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Firefox 52 Post-mortem

  • rc week
    • issue around xp/vista EOL SUMO page and lack of i18n support in new SUMO
      • Lithium CMS for broke our l10n! WAT? not all of l10n just the announcement about xp/vista EOL
      • Still an issue for the future. Action: follow up with support, is Lithium adding this support?
      • working on it for a while now:, and bug 1346230 and 1337562 :-/
      • Need follow up on the planning and changes like this, maybe surfacing this in Erin's meeting might be a good idea
      • erin and mahe will follow up
      • A checklist for EPM to coordinate along with RelMan could be a possible solution
    • last minute android non-NEON EOL uplift request (bug 1305815)
  • release day
    • confusion about wnp (bug 1341100)
      • Decision to not WNP going forward is TBD and as Erin said should involve more stakeholders in discussion
    • product-details takes ages to update
      • Maybe we should have an update button to force the sync
      • This seems to be a recurring and high severity problem that affects download links (ESR) and relnotes (start of release/aurora/beta cycles).
      • Increased the update frequency in
      • Bug 1347119 - (product-details-api-v2) Product-Details api v2.0
    • when it updates it gets out of sync and p-d-json sync fails (blocking the website update)
  • Bug 1347755 - Can't load pages in Firefox 52 with a Chromecast device on the same network
    • Was filed in February under bug 1340465 during Beta cycle but went completely untracked?
    • Let's get SV to add this to their sign offs as an additional scenario
    • [marcia] Is this something we should add to our testing repertoire?
    • Marcia suggested we find an owner who can look through GP feedback to escalate blockers (for fennec, this is Roland, but support doesn't have a desktop owner currently)