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Firefox 42 Post-mortem

42 post mortem

  • early planning worked amazingly well! <== Locked Feature Set Milestone
    • worked well for QE too
    • locked feature set is what worke
  • async plugin init
    • one more last minute deactivation
  • sec issue landed in beta 9 caused regressions
    • we don't often say no to sec fixes late in beta, that's what we have the late betas for.
  • some patches uplifted late
  • late notice for the early merge
    • More support (from ryan, liz) for early aurora merge and release/turn on updates earlier
    • idea from Sylvestre: maybe do the merge on Thu before release for every 6-week cycle?
  • [roland] did we forget to flip the "new to us" Google Play Store bit to release Firefox for Android 42? seems like this bit didn't get flipped until 840a.m. when it should have been flipped at 6a.m. right? (maybe talk with mike han)
  • merge day move had fallout for l10n
    • string freeze on aurora got severely delayed by explicit uplift requests
    • also seems to have opened the gates to more landings that would have otherwise missed the merge and missed it
  • merge day move also meant some stuff missed beta 1. we caught up though. nothing too bad
  • merge from nightly to aurora release notes day was hellacious; need 1 more week to cope or have the notes go out on monday vs. wed/thurs
    • Developers should nominate significant changes with relnote:? Please!
  • Yay , us,
  • Good job Softvision, really reliable and rock solid testing