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Channel Meeting Details

  • Tuesdays at 10am PDT, and Thursday at 2:00pm PDT
  • Mountain View Offices: Warp Core Conference Room
  • #planning for backchannel

Video/Teleconference Details - NEW

  • 650-903-0800 or 650-215-1282 x92 Conf# 99951 (US/INTL)
  • 1-800-707-2533 (pin 369) Conf# 99951 (US)
  • Vidyo Room: Release Coordination
  • Vidyo Guest URL

Previous Actions

Schedule Update

  • FF 18.0b7, released yesterday.
  • ESR 10.0.12 (build #1) has gone to build
  • We have just completed the merge from beta->release (l10n still ongoing)
  • FF 18.0 RC & ESR17 will go-to-build by mor/noon tomorrow
  • FF 19.0b1 go-to-build Monday (Jan 6)
  • FF18.0,esr's scheduled to release Tuesday


   10.0.2 ESR going fine
   17.0.x ESR releases will be switching to modern build environment (system requirements web pages are already updated)
   18.0 will be switching too as that change rides the train
   What's New page should continue to be suppressed for FF 18.0 desktop ? Yes
   which versions would you like partials from ? Top three recent by ADI are 17.0.1, 16.0.2, 15.0.1. akeybl to confirm.



Aurora (gfxASurface::Release) is the biggest worry, a startup crash that consumes almost 5% of Aurora 19 crashes in the last week


   B7 still has little volume (just released) so not much to extrapolate regarding crashes
   b6 data looks good though, similar levels to last 17 betas



   Mobile beta levels also at the same level as last 17 betas (, specific to Android 4.2) is the #1 issue


  • IT issues impacting automation last week seem to be fixed and holding up so far


Verification Needed



  • bug 738661 crash in nmsvc from CovenantEyes (ashughes)
    • goes back to at least Fx6 and also affects Opera
    • depending on current crashiness would we consider blocklisting?




Feedback for both Release and Beta is centered around CTP for Adobe Reader as well as general PDF issues (may be related)

Thunderbird (Tue)

Metrics (Thu)


  • Is it premature to start discussing plans to get users off 10esr to 17esr? (ashughes)
    • early QA testing of 10->17 would be beneficial
  • Bug 826002 (consider staging a block based on QA feedback in comment# 10 ? )
  • Bug 824118 ( chk with Jorge on the progress of this ), blocks Bug 802827
  • Reminder about patch Tuesday, so we will be unthrottling Fri-Sat based on the uptake


  • akeybl to file a bug for staging 10->17esr updates
  • bajaj/akeybl to follow up on the partials needed for FF18.0's build
  • Discuss end-run pdf.js testing (test day early in the beta cycle)


Aurora Queries

Beta Queries