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General Info & Status

Release Schedule


  • Tentative Ship Date: February 2007 (date TBD) [was 2/1]
  • Nominations Deadline: January 5, 2007
  • Code Freeze (Checkin Deadline): Tuesday 2/7 [was 2/5 | 1/29 | 1/18]
  • First Candidates Available: Friday 2/9 [was 1/30 | 1/19]
  • Latest Candidates: Friday 2/16 ( rc4, rc2)
  • Target Release Date: Friday 2/23 (Firefox), Tuesday 2/27? (Thunderbird)
  • Schedule Notes:
    • [Monday 2/19] A new blocker was discovered recently what will require a respin for Firefox (Bug 370521 – TextArea not firing onchange event) was caused by the checkin for (Bug 357684 – onchange on textbox not fired when onblur changes text value). We are backing out the change in Bug 357684 to minimize risks and should have rc5 builds soon. This also pushes the Firefox target ship date out to Friday 2/23.
    • [Friday 2/16] We had to respin for so we now have rc4 and rc2 builds. We also had to re-fix the permissions issue with DE (temporarily disabled watch for files effected), and will look for a more permanent fix for the next release. QA and build are wrapping up work for these latest rc builds and are shooting for a target ship date of 2/22.
    • [Monday 2/12] RC1 builds came out on Fri 2/9, and QA started the BFTs/FFTs. With no show stoppers found, we are moving forward with the l10n builds and should be on track with the schedules below.
    • [Wednesday 2/7] We finally landed the remaining blockers last night 2/6 and took a couple of minor fixes on the branch today. Preed is going to be spinning RC1 builds today and we should have them ready for testing tomorrow 2/8. If everything goes well and we complete the QA cycle with no major regressions and respins, we should be able to hit a target release date of 2/20.
    • [Friday 2/2] We plan to land Vista changes on the branch by Monday and will hopefully have the 3 blocker bugs we are holding the release for checked in by then as well (bug 326877, bug 364297, and bug 360493). Other blockers that land by 2/5 @ 10am will make it into RC1, and the rest will be pushed out (unless we slip again or need a respin, at which point we might make exceptions for landing).

NOTE: We are also moving forward with the Major Update push, dates TBD after the release of Firefox

Dates below are no longer accurate due to recent respins, but build and QA are on top of things. :-) QA:

  • Bug Verifications: Ongoing
  • Smoketests: Fri. 2/9 (2002rc2, 15010rc1) and Fri. 2/16 (2002rc4, 15010rc2)
  • BFTs: Fri. 2/9 - Tue. 2/13 (completed with 2002rc2 and 15010rc1)
  • Post to the QA blog for Community Testing: Fri. 2/9 and Fri. 2/16
  • Focus/Exploratory Testing: Ongoing
  • l10n diffs and spot checks: Fri. 2/16 - Mon. 2/19
  • Update testing: Mon. 2/19 - Wed. 2/21
  • Live Update Testing: 2/21
  • Special Distro Spotchecks: Mon. 2/19 - Tue. 2/20
  • Special Distro Updates Checks: Tue. 2/20 - Wed. 2/21
  • Thunderbird testing: Thur. 2/22 - Mon. 2/26


  • RC builds: 2/9, 2/16
  • l10n builds: 2/16 - 2/17
  • Notify Partners and Distributors of final RC: 2/19 (basil)
  • Prep Security Notes and Notify Security Group: 2/12, 2/16 (dveditz)
  • Release Signing + Staging: 2/21
  • Push the Button (tentative): 2/2
  • Special Distro Repackaging: 2/21
  • Special Distro Release: 2/22
  • Thunderbird release: 2/27?

QA Tasks

Firefox Test Plan <-- MoCo QA tasks and results are here.

In order to get more coverage on fixes going in for Firefox and plus Thunderbird, we need the community to help test the latest RC candidates or nightly "latest-mozilla1.8.0" AND nightly "latest-mozilla1.8" branch builds while looking at the current list of fixed1.8.0.10 bugs AND fixed1.8.1.2 bugs (excluding XForms bugs). Here are a few ways to help:

  • Vista Testing : We plan to fix quite a few bugs that will make the Firefox experience a lot nicer on Vista, so we need to make sure to run a thorough set of tests on Vista, including BFTs, updates, etc... Find the Vista test plan here:
  • BFTs & Regression Testing: Running through a set of BFTs on Litmus is the best way to test basic functionality and explore various areas for regressions.
  • Extensions & Themes Testing: Install and use some of your favorite extensions and themes. Try a few new ones from to make sure everything works as expected.
  • Minor/Major Software Updates: We may enable minor / updates prior to releasing, meaning that the user will be given the option to go from a release to Please go through the test cases in Litmus that go through this functionality, Revised Software Update Tests.

Community testing and feedback will be managed through the QA Blog and the Newsgroup, so keep an eye out for posts and discussions there!

Links to official list of released locales:

P1 Locales

Beta Locales

af (Afrikaans), be (Belarusian), ka (Georgian), ku (Kurdish)