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Channel Meeting Details

Video/Teleconference Details - NEW

  • 650-903-0800 or 650-215-1282 x92 Conf# 99951 (US/INTL)
  • 1-800-707-2533 (pin 369) Conf# 99951 (US)
  • Vidyo Room: ReleaseCoordination
  • Vidyo Guest URL
These notes are read by people who weren't able to attend the meeting. Please make sure to include links and context so they can be understood.


lmandel, lizzard, sylvestre, jorge, jlund, frios, ryanvm, elan, rrayborn, phillip, ritu, roland,

Previous Actions

Schedule Update

  • Fennec 42.0.2 released yesterday
  • 43.0b8 mobile + desktop released yesterday
  • 43.0b9 desktop will be out tomorrow


  • Bug 1217932 - Blocklist Java plugin up to versions 8u65 and 7u91, pushed live yesterday.
  • Bug 1215970 - Skype blocks extended for all versions of Skype add-on, Firefox 43 and above. Will need to revisit before 43 release to see if the block has had any effect.


ongoing issues with missing ADI data (may be solved now) - yesterday's data still not at and the crash rate on the days before is unusually low across all channels


Overall rate: 1.55 (was 2.05) - browser: 0.90 (was 1.19), content: 0.65 (was 0.85) - Yellow & looking more stable since Tuesday

  • Bug 1198765 - (10.02%+6.58%) is still holding top spot "e10s crash in mozilla::ipc::FatalError | mozilla::layers::PLayerTransactionParent::Read with a11y active"
    • This will go away once we disable e10s when a11y is enabled (bug 1198459)
  • Bug 584447 Crash in [@ nsGlobalWindow::SetDocShell ] - New Startup crash which was resolved fixed 5 years back so we will file a bug to track the new regression.


  • Bug 1222800 - a11y startup crash regression in 43 (#5 top crash score), help needed by devs in the bug, maybe possible to back out the regressing changes this cycle...?

noticable decline of two graphics related top crashes apparently independent of our actions:

  • fixes for 2 top crashes over the last weeks landed in beta 8 - Bug 1226400 (mozilla::dom::FontFaceSet::Load) & Bug 1200021 (mozilla::layers::ContentClientDoubleBuffered::FinalizeFrame) - both seem to be working well, no new reports \o/

^^ palindrome bug!



Performance (Thu)

Aurora / Dev Edition





Aurora / Dev Edition


Action items




   need signoff on play store availablilty for fennec beta8 before starting beta9
   unless there is not a fennec beta9 today


Requesting we pull some release notes for 43/44

   Improved support for legacy-encoded Traditional Chinese pages (Big5, including HKSCS)
   WebRTC streaming on multiple monitors
   GTK3 integration (GNU/Linux only)

  • no e10s by default in 44. Experiment with 7.5% of the population

User Advocacy

Pulled desktop Heartbeat en-* Mobile promotion after complaints from users that clear localstore that they were seeing it multiple times. This appears to primarily be due to a few privacy addons. Solutions being explored: 1) Writing code to check that localstore hasn't been cleared in X sessions, 2) Storing state in Firefox itself (needs eng resources / advisement). Either way any large HB runs seem on hold for now. If anyone has a good method for estimating scope of regularly cleared localstores, it would help inform our future decisions here.


  • SV (Florin, Ioana, Andrei, Catalin, Rares, Michelle) will all be in Orlando next week. Find them to say hi and speak with them about their work.
  • SV coverage for Andrei and Ioana next week while they're in Orlando. Florin will send details if he hasn't already.

Special Topics

Aurora/Beta Feature Review

  • Disable e10s before 44 moves to Beta (similar to what we did for FF42, bug 1203184)
    • Should do that next week
    • Bug 1230238 - Please disable e10s in aurora

Post-Mortem (Tues 2wks from GA Release)

Sign Off (Thurs prior to GA Release)