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General Info & Status

Release Schedule

We have had to accelerate the release of Fx and Tb due to critical vulnerability. The dates below are in flux, but we are hoping to ship by the end of next week.


  • Nominations Deadline:
  • Code Freeze (Checkin Deadline):
  • First Candidates Available:
  • Beta Release: ?
  • Target Release Date: As soon as it is ready. This is a very limited scope release to address a critical security problem. We are hoping the week of July, 23-27.


  • Bug Verifications:
  • Smoketests:
  • BFTs:
  • Post to the QA blog for Community Testing:
  • Focus/Exploratory Testing:
  • l10n diffs and spot checks:
  • Update testing:
  • Live Update Testing:
  • Special Distro Spotchecks:
  • Special Distro Updates Checks:


  • RC builds:
  • l10n builds:
  • Notify Partners and Distributors of final RC:
  • Prep Security Notes and Notify Security Group:
  • Release Signing + Staging:
  • Beta release:
  • Push the Button (tentative):
  • Special Distro Repackaging:
  • Special Distro Release:

QA Tasks

Firefox Test Plan <-- MoCo QA tasks and results are here.

  • BFTs & Regression Testing: Running through a set of BFTs on Litmus is the best way to test basic functionality and explore various areas for regressions.
  • Extensions & Themes Testing: Install and use some of your favorite extensions and themes. Try a few new ones from to make sure everything works as expected.

Community testing and feedback will be managed through the QA Blog and the Newsgroup, so keep an eye out for posts and discussions there!

Links to official list of released locales:

P1 Locales

Beta Locales