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These are the currently planned changes for the Firefox 3.5 release. Although the site will retain the overall 3.x look & feel, there are lots of page updates to cover the various new features.

Primary Team

  • Project Lead: John Slater
  • Web Development: silverorange (w/Fred Wenzel & Alex Buchanan)
  • Localization: Pascal Chevrel
  • QA: Stephen Donner, Krupa Raj
  • Evangelism: Chris Blizzard
  • Marketing: John Slater
  • IT: Jeremy Orem
  • Video: Alix Franquet
  • Layout & Design: The Royal Order/silverorange
  • Copywriting: John Slater
  • Code Review: Alex Buchanan

Existing Site Pages

Main Firefox page

IE Switch page

Features page

  • incorporate new content that explains new features and improvements to existing features. Also rearrange existing order of the features to uplevel things like performance, and change “Top New Features” to “Top Firefox Features”.
  • design: TRO
  • localization: TBD
  • status: DONE (


Video page

Downloading page

First Run page

  • update main logo and make other text changes
  • show off open video capabilities: create demo that shows off what's possible with open video. Will primarily be aimed at content creators and developers rather than a general audience. Video content will be a "thank you for downloading Firefox" message created by community members worldwide. show off open video capabilities
    • Alix is managing the details of this project
  • design: TRO (dove animation), silverorange (content updates)
  • localization: yes (
  • status: DONE (

What’s New page

  • three versions of this page:
    • 3.5.0 What's New page - this is essentially the first run page for existing Firefox users who already have 3.5, so we want it to look nice...big logo, etc.
    • 3.5.x What's New page - at this point, we'll want to revert back to something more basic so we can automatically update the version number in the headline
    • Older What's New page - for people who've somehow updated to an older version of Firefox...will prompt them to update again.
  • this page will also show off 3.5's open video capabilities in the same way as described above
  • design: TRO
  • localization: yes (
  • status: DONE (

Style Guide

  • update all logo references to incorporate 3.5 logo where necessary. Minor text updates possible as well.
  • design: TRO (new graphic elements), silverorange (content updates)
  • localization: no
  • status: DONE (
  • note: downloads section will need to be updated w/new 3.5 logos

Security Page

  • update with new headline
  • localization: no
  • status: DONE

Press Center

Release Notes

  • add new release notes text (copy will come from Beltzner and the Firefox team on this one)
  • design: silverorange
  • localization: no
  • status: incomplete...waiting until we get closer to launch when the release notes will be finalized

Major Update pop-up

  • unlike last time, the major update push will be happening on launch day
  • need to communicate basic benefits of upgrading to 3.5
  • design: silverorange
  • localization: yes
  • status: bug is still open but content is DONE (

New Content

Fastest Firefox campaign homepage

Fastest Firefox upload page

  • will be an upload form so people can send us their videos
  • Alex Buchanan is working on updating the Community Store upload tool for this
  • design: silverorange
  • localization: yes, but limited
  • status: DONE (
    • went live 6/1/09

Under the Hood page

  • create new page detailing Firefox 3.5's developer-facing improvements...will be roughly equivalent to (but separate from) the existing Firefox Features page
  • will include performance stats and other relevant technical info
  • page will be more developer-centric than the other Firefox pages
  • design: TRO
  • localization: no
  • status: in QA (

Geolocation landing page

  • needed to support the late addition of geolocation to Firefox 3.5
  • rough version required for beta 4 (en-US only)
  • design/development: Fred Wenzel (w/new illustration from TRO)
  • localization: tier 1
  • status: DONE (

New illustrations & animations

  • TRO is creating a new background illustration for the homepage and Firefox download page to go along with the birds, flying saucers and balloons.
  • design: TRO
  • localization: n/a
  • status: DONE
    • implemented on both the Home page and Firefox page.


Community Thank You Video

  • will live on First Run/What's New pages (details in those sections above)
  • hosted by Dailymotion
  • design: Rainer w/Alix
  • localization: no

What's New in 3.5

  • hosted by Mike Beltzner
  • will live on the Video page
  • design: Rainer w/Alix
  • localization: no

Main Firefox Overview

  • update existing overview video to remove outdated 3.0 references, and incorporate some new features from 3.5
  • design: TRO
  • localization: maybe, but lower priority for launch

Why We're Excited

  • Mozillians talking about favorite aspects of 3.5
  • design: Rainer w/Alix
  • localization: no