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The Fastest Firefox project is a community marketing campaign designed to call attention to Firefox 3.5's dramatically increased speed and performance. The idea is to do this in a grassroots, highly participatory manner that places a minimum amount of strain on our internal teams.

Primary Team

  • Project Lead: John Slater
  • Web Development: silverorange/Alex Buchanan
  • Localization (??): Pascal Chevrel
  • QA: Stephen Donner, Krupa Raj
  • IT: Jeremy Orem

Project Details

Overall Plan: Use entertaining short videos by people who hold various world records for speedy things to encourage community members to upload their own videos of themselves being fast. We'll then compile the best of these community videos into a single edit that's fun to watch and conveys our performance message.

Phase 1 landing page:

  • timing: ~3 weeks before Firefox 3.5 launch
  • release a series of three world record holder videos through the standard Mozilla channels (blogs, snippets, social media, etc), each with the call-to-action to visit
    • videos will be released in staggered fashion, roughly 4-7 days apart (depending on overall timing).
  • will redirect to a landing page hosted at
  • the landing page will explain the details of the page and direct people to an upload page
    • upload page is being created by Alex Buchanan, based on the existing Community Store infrastructure

Upload page:

  • this page will be accessed from the phase 1 version of the landing page
  • will direct people to upload their videos, which will be stored in an internal database accessible to both Mozilla employees and Nobox (outside firm who'll be editing the final community video)
  • will also link to one additional page that will host a release form for minors...a requirement for anyone who submits a video of a person under 18

Minor Release Form page:

  • will be linked to from the Upload page
  • will host a release form for minors in .pdf and .doc formats, along with brief instructions to print it out and fax it to us if the person is submitting a video including a person under 18
  • minimal design/styling here

Phase 2 landing page: