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In Attendance

axel, beltzner, bryner, bsmedberg, cbeard, darin, dietrich, gavin, jhughes, josh, mconnor, pamg, rob_strong, schrep, shaver


  1. Feature status updates
  2. What's going into A1/Dogfood
  3. PRD/Schedule update
  4. Any other business

Status Updates


  • 16 blockers for A1
  • focus for A1: toolbar drag and drop, performance work, stability
  • also looking at UI directions (in dev.apps.firefox) so we have a direction to move in for A2
  • schrep: target for A1?
    • ben: what's the turnaround for the release again?
    • brettw: do we want the new database stuff to go in? dunno how long that will take since we need to put a new sqllite on the branch
      • ben: I don't think that's critical
    • annie: drag and drop should be done tomorrowish
    • bryner: I'm not sure
      • ben: I'll re-triage your bugs and help you there
    • ben: ideally everything will be done by Friday
    • schrep: I need to get a better date for you on the turnaround
      • bsmedberg: we need to turn on places for nightlies to reduce that time
      • mconnor/ben: that's a good idea, better to turn it on as soon as there are no blockers
      • schrep: are there any data loss issues?
      • shaver: maybe a seperate tinderbox is needed for the 1_8_BRANCH builds with --enable-places?
      • darin: are we talking more about turning it on in branch, or in branch and trunk?
      • bsmedberg: no sense in doing it seperately, IMO. We should just be making the change in configure.
      • beltzner: need to MDC DevNews this
      • ben: so maybe after tomorrow's nightly builds we?
      • bsmedberg: I'll make the configure changes tomorrow, then
      • beltzner: action item: make an MDC DevNews post on this

Tabbed Browsing

Functional requirements/semi-functional spec in progress: Tabbed_Browsing/User_Interface_Design

Undo Close Tab Preliminary implementation of restoring closed tabs using hiding and delayed close. More initial testing needed. This may end up reusing some of the new Session Saver code later, depending on how that gets implemented.
Tab Bar Overflow Initial choice of interaction model made, to be implemented this week.
Browsermessage API changes Pushed to a2
Tab Preview view Pushed to a2
  • schrep: so will this make A1 if we do it in two weeks?
    • mconnor: undo close tab and tab bar overflow will, yes, the other two things are pushed to A2

Extension Manager Enhancements

  • Extension Blacklisting - should be finished by end of week due to a couple of additional cases that needed to be handled. Blacklist is stored in an xml file that allows for a lot of flexibility.
  • Extension Dependencies - done except for ui review. Some of this code is needed by blacklisting and locales. There are a couple of bugs that I hope to get to before alpha 1 to improve this functionality.
  • Extension Locales - specification done. Coding has not started yet.
  • Extension Update Notification - specification and coding has not started yet.

Note: existing bugs have been reviewed and most if not all existing bugs that break the EM will be patched for Firefox 2.0.

Extension locales specification is under review, Talk page needs to be resolved still --AxelHecht 11:52, 14 Feb 2006 (PST)


  • Firefox 2.0 Windows Installer - land prior to alpha 2. Received a "partner application requirement for Google Pack" from Bonnie at Google. This will start back up after Extension Blacklisting is finished.
  • Branding and Locale installer customization - this will be worked on at the same time as the Installer work. Specifics of what we would like to accomplish with this will be gathered when work commences again on the installer.

Search Engine UI

  • Backend work progressing well, plan to have A1 targetted work ready for review by Friday 17th
  • Profile migration is the major remaining issue
    • ben: what does this part mean?
    • gavin: this is mostly transforming the existing search plugins into the new format
    • ben: an issue is that the code that exists didn't match sherlock exactly, so things that might have worked in Fx1.* may not get parsed properly
    • gavin: yeah, I'm aiming for backwards compatability
    • schrep: this is just backend changes for the format, right? none of the UI changes are hitting A1?
      • gavin: that's correct, no UI changes for A1
  • Web addition API to be pushed back to A2, not critical for A1
  • Still need to test sherlock parser, plan on writing tests

Visual Refresh

  • cursory tests of Fx1.5 on Longhorn Beta shows that no significant changes were made that break NSITheme
    • vlad and pav will need to revisit this for Cairo (Firefox 3) as well, and have said that they'll alert us if they find anything significantly broken
  • talking with Visual Identity team about timelines required to deliver a new set of icons to shine & polish default Firefox 2 look and feel
  • currently brainstorming with ben and Visual Identity team about what changes will need to be made to default chrome to support new features
  • need to checkpoint with Gavin about changes to chrome around Search Bar

Platform Uplift

  • shaver is now the representative for platform uplift
  • will have status next meeting
    • idea is to take bugfixes & compatibility fixes mostly
    • considering taking SVG addition for textpath (IBM SVG team is working on a patch for 1.8)
    • need to look at a cairo update
    • also looking at WhatWG "supercookie" model
    • going to be very conservative, though
  • if there's stuff you're hitting in your work where platform uplift would help, you should contact me
  • cbeard: are there any patches that will improve performance that can be uplifted into fx2?
    • shaver: sqllite, maybe, but not a lot else that will give us big performance wins without being too scary
    • schrep: but the 1.8 memory issues will be taken?
    • shaver: where they are portable and trivial, yes

Inline Spell Check

  • No change from last week (blocked on dictionary distribution issues).
  • would be nice to figure out what we're doing here
    • rob_strong: need to verify english isn't a problem
  • size of impact depends on locale dependencies
  • will try to land it on the branch this week so it can land for A1
    • need to --enable-extension: spell-check
    • bsmedberg: do you want me to change that when I turn places on, as well?
    • ben, brettw: not yet, we'll do that later (maybe end of week or next week?)

Instrumentation / Exit Surveys

  • Evaluating instrumentation data formats - binary blob vs. compressed XML.
  • Data format should be finalized this week.
  • Collectors partly finished for load and window events.
  • schrep: target?
    • bryner: A2 (assuming that's still late march)

Session Saver

  • Analyzed the different approaches of existing extensions
  • Got permission from click2tab, tabmix and crash recovery authors to use their code
  • Investigating Shaver's idea of DOM serialization/restoration
    • Avoids some form issues, caching issues
    • Probably faster than network round-trip
  • Was using some of the click2tab code for a prototype storing window/tab info in localstore.rdf. However, new version of Crash Restore has been rewritten for performance. It's very lean, and small codebase. Nice API.
  • would like to have this in for A1

Branding & Update Systems

  • see the installer section - these sections will be merged in the future
  • cbeard: make sure to get requirements from me and john lilly


  • three pieces:
  • 1. rss & detection
    • robert sayer and biesi are working on this
    • looking good, and almost ready for review
  • 2. content sniffing and formatting
    • may be possible that this will hit A1 in a generic sense
    • no review yet, and they're big patches, so no promises
  • 3. user interface
    • won't hit A1

Offline mode / better use of cache

  • Have patch for bug 189570 ("Discards cache data on any network error...") pending review.


  • Nothing will be ready for a1.
  • Market research and investigation has started.
  • Looking at two possible approaches. 1) Basic capability in the browser and integration hooks/interface for third-party solutions/extensions, or 2) Integration or bundling of one or more third-party solutions.
  • Planned discussion on 2/16 at 2pm PST.
  • schnieder: Google has an anti-phishing extension that uses two modes: privacy mode and blacklist mode.


  • First draft of product requirements for EULA in Fx2 posted for review and feedback.
  • Basic requirement is to provide capability for displaying EULA on first-run to support distribution channels, e.g. when Fx is preloaded on a system or distributed through a software channel where the interactive installer is not run.


  • Need to establish set of metrics and internal performance benchmarks for Fx2, e.g. memory, cache usage, load times for average use cases (not just single page loads)
  • Should automate collection as much as possible so that we can review at weekly status meetings
  • Action: schrep to scheduling planning session

What's in A1

  • undo close
  • tab overflow
  • extension blacklisting
  • backend of search engine
  • places w/basic UI
  • some instrumentation work
  • underlying RSS framework
  • schrep: is that reasonable?
    • ben: I think so, it's most of the underpinings of the big changes
    • beltzner: we need to make sure to promote this as a developer focused release, as the support for end users is pretty weak

PRD Update

  • working with mconnor and beltzner to prioritize and organize the product level requirements
  • this will lead to a scoping and resource excercise
  • hope to have this wrapped up in the very near future
  • it will have an affect on the schedule, so we're holding off on that update

Other Business

  • memory issues are being looked at for A2, graydon is looking into better ways of benchmarking and tracking these issues
  • cbeard: we should have a set of metrics that we track at each meeting
    • zip size
    • memory footprint
    • etc
    • schrep: we should schedule an offline meeting to talk about these sort of things

Action Items

  • beltzner:
    • devnews posting about --enable-places turning on
    • review EM dependencies strings
  • rob_strong:
    • follow up on questions in EM localization talk page
  • shaver:
    • target platform uplift for A1/A2
  • bsmedberg:
    • turn on places in nightlies
  • cbeard:
    • figure out licensing issues around dictionaries
    • schedule anti-phising planning discussion for thursday afternoon
  • schrep:
    • coordinate performance metrics sessions