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Flipping through enumerated images

On many sites images are enumerated such as:

holiday-trip-01.jpg holiday-trip-02.jpg holiday-trip-03.jpg holiday-trip-04.jpg ...

It would be nice to have a feature that notices the number in the image's name and displays a kind of up/down arrow (let's say in the browser's URI textfield) that let's one browse/access the images without having to edit the URI itself. That way one doesn't have to continuously go back to thumbnail page (if any).

General Images

  • Allow auto zoom out/full view of pictures when viewing images in Gmail
  • Allow custom zoom levels
  • Ability to change the default background color/image (useful for images with alpha values).
  • Preload longdesc page and display as popup, below image or with visibility hidden (user settable)
  • Ability to choose whether to show broken images or not. Seriously, it can be a pain for developers if they can't see at least a crude red 'X' where the image should be. of course, just a red X would be too much microsoft-like, so no, please.
  • Add color management support. Need the ability to not only recognize embedded ICC tags, but to choose a default profile to "assume" if image doesn't contain embedded profile tag. (This is an emerging problem with the recent release of monitors displaying wider gamut than sRGB -- eg. Dell 2407WFP-HC -- as they display non-colour managed images more colourful than they should appear.)

'Minor' Edit Made, remove if Irrelevant; _(-)(Ø)_ 01:48, 30 December 2007 (PST)▼
Concerning the Ability to choose whether to show broken images or not Bullet, I concur. It appears to be a regression issue when Firefox went from 1.5 to 2.0. The name you are looking for is "Broken Image Icon Dummy". It is the Firefox Equivalent of the dreaded Red X (No, Not the Teen Titans Character you may be familiar with; though one could see the resembling connection between the two at this point... Moving On.) that IE Displays when an Image fails to load correctly Or at all, but in this obscure case its presence is actually welcomed; to a very limited extent. I don't believe I have Ever seen it again In Firefox2 Unless the image was broken; I do believe I used to see it when images failed to load correctly, but only when I was using Firefox 1.5 to which I base the Regression Issue assumption.
To be honest, Images were Never Firefox's strong points (Which would probably explain why there are hardly any items in this Image Category, I'll see about adding to it sometime later though). In a world where Images are Crucial objects on the Internet, you'd think that Firefox would have them covered Competently. But alas, that is Still Yet to be the case. As you can see Here, I skim over the things(# 4 is directly relevant to this situation) that require the Firefox Developers crucial attention too IF they want to keep up with Internet Standards & Interface Convention; Which I know they must, for if not, it defeats the purpose of any of us being here in this Firefox Brainstorming Wiki.

Please remove my input herein, if need be so. ▲


  • Add antialiasing for scaled images. Add an option for "supersapling (highest quality)", "multisampling", and "disable antialiasing (lowest quality, faster)".
  • HD Image (.wdp) support.
  • BPG Image format support . It's already supported by most Web browsers with a small JavaScript decoder. But it can be supported natively with a fallback to JavaScript library for unsupported browsers.

By :--Musafir86 01:24, 13 March 2008 (PDT)

-I have suggested similar option here [1].

-Summary : we could use resampling codes from other FOSS (such as GIMP) to make scaled bitmap images look better (especially when large image scaled to a significantly smaller size).


Above all, to improve the state if technology on the net and mobile devices, Jpeg2000 or other wavelet compression needs to be added! The new wide format HP scanners we are buying now come with jp2 as do some mega pixel security cameras. This technology has come of age(is past due) and needs supporting!



  • Add right-click "Save as Image..." feature to capture <canvas> graphics

Popup Picture Options, as with IE

Alright, its like this:
When you hover the cursor over a well sized picture, about the size of a typical physical business card, for about 1 second a little bar shows up that gives you options of what you may like to do with that picture. Such as, E-mail it, save it, set as background, etc. This feature is STILL absent from Firefox though I have heard there is a non-supported add-on for this feature. However, we feel that this needs to be integrated into Firefox itself, for the sake of not having to constantly update add-ons, hassle with any possible conflictions arising from having said add-ons, etc. I Still have not received a valid reason as to Why this feature cannot be integrated. I have however received Mitigation in the form of Rude Arrogance. Mitigation = Invalid Rationality ≈ Mal Conspicuous Mentality.
One would appreciate, at the Very Least, a valid explanation as to why this can't be implemented.

And now, for some well placed Dramatizations :p:
Worse Case Scenario, For if this feature is Not to be implemented into Firefox, We Firefox Users will suffer the agony of Right clicking, Save Image As, [Your Desired, Relevant, Input Here.] AND have to be subjected to the alt Browser Users Criticism and Teasing based solely upon the Lack of this Feature.
Could you developers sleep well at night knowing you could have done something to prevent or at least Reduce such agony we are facing?

Popup Picture with dimming and Esc

Purpose is to open all URL ending with an image extention (opening an image file) in a new tab which can be closed with ESC (just like any slideshow). Image should be rendered with dimming and centered. The possibility to zoom it and eventually to switch to another image existing on the original webpage wouold be a plus. Similar to Cooliris, images to be found on a webiste would be visible in form of a slideshow.

View image in new tab/window

Why isn't this option available again?
With the current set up, We are Forced out of the current page we are viewing and into a new page we would like to view separately.
With this Implement, Mind you that we should have had back in Firefox 1.5, We can Safely stay on the same page with out compromising it and Still get to view the Image in a separate tab or Window, We choose.
And yes, this too We Firefox Users have been ridiculed over by alt Browser Users. That needs to stop, at least in relevance to this feature. But Seriously, the Unnecessary Ridicule geared towards us Firefox Users needs to stop.
Why do we give them openings like this to Ridicule us Again?

Show/Create Distinct Frames over Images

In the Event that Firefox Can't, for whatever reason, Load the Image Correctly, you know one is there.
Sometimes pics don't show up. Strange. Sometimes when a pic is on the page, it doesn't show it at all. At the most, it shows the tooltip of the pic if it has one; This Usually Occurs in Forums, I Know their There Cause Everyone Keeps talking about the Picture, that I can't for some reason.
The Situation goes a little something Like this:

Alt Browser User: Whoa, Check that Pic out.
Alt Browser User#2: Did You Draw it?
Alt Browser User#3: Yea, but I could do better.
Me, as a Firefox Browser User: Where is it?
Alt Browser User#2: Its in the first post.
Me, as a Firefox Browser User: WHERE? I Still Don't see it!
Alt Browser User#3: Its Just above the Text.
Me, as a Firefox Browser User: ???
Alt Browser User: Leme Guess, Firefox?
Me, as a Firefox Browser User: ⌐_⌐, ¬_¬.
Alt Browser Users: *afk, ROFLOL! :D XD.*
Me, as a Firefox Browser User: ;_;, -_-. *Oh, the Shame!*

BTW, Why Does Firefox do this and not show the Dummy Icons for Incomplete/ Failed Images? It appears to be some sort of Unforeseen Regression Issue that happened in the transition from 1.5 to 2.0, Because I don't clearly ever remembering it happening in 1.5.
IF Bug, FIX. If not, Implement. Else, Implement anyways cause it
wouldn't/couldn't hurt.

Block Image, Show Image Options

Block Image, As in, Block Just the applicable Image and show the rest of the Images; You can block more then 1 Image in the page; all you'd like to see, nothing you don't.

Parameters for Block Image are as Fallows:
Applicable Globally, applied everywhere you go so you don't see it at all anywhere and
Locally, As in, Just applied to the current page you see(n) it in; you can see it outside the page if it exists outside the page.
Also Include Temp, Permanent, or Session Based Instructs for how long to keep the applicable Image blocked.

Show Image, As in, Unblock the Applicable Image OR Reload Just the applicable Image so that you don't need to Reload the Entire page over again.

Parameters for Show Image are as Fallows:
Unblocking Applicable Globally and Locally Using Similar Parameters described in Block Image.
Reloading Applicably Limited Locally, Since There isn't a Direct Necessity/Probability to Reload the Picture outside the Current Page,
However, still have a hidden Option available to allow a Global setting Proposal.)

Images dont load properly in firefox. so we can have a code that checks for such unlaoded images and then relaod them. At the very least a show image option shud be provided as in IE.
▲These are Deployed through the Context Menu when The Cursor is Right Clicked over an Image, Of Course.

Bring Back Enable/Disable Auto-Image Resizing Option in Preferences

I know this option is easily changed in about:config, but most users will not know this. This needs to be back in the options window. EDIT: Actually, the about:config browser.enable_automatic_image_resizing doesn't even work, this needs to be in firefox!

Center Image in Window

  • Images smaller that the window should be centered on horizontal AND vertical.
  • Auto-resized images should be centered on horizontal OR vertical, as needed.
  • Non-resized images larger than the window on one axis should be centered on the other one.
  • Non-resized images larger than the window on both axes should not be centered.