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In Attendance

autonome, axel, beltzner, ben, brettw, bsmedberg, darin, gavin, jhughes, markp, mconnor, schrep


  1. Alpha 1 Status
  2. Feature Status Updates
  3. Any other business

Alpha 1 Status


  • Places infrastructure (performance, stability, toolbar drag & drop)
    • ben: turned it on, turned it off again
    • ben: eight issues remaining, some small, some more significant; wary of not getting at least a week's worth of nightlies before shipping the alpha. Quick triage showed that there are 4-5 things that can be fixed within 24 hours or so, and another 4 that are more elaborate.
    • brett: a bunch of performance things can be fixed this week, and we've got a fix for some of the character loss. Haven't looked at the file size issue yet. I have some ideas how to fix the journal corruption bug.
      • schrep: how many of these issues were identified as a result of turning it on?
      • ben: a lot of it was regression discovery
      • brettw: some of it was that we knew performance was bad, so it's a little surprising that one of the reasons we turned it off was related to that (specifically the pageload time and perhaps the file size)
    • schrep: so, net-net on time to resolve known issues before we can turn it back on?
      • ben: I'm hesitant to say anything or speak for brettw, so I don't know. It depends on what content you want to have for alpha1.
      • annie: I would rather see the UI tweaks go in first
      • ben: at the very least, regardless of A1/A2 targeting, it needs to be turned on for nightly testing ASAP.
      • beltzner: I think that it's very useful to have the backend changes in place for Alpha 1 if it's going to be a developer preview, and to let the UI change radically for the second alpha which we can open up to a wider range
    • schrep: do we think we can get it turned back on in nightlies by next week?
      • brettw: yes, although I haven't looked at the journalling stuff
    • schrep: so, reading backwards, soonest we could do A1 is Fri, Mar 3rd, assuming we put Places on early next week. But this date isn't a high confidence date.
      • brettw: any reason we can't get Places turned back on thursday morning?
      • annie: does it make sense to wait for a11y or l10n?
      • schrep: doesn't seem to if what we're saying is that the UI will change dramatically.
  • Undo Close Tab
    • ready for review
  • Tab Overflow
    • work in progress, eta Thursday
  • Extension Blacklisting
    • ready
  • Extension Dependencies
    • ready
  • Search Plugin Format Changeover (with sherlock import)
    • needs review from ben/mconnor, but ready otherwise
  • Spell-As-You-Type (english only)
    • not ready; been bogged down with Places work
  • Instrumentation Infrastructure
  • RSS parser
  • RSS content detection (?)


  • version number / branding
    • currently set at 1.6a, should it be 2.0a?
    • beltzner needs to file patch to set branding to "Bon Echo"
    • need to flip switch on branch tinderboxen to use unofficial branding once Bon Echo change lands

Release Requirements

  • Typical RC/Beta release is 4 business days (includes time for packaging, basic smoke testing, and configuring the update channels).

Status Updates


  • A2/B1 list is growing, needs to be rebalanced to create good estimates
  • action: set up meeting for late next week (ben, schrep, mconnor?) to reset milestone targets and get solid date estimates?
  • UI documentation is being updated on the wiki and should be finalized by the end of the week

Tabbed Browsing

mconnor will update shortly

  • Undo Close Tab will be posted for review shortly
  • Tab overflow is in progress, spec done, will have patch by Thursday at the latest
  • Will blog browsermessage API changes by the end of the week

Extension Manager Enhancements

  • Extension Dependencies - phase 1 landed. For details on what is and is not included see Extension_Dependencies.
  • Extension Blocklisting - about 90% completed. Name will be blocklisting per cbeard. Need an owner for the Blocklist details web page. A couple of ui elements still need to be finished / run by beltzner and the wiki needs to be consolidated. Extension Blacklisting and Extension Manager Blacklist
  • Extension Locales - nothing new. Bug 285848, Bug 324189, and Language Pack UI.
  • Extension Update Notification - need to rethink the how we are going to provide notification - on startup is problematic due to requiring a check for only items that haven't been notified in a previous notification (e.g. avoiding notification on each startup). Bug 307358
  • Extension Manager UI - if I have time I am planning on a few changes to the ui. Will get with beltzner.
  • rob_strong: we might not want to use preferences to control the blacklist as a malicious extension could simply override that preference
    • ben: yeah, no matter where you keep that, I'm guessing that an extension could overwrite it
    • schrep: so would you want to not have it configurable at all?
    • rob_strong: I'm not sure if locked prefs work anymore or not, or a config file (that idea doesn't seem right, though). It's just something to keep in mind.


Nothing new. Bug 326580

Search Engine UI

  • Backend (a1 targetted) patch has been posted, awaiting review from mconnor and/or ben
  • Want to address any review comments and land that ASAP for a1
  • Need feedback on search parameter requirements (rebron?)
    • Are parameters hardcoded in the search plugin file sufficient for a1?
  • discuss Namespace/OpenSearch-support (Axel)
    • axel: do we want to avoid the opensearch namespace?
    • mconnor: this is an internal format only
    • bsmedberg: why does it matter?
    • axel: it matters because searchplugins will tend to make errors one way or another; the question is how strict we do the parsing. I don't think we shouldn't be mixing namespaces for no good reason.
    • bsmedberg: any reason this can't be brought up offline w/gavin as a bug or discussion on the wiki? this doesn't seem like an issue for this larger group.

Visual Refresh

  • updated wiki documentation with requirements
  • opening up discussion via blog entries and posts in this week

Platform Uplift

  • SVG textPath has a patch for the branch in [1]. Need to figure out what the test plan looks like, but it looks like we're in good shape here.
  • Unicode-aware path management in XPCOM, [2]. Need a patch here, and to figure out the test plan, but we would really like to get this resolved for FF2.
  • Need to set a deadline for platform uplift "feature completion", possibly more aggressively than Fx2 general feature completion. Some desired areas (WHATWG storage API and E4X DOM wiring f.e.) are still unplanned and unstaffed, and therefore at risk. That deadline will be set and communicated by next week's meeting, to allow us to schedule larger uplift patches to better isolate unintended regressions and last-minute conflict merges.

Inline Spell Check

  • licensing issues still open:
    • english is being shipped with thunderbird, so it should be fine
    • l10n are GPL or LGPL, so we can't ship without extra work
    • axel: gerv is thinking about the topic as well

Instrumentation / Exit Surveys

Session Saver

  • Using a modified JS XPCOM service from the CrashRestore extension, working on getting it hooked up to bon echo.

Branding & Update Systems

no update


no update

Offline mode / better use of cache

Christian suggested a better overall solution for bug 189570, but I may still go with my solution for now. I plan on landing something this week. --Darin


  • darin: fritz only has three weeks left so we're looking to move on this sooner rather than later
    • beltzner: we should make sure cbeard gets in touch with you before we decide what goes in the product, as we're looking at a variety of solutions and priorities
    • darin: sure, but there's no point in not landing this on trunk now
    • bsmedberg: absolutely, that's the right way to go
    • beltzner: I didn't mean to say that it wasn't, just that I felt that you should know that cbeard has issues around this and you should talk to him
    • darin: OK, well, get him to get in touch with us sooner rather than later, since I don't see why we can't do this in parallel
    • action: cbeard to get in touch with darin


no update


no update

Other Business

  • darin: there is some work being done for CJK issues by jshin (Junshik Shin) that might be available for Alpha 2. See bug 162361.