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Firefox 27 Post-mortem



27.0.1 Desktop

  • respin for bug 934509
  • went out unthrottled on Friday Feb 14th

Firefox Desktop

  • Stability discussion about better tracking decisions for stability bugs (not just topcrash or obv expoit/reproducible)

Firefox Mobile


  • Beta to Release merge
    • Cloning new locale release repos - bug 946719
      • After having a couple of emails with Axel, here's his final proposal :

" When we start a new locale, we create all of aurora, beta, and release repos as we used, but instead of pushing the initial commit to just aurora, we push it to all three. The Malay locale should be shipped with 28. See bug 972855. It could be a nice test for this. Thus we verify that all the repos are operational, and if not, we're close in time to the IT bug that created them, and just reopen that." Can we confirm the action on the above  ?

Final Beta being RC

  • We tried "offer release repack to beta users" for Fx27 with a couple of bandaid fixes this time around
    • A separate post mortem was held on this with actions to make the process even smoother for upcoming releases


  • Process around topcrash tracking is being adjusted by crashkill team to reduce possibility of repeating what caused the point release.
  • Automation team will be working on test for beta->rc->beta. Our option at this moment is manual spot checks
    • minimum for starting today, timeline for getting full automation in the future - ease the burden on QA for testing now
    • manageable for beta->rc->new beta -- can't support multiple previous betas or multiple RCs so will need to see improvements to automation on QA before those can be explored
    • there is slight risk because of some platforms/locales not getting full coverage -- top priority
    • Anthony is pushing for support on beta9->rc and then rc->next_beta --- minimize scope to those two tests
      • creating new test or refactoring old test? Need to work with Henrik about this for mozmill










  • Check on uptake and compare to beta only releases [lukas] (make sure no loss of beta users)