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Firefox 39 Post-mortem

Special section about 38.0.6

(sylvestre) * funnelcake => is it still a thing? (similar to partner repack)

  • testing of funnelcake
  • automation on search test
  • is there a list of these?
    • we should have a list of the partner somewhere
      • mike connor


  • (bhearsum) win64 builds completely missed as part of 39.0
  • (UA - Robert) Malware Crash Post-Mortem:
    • If we want a faster response we should foster better relationships with AV companies to get files early and without having to rely on users
    • (Alternatively we could have better file collection utils built-in, but that'd be a lot of work / potential new attack vector / etc)
      • relman has some contacts with AV
  • UA needs to work on making their surveys look more official
  • (KaiRo) As inconvenient the scrambling around the adware startup crash was, and as unsatisfactory overall the "solution" might feel, this story was a good example of our RC process at work, thanks for everyone involved to make it work!
    • especially during the Workweek
    • however, we would have to improve the internal communication
  • (lmandel) We shipped 39.0 two days late. Might be the first time that we've found a critical issue and fixed it before release.

  • (lmandel) We did a better job of limiting feature uplifts in this cycle (congrat liz)
    • suggested tiles
  • (lmandel) Whistler made it difficult to shutdown the release due to the late issue that was found. It would probably be preferable to have the all-hands in the middle of the cycle rather than at the beginning or end.
    • but it will be the same in Orlando
  • (rituk) Short beta cycle - 5 weeks instead of 6 weeks. Kudos! Does that mean we can ship every 5 weeks now?!
    • This might be because 39 did not include several features. Another release would have had an impact due to a shorter cycle.