMP as incompatible with FF17
      • TMP removed from 'featured' addons for now, and also SUMO points to dev version which has fix in it
      • The currently working TMP version is not planned to push out until January
    • Ride-alongs:
      • 815042 – leaving private browsing with social enabled doesn't reset all social components
      • 795104 – crash in _VEC_memcpy | js_NewStringCopyN
      • 806192 – crash in inDOMUtils::GetBindingURLs with Firebug and ShareMeNot
    • ESR Ride-along (if spun):
      • All of the above and then include 813264 – 809865 or Bug 810726 broke Skype click-to-call
  • PDF.js Aurora Uplift

UA String Change

We changed the UA string from Gecko/<date> to Gecko/<version> to match our Android and B2G browsers. Some sites and libraries have broken - although it's worth noting that all of these sites and libraries would have already been broken on those mobile browsers.

  • Known broken major web properties, with severity of breakage (combing through the SUMO link and bugs emailed here)

No topsites broken that we know of. A few sites reported as having broken DHTML menus.

  • Known broken libraries, with severity

1) Certain embeddings of FCKeditor, an obsolete rich text editor component (replaced by CKEditor). Certain of those embeddings in some versions have a remote code execution vulnerability anyway; see: (all versions prior to 2.5.1 and 2.6.4)

2) We patched Firefox to work around a Moodle problem before we shipped, but it turns out that for some unfathomable reason their cross-site SSO system, MNet, uses a hash of the UA to find sessions! So SSO with non-Moodle sites, most commonly Mahara, no longer works. This can be fixed by sending the same spoofed UA to Mahara as well. 3) Peter's Data Entry Suite 4) A rich text editor called TestLink: 5) Rich editing in forum software called Invision Power Board: However, this falls back to a standard editing component. 6) Rich text editing in "Site Executive" CMS

  • As best as we can find an estimate of the total affected populations

We haven't been able to obtain this data in time for this meeting. Here are some proxies:

  • Total of 16 message on Input mentioning FCKeditor since Firefox 17 release

  • 22 people on SUMO "have this problem" on FCKeditor question No signs on "input" for the other bits of software.

  • Whether TE would have an impact

The significant problems are with embeddable components, mostly rich text editors. So there's no single location to target with TE. We can try outreach to the component vendors, some of which has already been done (see below).

  • Outreach already performed

1) Bug filed: I've also emailed CKsource to ask them to look at the bug urgently. FCKeditor is an unsupported product so they may not be keen to issue a fixed version. They are also in the middle of the release process for CKeditor 4.0. 2) Moodle have already issued patches and encouraged people to update, and Mahara are presumably going to do so soon. There's not much else that can be done. 3) The author intends to update current versions of his software.

  • Any other info that will help us make a final decision on which UA to roll out in a 17.0.1 (if necessary)

See the above point about these sites being broken on mobile anyway, and forcing them to be fixed in this way will make them work on mobile. I'm not going to fight if the team say we need to rollback. We have hit more problems than we expected. I think it's basically a question of whether we want to use this as a forcing function to improve the experience on mobile or we think the pain is too much.x Not sure if this is really worth doing a release for on its own, but it could be a ridealong.



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