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Firefox 31 Post-mortem

   Two last minute backouts this cycle
   New tab
   Last minute call to disable it
   The feature was not easy to disable
   Confusion from QA
   UX related backout (but if only I could find the bug #)
   Have added product/UX review to end of Nightly cycle to catch these issues earlier
   Update experiment
   25 % update for a day is working great
   will repeat the experiment a third time with 32 after which we may attempt to get more aggressive
    ESR seems on track
   We accepted a few stability/webcompat patches
   We accepted a number of fixes because we were kicking off a new ESR cycle for 31
   Perhaps we should be more vocal about the upcoming ESR (2 cycles in advance?) in future
   Web compatibility regression
   Bug 1043690 Verizon webmail gives a null 404 error because <input name="action"> shadows HTMLFormElement.action's setter
   I don't think we have much in the way of web compat regression testing - this is a known blind spot
   Some SSL/https issues related to the new mozilla::pkix
   CA cert issue on (maybe web-compat?)
   May need to follow up with's CA cert issuer to see if we're doing something different ?
   Probably caused by
   Data entry failure in ship-it for build1 (wrong entries for previous version numbers for partials)
   Partial missing for RC1/RC2 => beta 1  (31 => 32)
   Should be fixed now

   confusion about what build to ship for FxAndroid Build 1 vs Build 2 to ship to the Play Store
   if it's very clearly only a desktop issue, only do a desktop build instead of respinning mobile as well