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Firefox 47 Post-mortem

(Ritu) Triage with Engineering Boss for 47 (overholt) was super helpful.

  • We should do it once a week through out the Beta cycle

(Ritu) Platform triage helped

  • We are still figuring out ways to plan and track fixes for a version but triaging new regressions with devs was very valuable.

(Ritu) Need missed uplifts dashboard, monitoring

  • This could be a ToDo for release management,
  • This might be a part of ship-it.

(Ritu) Release build promotion and the 4 hour wait for opt/pgo builds to finish(!!!)

  • Release BP is a great initiative. In V1.1 or V2, we need a mechanism to not prevent ship-it builds from being requested until PGO/OPT builds finish.
  • Callek said RelEng plans to address this but Fenne release build promotion is taking precedence.

(Ritu) Release blockers

  • Amazon video playback
  • Netflix broke with Widevine uplift
  • Crash spikes since we enabled D3D11 by default
    • We discussed a bit about turn around time on investigating and fixing crash bugs.

(syl) Addon signing disabled at the last minute

  • Caused a startup crash with selenium
  • Ritu to work with David to figure out whether Selenium and Marionette WebDriver testing can be added as a Beta10 sign off criteria.

(syl) balrog update bug (0% wasn't working) [Bug 1282838

  • RelEng mentioned this was a one-time issue and should be fixed soon.
  • In the meantime, 47 -> 47.0.1 has been set to 1% instead of 0%.