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Videos (slater & alix)

  • what's new in 3.5 (RC1)
  • why we're excited (-14)
  • thank you -community/employee (0)
  • paired with blog post by slater - fastest clapper (-21)
  • fastest stacker (-17)
  • fastest banjo (-7)
  • fastest compilation (+7)

More details here

Reviewer's guide (melissa & alix) - still waiting for beltzner's feedback. need to add geolocation. developer features. under the hood. ask beltzner to send notes from when he was doing video. get rough cut of video from rainer and use for rev guide. need finalized by May 15. need l10n'd by June 15. not printed. electronic.

Upgrade the web (laura)

  • call to action for affiliates

Sem campaign refresh (rolo & jay)

  • text copy refresh headlines for download page (0)
  • fairly simple tradeout
  • needs to be ready for day zero

Snippets (alix & slater)

  • monthly rotation - need to make an exception for fastest firefox
  • need to give at least one week notice
  • ideally snippet would come out (-21) and would last 2 to 2 1/2 weeks

Social media plans (mary & tara)

  • May 14 - tell people what they are doing

Infectious campaign (jay)

  • car wraps and laptop wraps
  • create new personas

Parties (mary)

  • swagpacks? need to replenish stock
  • do we need webdev to update the party planner tool?

Press tour (melissa)

  • dc (june 2-4)
  • nyc (june 8,9)
  • bay area (week of june 15)
  • seattle (june 19) updates (slater)

  • progressing on schedule
  • more details here