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Gran Paradiso Planning Center

This is a starting point for planning and design information for the Firefox 3 release, including schedules, feature sets, and branch process information.

Nothing here is finalized, let alone set in stone. Individuals working on the project or interested in the process are encouraged to subscribe to the following mailing lists / newsgroups:

Project Status

Firefox 3 on the Gecko 1.9.0 Platform was released on June 17, 2008 (release notes). See the Firefox 3.5 (Shiretoko) Planning Center for information on the next release.

See the meeting notes archive.

Project Documentation

Gran Paradiso Theme

Firefox 3

Gecko 1.9


Any proposed changes to these project plans should be written up and submitted to the Gran Paradiso steering committee for discussion, and the Product Management team will make the appropriate changes to this document.

To bring attention to a bug which is not covered by the requirements, but which should be fixed as part of the Gran Paradiso project, mark it as blocking-firefox3? (for browser modules) or blocking1.9? (for gecko modules).