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Weekly Gaia Development Meeting

Announcements & Notices



reporter: tony chung

  • 1.1
    • Smoketests - 46/47 tests passing, 1 untested
  • 1.1 HD
  • Gaia UI Automation
    • Blocking issue for tests failing to run unagi has been resolved


Ebay ZTE Open issues: (these need to be nom'd for something to get action) 908512 OS OTA Update doesn't apply on ZTE Open 908622 Facebook contacts import shows "Invalid App ID: 323"

[Bug 906836] New: [Messages] [TCL ] Movistar Columbia customers are not able to send/receive SMS (update: we have root cause) Google Importer app not working on ZTE - investigating&working with TEF on it (new version of app was approved and is working) First month report on FFOS support completed and ready to be shared-number of queries by market, top categories deep-dives, top SUMO articles viewed by users&bugs we've been working on this first month Ralph in Colombia for last phase of UX Research (in Paris today)



Talking this week (8/27): James Lal - perodic sync looks good and we are in final phases of adding tests - still need some remaining notification functionality (from :jrburke) - about to break ground [start] on github bot/autolander project

Notes: The Team:

   asuth, evanxd, ianliu, gaye, lightsofapollo, doliver, jrburke, gghosh, mcav, jhford,   cserran, pdol, tony (qa), william hsu (qa), swaroopa (qa), robmac

   Backlog in Pivotal Tracker:

Media front end

- Talking this week (8/27): Diego - End of our first sprint and planning for the 2nd one - Working on bugs and features for 1.1 and 1.2 - More details on pivotal tracker:


Talking this week: No one - in a team meetup!

   TEAM: bkelly, geo, hub, huseby, jhylands, jld, kgrandon, mlee, wlach, Bruce Weng, Walter Chen
   GPS not switching off bug landed (898240)
   Mouse event shim is now completely gone!!
   First commit for WebComponents Polyfill landed (907860), more to come 
   We're in Toronto right now! (August 26-29)
   Triage: Component teams please tag performance bugs with perf keyword


Talking this week: Ben The team: blassey, bfrancis, dharvey, clord, cserran, naoki, hubert lu, krudnitski, francis, ian

   Mainly working on search suggestions, event target fluffing and tiled layers back end
   As usual you can see our backlog in Pivotal Tracker

Comms app

Talking this week: anthony

  • Gecko part of the conference call API landed
  • dialer: groundwork for conference call mostly landed

System front end

Talking this week: gregor

   Bug tracking:

The team: cserran, gwagner, ladamski, reuben m, kyle m, michael h, aus, francis, jason, atsai, pdol

   new Notification API: closing, replacing should work.
   customization: unit tests done, not blocking on integration tests
   unifying permissions: on the way
   offline handling: replacing blue screen. UX done
   download manager: UX mostly done. 


Talking this week: Mike Pennisi (jugglinmike)

   We only have unagis for testing (fixing soon)
   Rick and Corey still working on SMS
   Mike has been working on integration testing
   We have all been contributing to the new Clock features for 1.2
   Adding Timers and Stopwatch
   UX Improvements in
   Refactoring in
   Mike recently was made a peer


System platform


Media recording


Round Table

   Anything to share publicly about "Flatfish" bugs, how they should be prioritised and who should work on them?

Useful or Old Links


  • 7/22: James
  • 7/29: Ben
  • 8/6: Julien
  • 8/13: Antony
  • 8/20: Dietrich
  • 8/27: James
  • 9/2: (US HOLIDAY): Ben
  • 9/9: (OSLO)