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Maybe I missed one hidden feature, but to my knowledge there's currently no way of getting the URL of the current page other than copying it from the address bar.

This is annoying in a situation where you are on a page that opened with the adress bar "hidden" (strangely, at least in OSX, choosing from the menu View>Toolbars>Navigation Toolbar has no offect on the current window. One of the rare moments when I miss the old IE5, where there was even a keyboard-shortcut for this). I agree this is a rare situation, but it's annoying.

IMO there should be a ctrl-click option "Copy Current Page Location".

The simplest way for now is to select "Send Link", and then copy the URL, but this is unpractical if your email client isn't open.

Another plausible option would be to select "View Page Info", which displays the URL, and you can even select it.... but you CAN'T COPY IT! This seems profoundly unlogical.

Small annoyances, but this could make firefox more perfect...

  • In Firefox 2 and Windows XP I can select and copy either with the shortcut Ctrl+C or the context menu. What OS are you using? Maybe it's an OS specific bug, you should file it as such.

'Minor' Edit Made; _(-)(Ø)_ 23:19, 29 December 2007 (PST)▼
No My friends, this is no Bug, it is a Drastic Flaw in many of Firefox's Field Structures. It Mocks you by luring you into an unsuspecting state of false security by apparently letting you Highlight Text then, WHAM!, It fails to copy! Even with Keyboard Instruct. Ha, Ha, Very Funny -_-. It is a grieve Error Frowned upon by many. This MUST be fixed, ASAP. If not, then we require a full, non mitigated, explanation of Exactly WHY(With the accompanied gory details) it doesn't allow you to even copy text from certain fields in Firefox. Only then shall we receive closure to, this, fiend of a flaw.

Poetry aside, Yep, this is one of those times when I feel that Firefox Fails me.
And it's SO, Unnecessary at that.

Also, Firefox Doesn't Display all the Site Proceedings in the Address Bar as it is loading a page, if it displays anything at all. So, how do you even know where you are if it doesn't tell you where your going? This is just, Wrong. I don't understand why it has yet to be fixed. I have addressed it so in # 3 somewhere Hereamong other things (Such as the directly relevant # 5) that Firefox Requires Immediate attention too.

Ranting aside, yes I agree with you. Annoying and Unnecessary be these (and other) inconveniences to us Faithful Firefox Users.
Please remove my input herein, if need be so. ▲