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  • Note that all of the below are excluding NPOTB and POVB bugs (non-client and partner bugs)

Unmilestoned (Mozilla desired)


IOT1 (10may)

Full Query
ID Summary Whiteboard Status Resolution
828160 B2G RIL: should not send duplicate incoming-call messages in some cases of 'waiting call coming' VERIFIED FIXED
828798 [Bluetooth] [HFP] No redundant +CIEV command should be sent to remote device QARegressExclude RESOLVED FIXED
828837 [Bluetooth]HFP PTS test case TC_AG_COD_BV_02_I failed due to COD value=0x20080c QARegressExclude RESOLVED FIXED
828882 [Bluetooth][Certification]HFP PTS test case TC_AG_TCA_BV_04_I failed due to one ATD after CHUP was been ignored QARegressExclude RESOLVED FIXED
830213 [Bluetooth][Certification]HFP PTS TC_AG_ATH_BV_04_I failed due to there is no API for disconnect SCO connection [fixed-in-birch] QARegressExclude RESOLVED FIXED
832383 Hardware composer multirect visible regions QARegressExclude RESOLVED FIXED
844323 Move process priority manager into the main process [madrid] RESOLVED FIXED
852038 [Buri][PLMN] 'automatic selection' mode is changed after reboot MS. QARegressExclude VERIFIED FIXED
852848 Facebook oauth integration relies on content loaded over http ( [madrid][adv-main24-] RESOLVED FIXED
853350 [Buri][Device Storage]Phone lost most functions when /data is full [madrid] RESOLVED FIXED
853732 [Buri][Settings]Bad performance with some SD card [madrid][fixed-in-birch] QARegressExclude c= RESOLVED FIXED
855792 CE requirement on maximum volume [status: patch in the works] VERIFIED FIXED
857795 DTMF tones are not working over bluetooth [CR 459932] QARegressExclude RESOLVED FIXED
857951 DuT doesn't show "busy line" screen or play "busy line" tone IOT, Spain, Ikura [status: needs new patch][madrid] RESOLVED FIXED
860166 [Buri][PTS][HSP/HFP/OPP]Can not connected to PTS-HSP-VAL-yuanying for HSP/HFP/OPP profile cases test [madrid][fixed-in-birch], QARegressExclude RESOLVED FIXED
860660 [Buri][TEF check]PIN & PUK Code:Should show the counter of trials remain. VERIFIED FIXED
860663 [Bluetooth][Certification]HFP PTS test TC_AG_OCM_BV_01_I test case fail [status: will be fixed by bug 869296] QARegressExclude RESOLVED FIXED
860726 [Bluetooth][Certification]HFP PTS test case TC_AG_OCM_BV_02_I failed [status: will be fixed by bug 869296] QARegressExclude RESOLVED FIXED
861720 Phone number to contact mapping matches if the number is a proper substring VERIFIED FIXED
861894 Avoid apps to schedule new offline cache downloads while device free space is low RESOLVED FIXED
861903 Avoid apps to write in indexed DB while device free storage is low RESOLVED FIXED
861920 Avoid apps to write in its local storage while device free storage is low RESOLVED FIXED
861921 Notify the user about the low free storage situation RESOLVED FIXED
863441 Youtube video freezes after a couple of minutes c= p=4 [apps watch list1][TD-9608] VERIFIED FIXED
863595 [Buri][SOS]NO any prompts during a call, when dial a emergency call from emergency call keypad. [status: awaiting landing of r+'d bug 866481] u=fx-os-user c=may-6-17 p=1, [target:05/17] RESOLVED FIXED
864516 CPU load spike at each minute mark of system time u=fx-os-user c=may-6-17 p=0 VERIFIED FIXED
864841 Creating a contact with only "Company" doesn't work VERIFIED FIXED
864941 Fix leak of PStorage actor when reloading a page [MemShrink:P1] RESOLVED FIXED
865161 [Call log] Creating new contact/Adding to an existing contact is not working correctly VERIFIED FIXED
865551 [Contacts] After switching language, phone/email/address labels won't be localized correctly VERIFIED FIXED
866481 [OPEN_][Dialer]It shows two lines "112" when we make an emergency call in phone lock screen. [status: ready to land?] [required_last_cert_round] IOT u=fx-os-user c=may-6-17 p=1 VERIFIED FIXED
867747 Implement OAuth 2 success paths for Google Calendar RESOLVED FIXED
867748 OAuth2 Error recovery flow from account settings [status: needs review] RESOLVED FIXED
868197 [Calendar] Implement oauth account delete flow RESOLVED FIXED
869296 [Bluetooth][Certification]BT needs to know call history is empty when performing last number redial [status: landed, also fixes bug 860663][fixed-in-birch] QARegressExclude RESOLVED FIXED
869306 [Bluetooth][Certification]HFP PTS TC_AG_ECS_BV_01_I failed (CLCC dir value problem) [fixed-in-birch] QARegressExclude RESOLVED FIXED
870259 [Buri][IOT]It's possible skip the security "Lock Screen". [status: needs assignee], Chile, IOT, Buri RESOLVED INVALID
870304 [Bluetooth][Certification]TC_AG_COD_BV_02_I failed [fixed-in-birch] QARegressExclude RESOLVED FIXED
870664 OAuth2 Error recovery flow from utility tray (notification) RESOLVED FIXED

39 Total; 0 Open (0%); 28 Resolved (71.79%); 11 Verified (28.21%);

Cert2 (21may)

Full Query
ID Summary Whiteboard Status Resolution
841698 Media storage available space is same as Music Chile, Spain, Ikura, IOT, khepera_43421 [status: need partner re-test] RESOLVED WORKSFORME
847592 Incoming calls take a long time in loaded scenario, sometimes they are not even displayed and ends up as unanswered call. [target: likely done, but waiting on QA results and investigation thereof] [c= p= s=2013.05.17 u=], IOT, Chile, Ikura, khepara_43442 [madrid], ux-tracking RESOLVED FIXED
851642 lockOrientation stops working, lets homescreen/apps freely rotate [games:p?][apps watch list] RESOLVED FIXED
854334 [Buri]Voice mail notification FAIL VERIFIED FIXED
855194 [Buri][WIFI]Other device should display WPS available when set MS's hotspot security is WPA RESOLVED INCOMPLETE
855569 [Buri][Shira-48042][Email] Message shown when bad certificates are used is not the right one [status: landed and uplifted to tef, leo] QARegressExclude, Poland, IOT, Buri RESOLVED FIXED
860603 The incoming call only displays in status bar for landscape locked fullscreen apps [status: landing] [required_last_cert_round] [apps watch list], u=fx-os-user c=scravag-sprint-may-20-31 p=1, [target:05/28] RESOLVED FIXED
860799 Give frames expecting a system message priority above vanilla BACKGROUND IOT, Spain [madrid] RESOLVED FIXED
860836 Error importing contacts from SIM card IOT, Chile, Spain, Ikura, khepera_43608 VERIFIED FIXED
861196 mozTCPSocket needs to translate SSL and certificate error codes to something that can be exposed to content. [Error: Permission denied for ORIGIN to create wrapper for object of class UnnamedClass'] [status: landed and uplifted to tef, leo] RESOLVED FIXED
861441 GonkHal::SetPriority does not set CPU priorities properly [madrid] RESOLVED FIXED
862096 [B2G] [Inari] [Browser] video playback are stutters while playing if the video controls are visible future dup VERIFIED DUPLICATE
863297 [l10n] PIN related labels are not correctly localized [status: needs partner input] [required_last_cert_round] IOT RESOLVED FIXED
864977 datetime input fields do not bring up the keyboard VERIFIED FIXED
865091 Videos don't play on YouTube [apps watch list1] RESOLVED FIXED
866036 [Buri][Audio]Can't adjust game volume. (Poppit) [status: needs uplift][apps watch list][required_last_cert_round] RESOLVED FIXED
866378 [OPEN_]It does not have ringtone when receiving an Unknown number call and can not answer this call. VERIFIED FIXED
866740 Strange behaviour on DuT after dialing when not attached to network RESOLVED DUPLICATE
867912 [Buri][Audio] Configuring silent mode by long-pressing power button is not persistent after device reboot VERIFIED FIXED
868271 Tuenti will eventually prevent scrolling after looking at an account's upcoming events [apps watch list][target:5/14] VERIFIED FIXED
868346 [Buri][Shira-48919] Only show single brand (postpaid or prepaid) APN in list to match SIM provider c= Poland, IOT, Buri, u=fx-os-user c=scravag-sprint-may-20-31 p=1 [status: suggest this to be fixed on partner build only. seeking partner opinion] RESOLVED WONTFIX
869282 [Bluetooth][Certification]HFP PTS test TC_AG_ACS_BV_04_I test case fail [status: patch needed-depends on 870683][target:05/17] QARegressExclude RESOLVED FIXED
870203 Weird immediate downgrading of priority for Communications process [target:resolved already?] RESOLVED FIXED
870683 Call new Bluetooth APIs when user trying to switch audio output [status: needs landing][target:05/17] QARegressExclude RESOLVED FIXED
870689 If HFP connection cannot be established, try HSP [status:justlanditplease][target:05/17] RESOLVED FIXED
871072 Update supl server url RESOLVED FIXED
872054 [Inari] Busy line tone is heard through the speaker [required_last_cert_round] [status: needs review] IOT RESOLVED FIXED

27 Total; 0 Open (0%); 20 Resolved (74.07%); 7 Verified (25.93%);

IOT2 (31may)

No results.

0 Total; 0 Open (0%); 0 Resolved (0%); 0 Verified (0%);

IOT3 (3jun)

Full Query
ID Summary Whiteboard Status Resolution
857837 Enter NCK/CCK/SPCK popup should pop up at boot up if phone is in network/corporate/serviceprovider locked state QARegressExclude RESOLVED FIXED
873907 [Buri][GCF][STK] case failed [status: update needed] RESOLVED FIXED
875677 [Buri][BT][PTS][HFP] Bluetooth certification test case TC_AG_TWC_BV_05_I failed (Needs to follow HFP 1.6 not HFP 1.5) [fixed-in-birch][status: landed] RESOLVED FIXED
877070 [Dialer]Dial the last outgoing call instead of doing last record of call log when doing BT redial RESOLVED FIXED
877081 [Homescreen] Logo stays forever after the quick access bar crashed VERIFIED FIXED
877627 [Contacts][Dialer] Dialer doesn't show on screen when launching from contacts VERIFIED FIXED
877984 [Buri] Trying to update a hosted app preloading appcache that was preinstalled will fail to update [apps watch list][fixed-in-birch] RESOLVED FIXED
878005 [b2g-bluetooth] Should reply "ERROR" when receiving invalid memory location of "ATD>nnn" command [fixed-in-birch][status: landed] RESOLVED FIXED
878006 [Dialer] Should check call index of Bluetooth ATD command RESOLVED FIXED
878395 System Message API: a follow-up for bug 877627 to prevent wrong pages from handling the system messages [fixed-in-birch] RESOLVED FIXED

10 Total; 0 Open (0%); 8 Resolved (80%); 2 Verified (20%);


QE1 (5may)

Full Query
ID Summary Whiteboard Status Resolution
796588 [calendar] Can add multiple of the same calendar [label:calendar], [TD-9757] VERIFIED FIXED
809791 [UX VD] Drawer. Folder List/horizontal stripes Menu button in orange header is wrong, does not animate/transition correctly when tray is displayed visual design, interaction, UX P2, [TEF_REQ], [TD-8752], [LeoVB+] RESOLVED FIXED
830210 [MUSIC]: not able to uncheck song rating in Music application [TD-9572] RESOLVED FIXED
830901 [App Updates] Disabling all checkboxes in the update prompt, hitting later, and return prompt - checkboxes are enabled, but download button is disabled [TD-8923] [QE1] VERIFIED FIXED
832824 [Email] Contact name is not displayed when we receive a mail from existing saved contact RESOLVED DUPLICATE
833298 [Email] Email is not deleted when we delete from email detail screen. testrun 5.1, [TD-10097] RESOLVED WORKSFORME
835193 [Camera] camera Preview screen do not go to sleep mode even after screen timeout [TD-8550] VERIFIED FIXED
837029 [SMS] Messages app attempts to show deleted SMS if new message notification still exists [QE1][TD-10058][ui-review} VERIFIED FIXED
840315 Change default serif and sans serif fonts on gonk visual design, hanzo, visual-tracking [fixed-in-birch] RESOLVED FIXED
845660 [Call] Proximity sensor shouldn't work on speaker/BT SCO mode in call. [TD-8943] RESOLVED FIXED
845707 [Buri][Music] Songs title with "~" can not be played. triaged, [TD-9598][QE1][fixed-in-birch] RESOLVED FIXED
848266 [email] Have MailAPI resolve e-mail addresses to contacts [TD-9502] RESOLVED FIXED
850542 Video tag does not accept 3gp files which are passed via web activity [TD-8518] [QE1] RESOLVED DUPLICATE
856542 [Video] Limitation of having more than one instance of hardware decoder for video player [TD 9262] [TD-24732] [TD-24770] VERIFIED FIXED
856931 [Settings] In Brightness menu, the adjust value is not updated sometimes from DOM event when control silder bar. [TD-8127][TD-9064] RESOLVED DUPLICATE
857398 [Call log] Call log list takes too long to load when item count > 500 c= s=2013.05.31 , [TD-11585] [QE1] RESOLVED FIXED
857885 [Bluetooth]Seems to dot in the device image. [TD-8470] RESOLVED WORKSFORME
857904 [A/V] wrong mimetype from channel when try to play BT trasnfered video clip on notification bar RESOLVED DUPLICATE
857942 [SMS] "Select all" button in Edit Messages screen is not enabled when we receive a new sms [TD-8676] RESOLVED FIXED
858444 [Call] Proximity sensor does not work during phone call when screen is off. [TD-8341] RESOLVED FIXED
858449 [SMS] The Contact search list from SMS app is not clearing when we touch backspace quickly [TD-8969] RESOLVED FIXED
858469 [Camera][Sound] occur abnormal Video Recording start sound c= [TD-8327] RESOLVED FIXED
858890 [Music][Clock] mixing with music and clock [TD-9398] RESOLVED WORKSFORME
858913 [Gallery] : Autoscan is not resumed, when SDcard is again mounted [TD-8952] RESOLVED FIXED
859171 [Camera][Video] cannot record more than an hour. [TD-9305] RESOLVED FIXED
859185 [Dialer] When calling number that device isn't saved, call screen shows similar number. [TD-9655] [depends on gecko uplifts] VERIFIED FIXED
859187 Low battery notification is not shown. [TD-8989], RESOLVED WORKSFORME
859218 [MMS] The received MMS message is shown as empty message [TD-8973] [NO_UPLIFT] RESOLVED DUPLICATE
859233 [SMS] Receiving a new sms during delete operation is deleting the newly received sms thread [TD-9721][closeme 4/23/2013] RESOLVED DUPLICATE
859284 [Video Player] after completion of video playing in landscape mode time stamps for video files in list view are not displayed. [TD-9680] RESOLVED FIXED
859555 [Settings] non-translatable information in the network operator list [TD-10285] RESOLVED FIXED
859596 Input focus didn't be taken away when the window is closed by parent. [TD-10296] VERIFIED FIXED
859727 [b2g-bluetooth] [Sco] Should set force to FORCE_NONE after Sco is disconnected [TD-9127] [fixed-in-birch] VERIFIED FIXED
860161 [Settings] Input box of PIN code screen strange [TD-10839] RESOLVED FIXED
860187 [Buri][SMS]When viewing the message content, sometimes "back" is not working [QE1][TD-9648] RESOLVED FIXED
860570 [Bluetooth] Can’t resume call after hold it by Carkit [TD-11445] u=fx-os-user c=may-6-17 p=1, QARegressExclude RESOLVED FIXED
860606 [Gallery] When selecting picutre in gallery app, it takes too long to be displayed c= s=2013.05.17 , [TD-11589] RESOLVED WORKSFORME
860607 [SMS] When deleting 100 conversations in SMS app, SMS app takes too long time to delete c= s=2013.05.31 , [TD-11593][awaiting decision from dcoloma] RESOLVED FIXED
860612 [Call Log] When deleting 500 call logs, dialer app takes too long time to delete [QE1], [TD-11594] RESOLVED FIXED
860760 [Music] Power consumption is always the same ,irrespective of music paused or played out [fixed-in-birch] RESOLVED FIXED
862278 "Remind me" is not localizable [TD-10792],[TD-10834],[TD-10837],[TD-11479],[TD-11489] RESOLVED WORKSFORME

41 Total; 0 Open (0%); 33 Resolved (80.49%); 8 Verified (19.51%);

Partner CS (11may)

Full Query
ID Summary Whiteboard Status Resolution
833021 Issue of checking on isBetterPosition RESOLVED INVALID
833704 [Video] When the video is played to the end, it repeats a small clip [CR 480599] RESOLVED FIXED
840035 [MMS][User Story] Operator-defined limit prompt [LOE:M] RESOLVED FIXED
840040 [MMS][User Story] Message reply [LOE:M][NO_UPLIFT],relnote-b2g:1.1+ RESOLVED WORKSFORME
840044 [MMS][User Story] Image attachment support RESOLVED FIXED
840047 [MMS][User Story] Attachment removal [LOE:M][NO_UPLIFT] RESOLVED DUPLICATE
840051 [MMS][User Story] Message device timestamp [LOE:M] RESOLVED FIXED
840053 [MMS][User Story] Message thread deletion [LOE:M] RESOLVED WORKSFORME
840054 [MMS][User Story] Deletion of all message threads [LOE:M] RESOLVED WORKSFORME
840055 [MMS][User Story] Message thread view [LOE:M] RESOLVED FIXED
840056 [MMS][User Story] Audio playback from message [LOE:M],relnote-b2g:1.1+ RESOLVED FIXED
840057 [MMS][User Story] Video playback from message relnote-b2g:1.1+ RESOLVED FIXED
840059 [MMS][User Story] Photo display from message [LOE:M] RESOLVED FIXED
840065 [MMS][User Story] Ability to save MMS content [LOE:M][work in dependent bugs] RESOLVED FIXED
840069 [MMS][User Story] Message preview including size [LOE:M] RESOLVED FIXED
840076 [MMS][User Story] MMS download options [LOE:M] RESOLVED FIXED
842487 [MMS][User Interface] Download option settings page layout s=v1.1-sprint-3 RESOLVED DUPLICATE
842506 [Music] Don't update UI when music app is brought to background. RESOLVED FIXED
849766 [music] implement songs picker to support "pick" activity RESOLVED FIXED
849768 [video] implement video picker to support "pick" activity RESOLVED FIXED
856524 Gaia apps freezes during stability tests [b2g-app freeze][CR 469196] u=fx-os-user c=may-6-17 p=1 RESOLVED WORKSFORME
860053 On first use, FM radio does not play even after moving dialer [CR 462003] RESOLVED WORKSFORME
862311 [MMS][User Story] Display attachment icon in thread RESOLVED FIXED
863500 crash in!mozilla::docshell::POfflineCacheUpdateChild::Unregister [b2g-crash][cr 476062] RESOLVED WORKSFORME
864550 Camera - Video not recorded. An error prevented camera from recording the video [CR 460482] RESOLVED WORKSFORME
867396 Failure of NS_DispatchToMainThread() can lead to assertion [CR 471640] u=fx-os-user c=may-6-17 p=1 RESOLVED INVALID
868127 crash in!mozilla::layers::GestureEventListener::HandleInputEvent [GestureEventListener.cpp : 159 + 0x4] [b2g-crash][btg-1449], u=fx-os-user c=may-6-17 p=1 RESOLVED WORKSFORME
868190 [MMS][User Story] Audio attachment support [u=commsapps-user c=messaging p=0] VERIFIED FIXED
868225 [MMS][User Story] Video attachment support [u=commsapps-user c=messaging p=0] RESOLVED FIXED
868227 [MMS][User Story] Attachment (pre-send) options RESOLVED FIXED
869255 [MMS][User Interface] Attach button fire pick Activity and create Attachment RESOLVED FIXED
870057 [MMS][Composer] Input field in bottom bar is not working as expected. RESOLVED FIXED
870120 [SMS] maxSegmentsInfo no longer working with new MMS compatible composer RESOLVED FIXED
870124 [MMS][User Interface] SMS counter display RESOLVED FIXED
870164 [MMS] Multi-recipient: recipient container not taking all available height [NO_UPLIFT] RESOLVED DUPLICATE
870603 [MMS] Multi-recipient: completing # or auto-search entry with ; or ENTER erases content RESOLVED FIXED
870628 [MMS] Text in input box can overflow below the interface. Regression. RESOLVED FIXED

37 Total; 0 Open (0%); 36 Resolved (97.3%); 1 Verified (2.7%);

QE2 (6jun)

Full Query
ID Summary Whiteboard Status Resolution
796719 [email] default account feature not hooked up, allows >1 account marked as "default" testrun 4, testrun 5.1, inarirun1, leorun1, [TD-28588], MiniWW VERIFIED FIXED
826071 [Email] New messages appear above top of message list; AKA message list is always scrolled past new messages [dupetome], c= , [TD-24266] , MiniWW RESOLVED FIXED
831747 Handle video hw codec contention between App and web content in Browser app c=video , MiniWW RESOLVED DUPLICATE
849101 [Bluetooth]one device unpair file transfer [status:depends on 854846][target:5/17] VERIFIED FIXED
851565 Inserting words from text prediction should keep user's capitalization [TD-29915] VERIFIED FIXED
853698 [System] Device does not enter cpu idle state (AP's core 0 voltage) MiniWW RESOLVED FIXED
860605 [Email/IMAP] Initial synchronization is too conservative on time windows, especially when the folder has a small number of messages [TD-11588][needs constants tweaked, small folder fast path], c= , MiniWW VERIFIED FIXED
861515 Keyboard should be able to modify the text of the input field directly RESOLVED FIXED
861768 [Settings][Bluetooth] Long device name would overlap icon [TD-23292] VERIFIED FIXED
862402 [Settings][bluetooth] connected device will be shown disconnected after settings app killed [TD-24722] RESOLVED FIXED
862711 [Music] Autoscan is not resumed, When Plug-Unplug USB Mass storage [TD-8952] MiniWW RESOLVED FIXED
863165 Wrong time format display for calendar new event view[spanish] [TD-10834] RESOLVED FIXED
863877 [B2G] [Leo] [Homescreen] Icon Apps don't align properly after moving them around. leorun1 [TD-23510][TD-24649] RESOLVED FIXED
864382 Send a click event after a contextmenu event if the later has not been caught [target:05/16] u=fx-os-user c=may-6-17 p=1 RESOLVED FIXED
865122 [A/V] is it possible to show buffering popup in the case of streaming? mentoredbug mentor=djf [TD-25210] c=video , MiniWW RESOLVED FIXED
865772 Fake empty image file triggers error in metadata_scripts.js [TD-25746] c=gallery VERIFIED FIXED
865995 [Settings][Cellular & Data] Incorrect state information update in the network operator list [TD-28019][LeoVB+] RESOLVED FIXED
866790 [B2G] [Inari] [Camera] Pictures are compressed along the narrow axis after they are taken c= RESOLVED FIXED
867025 [unagi][tara][weekly build 13.04.17]monkey test crash in mozilla::dom::ContentChild::ProcessingError [caf priority: p1][b2g-crash][TD-8929][TD-23322][TD-24777][TD-25336][CR 486768] VERIFIED FIXED
867038 [Clock][User Story] Alarms with selected audible tone and/or vibration c= , inarirun2, VERIFIED FIXED
867039 [Lock Screen][User Story] Password unlock in a single step c= VERIFIED FIXED
867040 [Calendar][User Story] Direct event creation at specific date/time c=, relnote-b2g:1.1+ RESOLVED FIXED
867797 Syncing when viewing an event can sometimes cause event to disappear when it has been edited on server c=regression, [TD-25987] RESOLVED FIXED
868270 [Email] "Body" search filter broken by change to body representation MiniWW, leorun3, leorun4, burirun1 VERIFIED FIXED
869259 [Bluetooth] when doing OPP file transfering, VOLD kills b2g chrome process after plug-in USB cable with USB Mass Storage on. [fixed-in-birch][target:5/23][b2g-crash][TD-23370] c= VERIFIED FIXED
869346 [System] [Video] [Bluetooth] String message is half-hidden when Share->Bluetooth is selected on a video. [TD-10296][TD-23717] RESOLVED FIXED
869755 [Dialer] Cannot delete all logs in call log [TD-23958], u=fx-os-user c=scravag-sprint p=1 RESOLVED DUPLICATE
869811 [Clock] The alarm goes off page is broken and overlapping after attention screen switched between full/status bar mode. [TD-24224] RESOLVED FIXED
869817 [Email] "Last Sync:" value at folder screen is not displayed properly with IMAP accounts [TD-24256] RESOLVED FIXED
869821 [Bluetooth] Bluetooth device name should not be modified as space. [TD-23516][good first bug][mentor=evelyn] RESOLVED FIXED
869851 [Video Player] Player size is not properly set when video app mimimized while playing and reopened in landscape mode [TD-23514] c=video, MiniWW VERIFIED FIXED
869879 [Settings] No cursor Display in Simpin input textfield on focus [TD-25154] RESOLVED FIXED
869902 [Bluetooth] Unable to accept MT call by PCM CK [status:needs uplift bug 875719][Interoperability issues][TD-24253] RESOLVED FIXED
869903 [Gallery] Repeating from Landscape to Portrait mode and vice-versa, white screen appear on some part of the screen [TD-25144] c=gallery , MiniWW VERIFIED FIXED
870161 [Call log] The 'Day' indicator disappears after moving to Missed calls tab [TD-25245], MiniWW RESOLVED FIXED
870187 [Dialer] Emergency call is displayed as a normal voice call [TD-26350], u=fx-os-user c=scravag-sprint p=1, MiniWW VERIFIED FIXED
870235 [Contacts] When adding only a picture in 'Add contact' page, the 'Done' button is enabled. [TD-25731], u=fx-os-user c=scravag-sprint-may-20-31 p=1 RESOLVED FIXED
870320 [Email]Attachment size and attachments are not aligned properly in email composer [TD-25327], c= , MiniWW, visual design, visual-tracking RESOLVED FIXED
870327 If sd card is ejected suddenly during playing music, MediaServer is died. MiniWW RESOLVED FIXED
870564 Youtube video freezes after a long time (~30 mins) c=video [TD-26549], MiniWW, [YouTubeCertBlocker+] RESOLVED FIXED
870726 [Camera] Confirmation of successful Image pick for email attachments and wallpaper [TD-25334] c=camera , MiniWW VERIFIED FIXED
871410 Video playback error after refreshing a direct linked content. [TD-26566] c=video, MiniWW RESOLVED DUPLICATE
871431 [A/V] Background music playback is jittered while browsing [TD-26228] c=music, MiniWW RESOLVED FIXED
871437 [Settings] Data connection turn off automatically after booting with low battery [TD-24243] [LOE:S] RESOLVED FIXED
871438 [bluetooth] Unable to watch video sent to b2g phone via BT [TD-26098][fixed-in-birch] RESOLVED FIXED
871450 [Email] Cached contact info is not automatically updated by notifications from the mozContacts API; stale info can be shown [TD-27371], c= , MiniWW RESOLVED FIXED
871454 [Email] Long email address truncated in action menu header when contact bubble is clicked [TD-27417], c= , MiniWW RESOLVED FIXED
871472 [Camera] unlocking the wakelock without proper testing creates problem in closing camera app. [TD-25523] RESOLVED FIXED
871482 [A/V] Multiple request for load or thumbnail extraction MiniWW RESOLVED FIXED
871485 [A/V] H/W decoder cannot be shared between applications/tasks c=video , MiniWW, [TD-26566] VERIFIED FIXED
871913 [A/V] Camera application cannot show thumbnail after recording c=video , MiniWW RESOLVED DUPLICATE
871919 [System] White screen is displayed shortly after phonecall ends. [TD-25991] [TD-23399] [TD-23477] MiniWW RESOLVED FIXED
871930 [Dialer] Information is not represented when making a call using contacts list [TD-9655], MiniWW VERIFIED FIXED
871939 [Dialer] Cannot search contact number when number has addtional area or operator number [TD-27881], inarirun2 , MiniWW RESOLVED FIXED
872430 FM Radio shouldn`t use CPU wake lock, should have sleep state. MiniWW RESOLVED FIXED
872844 [Settings] Clearing input fields when enter wrong PIN code [TD-29785] RESOLVED FIXED
872890 [bluetooth] callstate is not updated when call end because unknown reason. [fixed-in-birch] VERIFIED FIXED
872914 [Email] Active Sync Mailbox continuously loading email when click on refresh on first auto retrieval. [TD-28595], c= , MiniWW RESOLVED FIXED
872921 [Dialer] Though dialer app can call max 50 digits number, user can input more 50 digits in dialer [TD-27901] , MiniWW VERIFIED FIXED
872932 [Cost Control] In Data Widget for New Vivo SIM case and No SIM case information cut at the end. [TD-28878] RESOLVED FIXED
873365 [Cost Control]The FTE screen fires or moves fastly. [TD-26378] RESOLVED FIXED
873702 [Email] HTML tags containing attributes without separating/delimiting whitespace will be emitted as text by the HTML sanitizer (bleach.js) [TD-30812], c= , MiniWW, QARegressExclude RESOLVED FIXED
873930 [Cost Control] In FTE text over lap with button in second screen in brazil language. [TD-30790] RESOLVED FIXED
873934 [Keyboard] Uplift keyboard auto-correct Implementation [TD-29915] RESOLVED FIXED
873962 Using MCC automatically select Region and city name in FTE [TD-30728], u=fx-os-user c=scravag-sprint p=1, leorun4 VERIFIED FIXED
874155 [sms] receiving a SMS while in "delete" mode doesn't work VERIFIED FIXED
874289 [A/V] Screen freeze after trying to play unsupported file that's transferred by BT MiniWW RESOLVED FIXED
874317 [Music] when opening the music app, Scanning is taking time [TD-24200],c= , MiniWW RESOLVED WORKSFORME
874671 First time going into the call log after reboot or reopening the dialer app doesn't show focus on All. RESOLVED FIXED
874737 [Camera] Improper Camera preview in landscape mode for browser pick activity [TD-29919], MiniWW RESOLVED FIXED
874796 [CBS] [User Story] Enable/Disable Cell Broadcast RESOLVED FIXED
876055 Add default settings for some new device storage settings RESOLVED FIXED
876237 freezes on load RESOLVED FIXED
876358 [Call log] 'retryCount' should be 1 for new group calls RESOLVED FIXED
876363 app separator styling not consistent RESOLVED FIXED
876552 [STK] language is not provided [TD-28129] RESOLVED INCOMPLETE
876597 [FM Radio] FM is not geting disable in Airplane Mode MiniWW, late-l10n RESOLVED FIXED
876637 [DIALER] If you place a call to 112 with SIM security enabled while in airplane mode, PIN code is required RESOLVED FIXED
876640 Dialer Cannot do last number redial from Bluetooth when receiving BLDN command VERIFIED FIXED
877010 [A/V] Video application hardly controls scrolling up/down if there are many video files MiniWW RESOLVED FIXED
877215 [System] Device does not enter cpu idle state (AP's core 0 voltage) MiniWW RESOLVED FIXED
877313 [Music] Progress bar indicator for short music overlaps the remaining time space. [TD-24236] c=music , MiniWW RESOLVED FIXED
877400 green video frame is drawn when there is no image to draw MiniWW RESOLVED FIXED
877461 [Intermittent] YouTube - Video freezes (audio continues to play) [tef-triage][YouTubeCertBlocker+] RESOLVED FIXED
877487 [Internal/external memory] view attached image in email does not work when default media location is changed miniWW RESOLVED FIXED
877751 [CBS] [User Story] Handle Broadcast Message Classes 0 and 1 [IOT blocker] RESOLVED FIXED
878012 [keyboard] No change in keyboard Layout on changing keyboard langauge in keyboard setting. VERIFIED FIXED
878183 [A/V] deadlock during refreshing a video content RESOLVED FIXED
878427 [SMS] The received SMS is not updated in the current thread when we are in the edit screen RESOLVED DUPLICATE
878428 [SMS] Unresponsive keyboard event when we press on the "Message field" in SMS application RESOLVED DUPLICATE
878431 [SMS] Select all button not working exactly in the following scenarios VERIFIED FIXED
879291 [sms] When in edit mode tapping on a notification won't get you to the relevant message RESOLVED FIXED
879675 B2G MMS: If the mmsc in APN settings end with '/', it will cause sending MMS fail. [fixed-in-birch] RESOLVED DUPLICATE

93 Total; 0 Open (0%); 69 Resolved (74.19%); 24 Verified (25.81%);

QE3 (26jun)

Full Query
ID Summary Whiteboard Status Resolution
796600 If the number of language support for keyboard is too long, it will cause a graphic defect on the list selection for the language of the keyboard. [label:Keyboard & IME], testrun 5.1 VERIFIED FIXED
796722 [system] screen rotation with 180 degree will delay [label:system] RESOLVED FIXED
810007 Create an event with the start and end date/time being the same - block of time shows up on day in month view, but event not shown in agenda/week/day views [interaction] [TD-46494][mozilla-triage] RESOLVED FIXED
817972 [Bluetooth][File-Transfer] Support multiple files transferring [fixed-in-birch] VERIFIED FIXED
824550 [Open_][camera]Photographs slightly larger than framing the scope point-617001931405 [triaged: 1/24] RESOLVED INVALID
828965 [Camera] Geolocation permissions screen does not appear if launching camera from lockscreen [TD-41869] RESOLVED FIXED
830057 [bluetooth][gallery] Icon missing for Bluetooth Transfer in gallery sharing options DUPME [TD-44997] VERIFIED FIXED
832368 Dialog to pick bluetooth file-transfer recipient is really vague. "Choose your option | [Cancel][OK]" l10n VERIFIED FIXED
855610 B2G MMS: Scan pending sending/receiving transaction and set the status to fail when b2g bootup [fixed-in-birch] RESOLVED FIXED
859167 [System] touch event is passed to Homescreen during app-transition. [TD-9168][TD-46059] RESOLVED FIXED
860546 [keyboard] JS changes to a textfield while keyboard is displayed do not get passed to keyboard RESOLVED FIXED
864515 [Dialer] Invalid message shown when coverage is absent IOT, Spain, Ikura, Chile, khepera_43875, RESOLVED FIXED
864555 [Dialer] [Regional] Display the voice mail label when calling to the VM service and the VM is not stored on the SIM IOT, Spain, Chile, khepera_43943, c=, [TD-26348] RESOLVED FIXED
865513 [Browser] keyboard do not display when open web sites focused on keyword edit TaipeiWW, NeedsReview RESOLVED WONTFIX
865985 [STK][UX] STK display text message after launching STK menu automatically [TD-18889] RESOLVED FIXED
866376 A new settings icon for 'Enable USB Storage' (replacing current placeholder Airplane icon) [TD-41730], TaipeiWW, NeedsReview RESOLVED FIXED
867895 High Accuracy state is not updated to low in concurrent use case c= RESOLVED FIXED
868913 [Buri][Tethering]PC can't display RNDIS com port when reset handset RN5/29 RESOLVED FIXED
868950 [MMI] Localization of PIN/PIN2/PUK handling functionality [TD-44891] RESOLVED DUPLICATE
870158 [MMS] Implement attachment of generic media RESOLVED FIXED
870199 [STK]STK menu starts automatically after DUT restart form some SIM cards [TD-24065] RESOLVED FIXED
870756 [SMS] No Notification sound when SMS class 0(popup) is recived [TD-26579] RESOLVED FIXED
871402 [STK] launch browser doesn't work properly [TD-10819] RESOLVED FIXED
873094 If you place a call and then hang up just when it starts ringing, you can make the dialer app start up without causing the phone to ring [mozilla-triage] RESOLVED FIXED
873758 [MMS] Image rescaling follow up: Apply image attachment rescaling ability in composer [TD-345149][TD-43296] RESOLVED FIXED
873999 [Supplementary Service][Call Waiting] [RIL MOZ] Call Waiting SS error responses are shown in English when selected language is other [TD-26663] RESOLVED DUPLICATE
874011 [keyboard] No change in word suggestion language even when the keyboard layout is changed. [TD-31303] VERIFIED FIXED
876703 Browser invocation from SMS is not working with URLs of type: http:// VERIFIED FIXED
876794 Editing an all-day Google calendar event sends the wrong alarm time information to Google RESOLVED FIXED
876796 Editing a Google Calendar event on the server to have a different hours alarm amount does not change the client on sync RESOLVED FIXED
876799 [B2G][Leo][SMS ]No error message when sending SMS with no SIM card [comment #2][TD-42357], leorun3 RESOLVED DUPLICATE
876823 Gallery screen goes blank during BT file transfer [CR 488550][fixed-in-birch] RESOLVED FIXED
877046 [Buri][IOT][TRANSLATION] incorrect translation when having duplicate contact on phone and try to send SMS RESOLVED FIXED
877077 [Dialer] In multicall state, when disconnecting call, wrong information is shown in call screen. RESOLVED DUPLICATE
877482 [MMS] view attach image in text field will crash [b2g-crash] [TD-42216] leorun3, [u=commsapps-user c=messaging p=0], [LeoVB+] RESOLVED FIXED
877590 [MMS] Recipients composer switch to single line for any input interaction [TD-41657][TD-76385], [LeoVB+] RESOLVED FIXED
877607 [Cost Control] In Data usage graph red and green dots are shown in wrong position RESOLVED FIXED
877727 preview of attached image from gallery does not work GCF [TD-345341] VERIFIED FIXED
877903 Starting an app in landscape orientation shows screenshot first in portrait [mozilla-triage] [LeoVB-] RESOLVED FIXED
878042 [MMS] Apply this image place holders and specs for different cases [TD-47378] RESOLVED FIXED
878142 [System] Device does not enter cpu idle state (AP's core 0 voltage) TaipeiWW RESOLVED FIXED
878426 [SMS] While sending a new SMS,when we click on send button the number and text entered disappear in the screen [TD-45813], TaipeiWW RESOLVED WORKSFORME
878676 [Call log] When selecting list in edit mode, "Select all" string is disappered RESOLVED DUPLICATE
878961 Need to differentiate user agent for Firefox OS 1.1 from Firefox OS 1.01 RESOLVED FIXED
879032 Localize MMI code strings [BTG-1472] TaipeiWW [TD-26663] RESOLVED FIXED
879203 [Homescreen] The setting opacity to overlay in the page is not smooth and make a reducing fps. TaipeiWW RESOLVED FIXED
879452 [MMS] Render multimedia as Attachments RESOLVED FIXED
879529 Non-main thread priorities in child processes are completely wrong c= , [YouTubeCertBlocker+] RESOLVED FIXED
879582 [] User can't know that the more shortcut is exist because the vertical scroll is not shown. TaipeiWW RESOLVED FIXED
879680 [MMI] Use MMIResult for Call Forwarding related functionality [mozilla-triage] TaipeiWW, [LeoVB+] RESOLVED FIXED
879685 [MMI] Localization of Call Waiting functionality. [mozilla-triage] RESOLVED FIXED
879694 [MMI] Localization of Call Barring functionality. [mozilla-triage] RESOLVED FIXED
879856 [debug][spew] ###!!! ASSERTION: You can't dereference a NULL nsRefPtr with operator->().: 'mRawPtr != 0', file ../../dist/include/nsAutoPtr.h, line 1022 RESOLVED FIXED
879881 [Camera][MMS] Limit size of "pick" activity captured video for MMS TaipeiWW RESOLVED FIXED
880240 Update Firefox Logo on device VERIFIED FIXED
880333 [STK] "STK_CMD_SET_UP_IDLE_MODE_TEXT" code refactoring QARegressExclude RESOLVED FIXED
880337 [STK] "STK_CMD_SET_UP_EVENT_LIST" code refactoring QARegressExclude RESOLVED FIXED
880339 [STK] "STK_CMD_SET_UP_CALL" code refactoring QARegressExclude RESOLVED FIXED
880346 [STK] "STK_CMD_SEND_SMS" code refactoring QARegressExclude RESOLVED FIXED
880351 [STK] "STK_CMD_PLAY_TONE" code refactoring QARegressExclude RESOLVED FIXED
880352 [STK] "STK_CMD_LAUNCH_BROWSER" code refactoring QARegressExclude RESOLVED FIXED
880353 [STK] "STK_CMD_DISPLAY_TEXT" code refactoring QARegressExclude RESOLVED FIXED
880356 [STK] "STK_CMD_GET_INPUT" code refactoring QARegressExclude RESOLVED FIXED
880556 [Dialer] When receiving incoming call, white image is shortly represented in contact image area RESOLVED DUPLICATE
880571 [Video] Don't display error message for invalid files when video app is playing videos from internet RESOLVED FIXED
880588 [System] inline activities are removed when locked. TaipeiWW RESOLVED FIXED
880601 [A/V] Youtube cannot be played well on 3G connection or tethering via other device [YouTubeCertBlocker+] [TD-42469] RESOLVED FIXED
880902 crash in @android::Vector<android::InputDispatcher::Connection*>::do_copy [b2g-crash] RESOLVED WORKSFORME
881193 [Dialer] Hang up call that speaker mode is enabled, Speaker mode is on when making a call leorun3 VERIFIED FIXED
881215 [Camera] Camera app UI sticks to pick activity TaipeiWW RESOLVED WORKSFORME
881218 [Camera] Record of deleted videos are not updated in camera filmstrip VERIFIED FIXED
881424 SimplePush: Enable push by default on b2g [fixed-in-birch] RESOLVED FIXED
881548 [Dialer] Voicemail call is displayed as normal voice call RESOLVED DUPLICATE
881568 [Settings] Icon mismatch of Enable USB storage menu [TD-41730] RESOLVED DUPLICATE
881572 [Settings] Strange Behavior when adjust side vol key in Sound menu RESOLVED WONTFIX
881583 [Email] Email Loading progress bar is not inline with the loading of emails TaipeiWW RESOLVED INVALID
881584 [A/V] Background activity keep consuming power when Youtube is paused by power button. RESOLVED FIXED
881648 [MMS] There is not maximum limit warning MMS_TEF VERIFIED FIXED
881656 [SMS] The notification for the received SMS is shown as "Message is not downloaded yet" [TD-42338] RESOLVED WORKSFORME
881985 [Settings] Do not update language button and description in Language menu [TD-44870] RESOLVED FIXED
882027 Rapid oscillations between HAVE_CURRENT_DATA and HAVE_FUTURE_DATA due to threading mismatch RESOLVED FIXED
882053 [Audio] Sound mode of indicator change when changeing volumne in youtube site [TD-42471] RESOLVED FIXED
882058 [MMS] Attached Images are not resized if the image reaches maximum limit [TD-345149][TD-43296] RESOLVED DUPLICATE
882067 [SMS] Unable to send SMS after opening the link from previous received thread [TD-42458] RESOLVED FIXED
882095 [MMS] Internal PDP is deactivation after changing MMS settings GCF [TD-345160], TaipeiWW RESOLVED FIXED
882099 [Music] Supported Audio files with MP4 containers doesn't get scanned/displayed in Music player [TD-42701] [cr 488549], leorun4, retest_leorun4, [LeoVB+] VERIFIED FIXED
882105 NetworkManager.js error [fixed-in-birch] RESOLVED FIXED
882552 Slow OMX codec behavior c= u=1.1 , [TD-42469] RESOLVED FIXED
882634 [MMS] Deferred retrieval mode not working GCF [TD-345357] RESOLVED WORKSFORME
882866 When correcting a word, previous letters and words seem to join on to the front of the word RESOLVED FIXED
882895 Geolocation: Assertion in GonkGPSGeolocationProvider::Handle RESOLVED FIXED
882916 [Email] Forward/Reply/Reply All functionality breaks on structured clone failure when e-mail sender already exists and has been cached leorun3, [TD-47368] RESOLVED FIXED
882994 [email] UI: Replace sync progress bar (including candy bar) / messages spinner with single spinning refresh button TaipeiWW RESOLVED FIXED
883016 [Wallpaper] The wallpaper quality is worse when setting the wallpaper in horizontal mode from gallery. [TD-44061] VERIFIED FIXED
883017 [MMS] When device sends a MMS that contains text with UTF-8 encoding, the received message is not correct GCF [TD-345330], TaipeiWW RESOLVED FIXED
883019 B2G MMS: Remove content length from all part headers. [fixed-in-birch] [TD-345341] RESOLVED FIXED
883021 [MMS] MMS to multiple recipients does not work properly GCF [TD-345349] RESOLVED WONTFIX
883022 [MMS] The device uses the default orange APN to send MMS instead of the proper APN GCF [TD-345170], TaipeiWW RESOLVED FIXED
883024 the frame size of Video element is not properly set. [TD-43789] RESOLVED FIXED
883027 [Browser] Error while saving video from webpages [TD-44075] RESOLVED DUPLICATE
883031 [MMS] Not possible to recieve MMS using Orange PL SIM card [TD-43289] RESOLVED DUPLICATE
883032 [Browser] TypeMismatchError when saving media files with complex file names [TD-44076] RESOLVED FIXED
883033 [MMS] Not possible to send MMS adding picture from gallery using Orange PL SIM card [TD-43287] RESOLVED DUPLICATE
883035 [Email] Folder list card "last sync" label can overlap the settings icon; visible on pt-BR locale [TD-44145] RESOLVED FIXED
883053 [Settings] Once we try to attach to a forbidden network, the device losses coverage and it is not possible to recover it [TD-44098] RESOLVED FIXED
883058 [SMS][MMS] One contact with very long name can be scrolled in recipient field leorun3 RESOLVED FIXED
883095 [SMS] Delivery Report does not work. [status: waiting for ux] [TD-47885] VERIFIED FIXED
883178 [MMI] Implement DOMMMIResult and DOMMMIError TaipeiWW [LeoVB+] RESOLVED FIXED
883296 [MMS] Receive zero size file will crash when broadcast the dom message. [b2g-crash] leorun3 VERIFIED FIXED
883505 [Bluetooth] Support for CHLD=0 of HFP [fixed-in-birch] RESOLVED FIXED
883619 [Bluetooth] No busy tone on Car kit [fixed-in-birch] RESOLVED FIXED
883705 [Cost Control]In Usage Graph Wi-Fi Toggle is always unchecked after closing the Usage app and again Reopen [TD-45859] RESOLVED FIXED
883717 [clock] Alarm sounds and the music is played at the same time. [TD-45878] RESOLVED WONTFIX
883735 [Translation][Spanish][Portugues] Some tokens are not translated [TD-44891] RESOLVED FIXED
883737 [Bluetooth][File-Transfer] screen layout size is exceeded in Bluetooth Transfer pop-up screen [TD-45752] RESOLVED FIXED
883744 [A/V] Crash occur in music application (pthread_mutex_lock | android::OmxDecoder::ReleaseMediaResources()) [b2g-crash] RESOLVED FIXED
883769 [Cost Control]Wi-Fi usage graph is increasing even wi-Fi is in OFF state. [TD-46107] RESOLVED WORKSFORME
883772 [MMS] Sending MMS: behavior when data off MMS_TEF, TaipeiWW RESOLVED DUPLICATE
883776 [Music] The 'x' button in the music search area is not properly aligned [TD-44880] RESOLVED WORKSFORME
883781 [Music] Shuffle Icon always being disabled from playlist->shuffle all ... [TD-45943] RESOLVED FIXED
883787 [Call log] Not translate "Add new number" menu [TD-44891] RESOLVED FIXED
883816 [Cost Control] Usage Widget does not localize strings when changing language [TD-44891] RESOLVED FIXED
883817 [SMS] The handset always displays the last screen accessed when selecting message icon from contacts [TD-44988] RESOLVED DUPLICATE
883829 When the handset receives a notification in Portuguese, the relative time is cut [TD-44999] RESOLVED FIXED
883950 [sms] xss vulnerability with contacts handling in the recipients editor when getting an activity RESOLVED FIXED
884099 [MMS] Compartment mismatch during sending MMS RESOLVED FIXED
884142 [Settings] cancel button do not work in call waiting warning popup [TD-46232] RESOLVED FIXED
884172 [System][Statusbar] time updates too late sometimes. [TD-45002] RESOLVED DUPLICATE
884182 [A/V] Crash from OMX decoder (android::OmxDecoder::ReadAudio) [b2g-crash][btg-1648] RESOLVED FIXED
884216 [Cost Control] Missing l10n strings for the Usage widget [TD-44891] RESOLVED INVALID
884221 [Music] Functionality Symbol button 'x' present at left of SEARCH is confusing user [TD-46515] RESOLVED WORKSFORME
884349 [MMI] Use MMIResult for get IMEI RESOLVED FIXED
884440 Crash in!android::MediaResourceManagerService::onMessageReceived [b2g-crash][btg-1601] RESOLVED FIXED
884627 [B2G][Calendar] After editing reminder time on existing event, Done cannot be selected VERIFIED FIXED
884654 Deadlock because of OmxDecoder::statusChanged() RESOLVED FIXED
884692 [Email] Message reader starred/flagged status does not update because MailHeader.makeCopy() produces an inert MailHeader duplicate that does not receive updates [TD-47384] RESOLVED FIXED
884725 [Facebook] When clicking on facebook sync error notification, Dialer App. disappears after opening. [TD-44783], [LeoVB+] RESOLVED FIXED
884764 [Cost Control]In Usage Graph Wi-Fi Toggle is maintaining previous SIM state instead of unchecked state for first time after FTE stepup. RESOLVED FIXED
884975 [MMS] Apply 1.5x Res Version of the Images [LeoVB+] VERIFIED FIXED
885229 [Video] headphoneschange event for videos playing from gallery and camera filmstrip RESOLVED FIXED
885234 [A/V] Video frames doesn't show up while streaming RESOLVED FIXED
885349 [Browser] For AAC file contained in MP4 container browser showing as "Save as video" [TD-48471] [LeoVB+] RESOLVED FIXED
885371 [Browser] For unsupported media type the embedded media player is opened [TD-48473][LeoVB+] RESOLVED FIXED
885701 [DOMRequest] Implement DOMRequestService.fireDetailedError [LeoVB+] RESOLVED FIXED
885974 Full screen error mode when playing audio in browser [TD-48469] RESOLVED DUPLICATE
886692 [Settings]CB service enable/disable in Settings TaipeiWW RESOLVED DUPLICATE
886693 [CB][UX] CB messages except 50CH are piled up TaipeiWW RESOLVED INVALID
886749 [Camera] Run out of memory for video capturing RESOLVED WORKSFORME
886757 We need to load the operator size limit for MMS from the apn.json file RESOLVED FIXED
887133 [Camera] flash icon orientation not changing [enhancement] [LeoVB+] RESOLVED FIXED
887146 [SMS] The streaming video link is not displayed complete and it is not possible to select it completely [TD-49225] RESOLVED WORKSFORME
887158 [SMS] DOMRequest change to an array of [DOMRequest]. [TD-44996] RESOLVED FIXED
887162 [SMS] The delivery report message should display the properly information about the send message. [TD-47885] RESOLVED DUPLICATE
887683 Camera activity should be closed when go to background. RESOLVED FIXED

154 Total; 0 Open (0%); 137 Resolved (88.96%); 17 Verified (11.04%);

QE4 (15jul)

Full Query
ID Summary Whiteboard Status Resolution
842924 Localization issue with reset period control [LeoVB+] RESOLVED FIXED
853313 [Buri][HereMaps] Send email failed when the place share via email due to mailto parsing bug when there is no 'to' recipient listed [3rd Party], [TD-56416], [LeoVB+] RESOLVED FIXED
853759 [activities] fire postError when unloading the app before we have fired anything [LeoVB+] RESOLVED FIXED
857674 [Music] UI can sometimes gets corrupted when searching in the Playlist view mentoredbug mentor=dkuo, inarirun2 , [TD-43145], leorun3, leorun4,[TD-56021], retest_leorun4,[LeoVB+] RESOLVED FIXED
862385 Cache contact names for the call log u= c= , [u=commsapps-user c=dialer p=0] RESOLVED FIXED
870711 [B2G] [Leo][SMS] It is possible to invoke the Browser App from an invalid URL text included in a SMS leorun1, c=, leorun3, leorun4,[leo-triage] ,[LeoVB+] VERIFIED FIXED
874754 Exception... "Component returned failure code: 0x80004005 (NS_ERROR_FAILURE) [nsIEditor.removeEditorObserver]" nsresult: "0x80004005 (NS_ERROR_FAILURE)" location: "JS frame :: chrome://browser/content/forms.js :: fa_setFocusedElement :: line 238" data: no [TAIPEI_FND_TRACKING], retest_leorun4, [fixed-in-birch] [LeoVB+] VERIFIED FIXED
875271 Time doesn't fit on lock screen (f.e. 11:41 PM) [LeoVB+] VERIFIED FIXED
875338 [MMS] When sending a new MMS the content is not scrolled properly automatically. [u=commsapps-user c=messaging p=0] RESOLVED FIXED
875362 [MMS] Cannot scroll to bottom of thread list as input field grows [u=commsapps-user c=messaging p=0],[LeoVB+] VERIFIED FIXED
876614 [SMS] The thread_list is not updating automatically after receiving 2 class-0 messages [fixed-in-birch] RESOLVED FIXED
876782 AutoMounter shouldn't unmount so agressively [LeoVB+] RESOLVED FIXED
876788 Sync bar can become disabled after frequently syncing and though synchronization completes there is no progress indicator [LeoVB+] RESOLVED FIXED
877800 [B2G][Lockscreen] Missed call notification displays truncated on the lockscreen [TD-59413] VERIFIED DUPLICATE
880395 [leo-pre-iot-br] [SMS] [COST-CONTROL] Phantom SMS with "SALDO" under Vivo Brazil coverage. [leo-pre-iot-br],mozilla-triage, [TD-47905] RESOLVED FIXED
880624 [MMS/SMS] The dialog when tapping on a contact into ‘To’ field is not correct MMS_TEF, leorun3, [u=commsapps-user c=messaging p=0], leorun4,[LeoVB+] VERIFIED FIXED
880737 [OTA] If the download of an update gets aborted due to a network timeout it cannot be continued until the device gets restarted [apps watch list] RESOLVED FIXED
880866 [B2G][l10n][Calendar] Labels "From:", "To:" are not localizable LocRun1 VERIFIED FIXED
882084 [Cost Control] Info about SMSs sent is not updated correctly leorun3,leorun4 VERIFIED FIXED
882593 [MMS] Multi-recipient. Contact's picture is not shown when the group participant info is displayed MMS_TEF, [u=commsapps-user c=messaging p=1] VERIFIED FIXED
882683 [Audio] AAC audio format in .3gp container is not playing [cr 488549], [TD-53529], [LeoVB+] VERIFIED FIXED
882692 [Audio] AMR_WB Audio in 3gp container is not playing VERIFIED FIXED
883129 [MMS] Attachment is deleted when selecting a suggested word following it MMS_TEF, TaipeiMMS [LeoVB+] RESOLVED FIXED
883822 [SMS] The handset keeps displaying the keyboard even when back button on the Compose screen is clicked [TD-44992][u=commsapps-user c=messaging p=1], [LeoVB+] VERIFIED FIXED
884253 Define more accurate error messages for Bluetooth file-sharing (Gecko) [TD-46587] RESOLVED FIXED
884678 [A/V] Video frame skip fast while youtube streaming [TD-42469] RESOLVED DUPLICATE
885278 [SMS] `updateTimeHeaders' is not working properly with FixedHeader feature. [u=commsapps-user c=messaging p=0][TD-58649], [LeoVB+] RESOLVED FIXED
885345 HwcComposer2D doesn't render Camera or Video frames [LeoVB+] RESOLVED FIXED
885927 [b2g] [Calendar] Edit event: Button "Edit" appears in English l10n [LeoVB+] VERIFIED FIXED
885981 [SMS] The device does not recognize that the SMS received from a saved contact [TD-49196], [u=commsapps-user c=messaging p=1],[LeoVB+] VERIFIED FIXED
886217 [General] Memory leakage induces a crash on RPC Modem [TD-59414][MemShrink:P2] QARegressExclude RESOLVED FIXED
886245 [B2G] [Dialer] Duplicate missed call notifications show up due to more than one callscreen being opened [mozilla-triage], [LeoVB+] RESOLVED FIXED
886265 [COST CONTROL] If you press X button in the first screen of USSD flow, after 10 seconds, USSD flow is opened again automatically RESOLVED INVALID
886668 [USSD/MMI] When keyboard hide half of USSD screen, user cannot scroll remain screen [TD-49235], [u=commsapps-user c=dialer p=0], [LeoVB+] RESOLVED FIXED
886764 [Contacts API] we can have empty strings in the "telMatch" index resulting in matching these contacts for invalid phone numbers in findByIndex MMS_TEF, [u=commsapps-user c=messaging p=0] RESOLVED FIXED
886897 Crash: mozalloc_abort from!mozilla::layers::PImageContainerChild::FatalError [b2g-crash][btg-1653] RESOLVED FIXED
887093 [MMS] view attach image in text field will crash [b2g-crash] [TD-42216] leorun3 VERIFIED FIXED
887164 [MMS-Gallery] BMP and WBMP display support from MMS issue. TaipeiMMS, [LeoVB+] RESOLVED FIXED
887192 GonkHal should write lowmemorykiller parameters in increasing order [c= ][LeoVB+] VERIFIED FIXED
887326 [Camera][Leo] Viewfinder is black VERIFIED FIXED
887527 crash in __libc_android_abort | __android_log_assert | android::MPEG4Source::stop [b2g-crash] RESOLVED FIXED
887698 [OTA] [Data Migration] [Calendar] Calendar blank screen after update from v1.0.1 to v1.1.0 [migration][LeoVB+] VERIFIED FIXED
887712 [SMS/MMS] Make editable cursor element "zero width" until any user interaction MMS_TEF, [u=commsapps-user c=messaging p=0], TaipeiMMS, [LeoVB+] VERIFIED FIXED
887733 [Email] A black screen / white screen displayed while sending an email for the action of screen lock and unlock RESOLVED DUPLICATE
887815 [SMS][MMS] receiving successful delivery report even though delivery report is OFF in settings MMS_TEF[fixed-in-birch] VERIFIED FIXED
887968 Crash during video playback [b2g-crash] [cr 506769][LeoVB+] RESOLVED FIXED
888058 Simple Push - NS_ERROR_UNEXPECTED error thrown during execution of navigator.push.register, resulting in no onsuccess or onerror callback firing QARegressExclude, [LeoVB+] RESOLVED FIXED
888150 [MMS][Regression] Header actions are not working properly. [u=commsapps-user c=messaging p=0], [LeoVB+] VERIFIED FIXED
888151 [clock] In a Alarmlist Alarm label and days of Repeat overlap. [LeoVB+] RESOLVED FIXED
888184 Remove the canvas elements from the statusbar which are preventing hardware composition from working [LeoVB+] RESOLVED FIXED
888206 [Cost Control] Start-up process crashes trying to load an nonexistent balance configuration causing settings UI to crash as well. [fromAutomation][LeoVB+] VERIFIED FIXED
888241 [B2G][Leo][SMS] Long tapping on a valid phone number or email, included in a SMS thread, if it overlaps an option of the dialog menu, it opens it directly leorun4, [u=commsapps-user c=messaging p=1],[LeoVB+] VERIFIED FIXED
888715 [SMS] [perf] Messages app is CPU hungry with huge SMS database u=commsapps-user c=messaging p=1,[LeoVB+] RESOLVED FIXED
888814 [MMS] Default value of the Retrieval mode should be set based on the operator enabled [u=commsapps-user c=messaging p=1] RESOLVED WORKSFORME
888821 B2G MMS: UA profile configuration based on MNC and MCC. [u=commsapps-user c=messaging p=0][fixed-in-birch] RESOLVED FIXED
888855 [MMS] 40 character restriction on content type name of MMS message parts should be removed RESOLVED WONTFIX
888865 [MMS] The name of the sent image is wrong in FFOS device [u=commsapps-user c=messaging p=0][TD-56084], TaipeiMMS,[LeoVB+] RESOLVED FIXED
888882 [Gallery] Not able to zoom an image taken from camera, when launched gallery through camera app [TD-55183], [LeoVB+] RESOLVED FIXED
888926 System Messages send the systems-message-open-app even when the message has been delivered RESOLVED FIXED
889164 [Video Player] Slider position is not updated when controls are hide and Player ended [LeoVB+] RESOLVED FIXED
889167 [A/V] Crash on MediaResourceManagerService::cancelClientLocked() [b2g-crash][TD-55377] RESOLVED DUPLICATE
889175 [Statusbar] statusbar area appear empty on incoming call from full-screenmode app [TD-55273] [LeoVB+] RESOLVED FIXED
889188 [Homescreen] Drop the touch event when some apps are running in the backgroud [LeoVB+] RESOLVED FIXED
889191 [Video] video player shows spinner for the few events when playing local file. [TD-55377] [LeoVB+] RESOLVED FIXED
889207 [leo-pre-iot-br] [SMS] The message received before 12:00(AM) midnight is shown as TODAY in thread_list [u=commsapps-user c=messaging p=0.1], TaipeiMMS, [LeoVB+] RESOLVED FIXED
889211 [SMS] The delivery report icon for the message is shown with two 'checks' [TD-55493],[LeoVB+] VERIFIED FIXED
889224 Turn off broken remember my choice UX on fullscreen permission prompt [TD-55512] [LeoVB+] RESOLVED FIXED
889231 [Bluetooth] Lock-up occurs when you make a call in no signal network state [fixed-in-birch][LeoVB+] RESOLVED FIXED
889233 [A/V] Direct linked play cannot be resumed after it comes up from background [TD-55517][LeoVB+] RESOLVED FIXED
889238 [A/V] Try to play unsupported resolution of video file [TD-55494][LeoVB+] RESOLVED FIXED
889245 [Call log] When user make a voicemail or emergency call, call log shows only number [u=commsapps-user c=dialer p=1] RESOLVED FIXED
889271 Allow customization for Windows Live Application Id [blocking-final-partnerbuild-checklist] RESOLVED FIXED
889356 The redirects functionality appears to fail via pushing the app to the device or via the simulator QARegressExclude RESOLVED FIXED
889717 [Settings] Do not work when you are scrolling and select a menu [TD-56305][LeoVB+] RESOLVED FIXED
889730 [AudioChannelManager] GetHeadphones API should return true when state is headphone or headset. [LeoVB+] RESOLVED FIXED
889735 [MMS] when attaching so many images,size of the attached MMS content is not refreshed even after removing some images [TD-56035][u=commsapps-user c=messaging p=2], TaipeiMMS, [LeoVB+] RESOLVED FIXED
889739 [MMS] Adding images fastly from gallery to MMS make the picture empty [TD-56069], [u=commsapps-user c=messaging p=0], TaipeiMMS, [LeoVB+] RESOLVED FIXED
889750 [Settings] No action when pressed back key after select Firefox OS privacy [TD-56714][LeoVB+] RESOLVED FIXED
889757 [Dialer] When holding a call and selecting keypad, cannot hide keypad and input number [TD-56670], [u=commsapps-user c=dialer p=0] , [LeoVB+] RESOLVED FIXED
889763 [MMS] When we send a picture+amr audio file from android device,only image is received in FFOS device [TD-56096][u=commsapps-user c=messaging p=1], TaipeiMMS, [LeoVB+] RESOLVED FIXED
889765 [MMS] Resizing algorithm is not working properly [TD-56080] u=commsapps-user c=messaging p=3, TaipeiMMS RESOLVED FIXED
889784 [Camera][MMS] Limit size popup not showing when retake option is selected [LeoVB+] RESOLVED FIXED
889805 [MMS] [UX] Thread view. Video uses a wrong size of thumbnail [u=commsapps-user c=messaging p=0], [LeoVB+] VERIFIED FIXED
889899 [SMS] change attachment's iframe to div+img u=commsapps-user c=messaging p=2, [LeoVB+] RESOLVED FIXED
889947 [B2G][l10n][Settings-Memory] The warning message about changing a media drive is not localized RESOLVED WORKSFORME
890004 Completion of UA override changes for B2G 1.1 QARegressExclude RESOLVED FIXED
890053 [MMS][SMS] Regression. Recipients pull down pushes input behind keyboard [u=commsapps-user c=messaging p=0.5],[leo-triage], [LeoVB+] VERIFIED FIXED
890151 [CB] CH50 message should not be displayed when the Cell Broadcast service is off [TD-56902][LeoVB+] RESOLVED FIXED
890155 [MMS] Not possible to save the image received from the Nexus4 device [TD-55987], [u=commsapps-user c=messaging p=0], TaipeiMMS RESOLVED DUPLICATE
890166 [MMS] FFOS MMS is incorrectly encoding the parameter part of "Content type" header [u=commsapps-user c=messaging p=0], TaipeiMMS RESOLVED DUPLICATE
890168 [MMS] After receiving a MMS, ACK message is not sent to MMSC if MMSC url setting is wrong [TD-56817], TaipeiMMS RESOLVED DUPLICATE
890169 [Settings] White box blink in search box of User Guide [TD-57070] RESOLVED INVALID
890176 [Camera] Filmstrip preview opens even when video recording starts [TD-57024][LeoVB+] RESOLVED FIXED
890183 [Homescreen] Wrong focus is shown [LeoVB+] RESOLVED FIXED
890206 [SMS] Messages dissapear from the thread when trying to re-send a failed message MMS_TEF, [u=commsapps-user c=messaging p=1],[LeoVB+] VERIFIED FIXED
890218 [MMS] If reboot device while downloading MMS attachment, the message will be empty and will not be deleted anymore. [u=commsapps-user c=messaging p=0] RESOLVED FIXED
890221 [FM Radio] pressing Hardware Volume keys don't increase/decrease FM Radio volume [TD-57746][LeoVB+] VERIFIED FIXED
890342 [SMS] LinkHelper regression: misrecognized links [u=commsapps-user c=messaging p=1],[leo-triage], [LeoVB+] VERIFIED FIXED
890394 [A/V] Crash from OMX decoder (android::OmxDecoder::ReadAudio) round 2. [b2g-crash][LeoVB+] RESOLVED FIXED
890427 [Camera] repetitive touches makes camera app hang [TD-55218] RESOLVED FIXED
890437 [keybaord] Keyboard doesnt hide and when moving from scrren to Home screen [TD-57930] RESOLVED FIXED
890441 [SMS] The keyboard appears and disappears after killing the messaging app [TD-57874], [u=commsapps-user c=messaging p=0], TaipeiMMS RESOLVED FIXED
890443 [SMS] the "fixed header" style and transitions should be adjusted so that it's not jumping when changing header [TD-57877], [u=commsapps-user c=messaging p=0], TaipeiMMS, [LeoVB+] VERIFIED FIXED
890453 [Gallery][MMS] Unable to save the received cropped image [TD-58436], [u=commsapps-user c=messaging p=1], TaipeiMMS RESOLVED DUPLICATE
890454 [Homescreen] The save-bookmark screen doesn't work fine when "Add to Home Screen" button is pressed continuously. [TD-58217], [LeoVB+] RESOLVED FIXED
890486 [Email] Last folder name is not displayed properly in the value selector UL [TD-58805], [LeoVB+] RESOLVED FIXED
890502 Update "Open Source Licensing" page for 1.1 [LeoVB+] RESOLVED FIXED
890753 [System] Homescreen is not displayed when SMS notification from lockscreen is touched. [TD-58695] [LeoVB+] RESOLVED FIXED
890989 [sms] we should not split the phone numbers on spaces [LeoVB+] VERIFIED FIXED
891238 [A/V] High power consumption during youtube streaming, compared with other device (v2) [c= ] [leoVB+] RESOLVED FIXED
891243 [Camera] Image Pick activity takes 2-3 seconds to save after pressing "select" option [TD-55696][LeoVB+] RESOLVED FIXED
891299 [Dialer] String disapper when using keypad and hide. [u=commsapps-user c=dialer p=0], [LeoVB+] RESOLVED FIXED
891408 [B2G][Email] The contacts list cannot by displayed in full view after the keyboard has been invoked [LeoVB+] RESOLVED FIXED
891445 [A/V] Incorrect pointer comparion at MediaResourceManagerService::cancelClientLocked() [LeoVB+] RESOLVED FIXED
891641 [B2G] [Leo] [Email] Browser links in received emails are unselectable if file attachments are present [LeoVB+] VERIFIED FIXED
891749 [MMI] When using code CLIR (*31#, #31#, *#31#), doesn't translate language RESOLVED DUPLICATE
891756 [sms][mms] Gecko needs to return proper error code to notify Gaia the address is invalid [u=commsapps-user c=messaging p=0][fixed-in-birch] RESOLVED FIXED
891798 [KeyBoard] Home screen appears when suggestion bar hides while changing focus from one text field to another. [TD-57120] RESOLVED FIXED
891855 [sms][mms] Gaia should handle the error codes properly to pop up reasonable prompt [u=commsapps-user c=messaging p=0] RESOLVED FIXED
891908 [MMS] Replacing an attachment with a large image won't trigger resizing [leo-triage], [LeoVB+] RESOLVED FIXED
892086 [B2G][l10n][Spanish][Cost Control] Reset button on Settings has ellipses [leo-triage] RESOLVED FIXED
892357 Followup to bug 890454 - [Homescreen] The save-bookmark screen doesn't work fine when "Add to Home Screen" button is pressed continuously. [TD-58217], [LeoVB+] VERIFIED FIXED
892480 [SMS] Sending two phone numbers separed by space or enter should detect two phone numbers [LeoVB+] RESOLVED FIXED
892708 [B2G] Unable to switch back and forth between apps [LeoVB-] RESOLVED FIXED
892852 [MMS] [Camera] Low resolution option for MMS video recording mode TaipeiMMS, [LeoVB-] RESOLVED FIXED
892908 [STK]When the user input 'ENTER KEY' in the GET_INPUT of the STK Command, the B2G is reboot. [u=commsapps-user c=stk p=1][leoVB+] RESOLVED FIXED
893019 [DeviceStorage] addNamed() returns relative path when called in b2g parent process [LeoVB+] RESOLVED FIXED
893282 Fix mediadb to scan all device storage areas RESOLVED FIXED
893614 [STK]The maxlength of the inputbox didn't set corretly in GET_INPUT command. [u=commsapps-user c=stk p=1], [TD-62693] [LeoVB+] RESOLVED FIXED
893751 [Music]Not able to play amr files(through notification) received via BT transfer [TD-62634] [LeoVB+] RESOLVED WORKSFORME
893766 SMS Web Activity call from 3rd party web apps wont transfer phone number RESOLVED WORKSFORME
894147 Don't leak BrowserElementParent by holding a ref to it from an event handler registered on its window [MemShrink][LeoVB+] QARegressExclude RESOLVED FIXED
894191 Clean up the channel after KillHard() called. [MemShrink][LeoVB+] QARegressExclude RESOLVED FIXED
894192 [STK] HRS timeout problem [TD-63935], [u=commsapps-user c=stk p=1] RESOLVED WORKSFORME
894196 [CB] Disapper the title background alert and need to display channel info [LeoVB+] RESOLVED FIXED
894205 [CostcOntrol] Usage Graph line in not shown if the Date reaches the end of the month/week [LeoVB+] RESOLVED FIXED
894279 [Buri][MMS]When I input some words in MMS,it switch to SMS RESOLVED DUPLICATE
894287 [Buri][Call]The previous call process will disappear when you dial another call on passcode lock screen RESOLVED FIXED
894338 [Common] mismatch city name of Sao Paulo between tz.json and apn_tz.json [LeoVB+] RESOLVED FIXED
894355 [Settings] Some external apps can't render the icon in App permissions RESOLVED DUPLICATE
894805 [Gallery][Music] Crash observed during Video & Music files saved from MMS application. [b2g-crash] RESOLVED WORKSFORME
894868 [STK]The value of the GET INPUT textbox remains previous value. [TD-64763][u=commsapps-user c=messaging p=1] RESOLVED FIXED
895226 [Dialer] When holding call and receiving second call, cannot accept second call [u=commsapps-user c=dialer p=0] RESOLVED FIXED
895237 [STK] dummy function problem in icc.js [TD-64763] [LeoVB+] RESOLVED FIXED

144 Total; 0 Open (0%); 111 Resolved (77.08%); 33 Verified (22.92%);


Full Query
ID Summary Whiteboard Status Resolution
778453 Crash when opening the web console while viewing a 3D CSS demo (ABORT: Framebuffer not complete) RESOLVED FIXED
784816 Implement startTLS for MozTCPSocket [sec-assigned:ptheriault] [WebAPI:P0] [LOE:M] [tech-p1] RESOLVED FIXED
797497 Disable tap "scrollbar" [leo-triage] RESOLVED FIXED
811636 Parent process does not handle the situation correctly if its child process is failed at launching [tech-bug][LeoVB+] RESOLVED FIXED
834573 B2G Wifi: IP and default route still exist after forget network RESOLVED FIXED
863680 [KeyBoard] When cursor is changed from one text field to another alternate layout text field,homescreen appears and disappears for a moment. RESOLVED FIXED
867829 Crash dump get queued and eventually sent if we asked to not send them c= p=2, QARegressExclude RESOLVED FIXED
869338 Settings list item is not highlighted when the touch is fast RESOLVED INVALID
873937 [][Gmail]Recipient address disappears from "TO" field of compose mail screen and reappears after short time [TD-30810][apps watch list][3rd Party][LeoVB+] RESOLVED FIXED
878310 Improve DeviceStorage volume status reporting RESOLVED FIXED
881723 crash in mozilla::dom::PContentChild::Write with abort message: "actor has been |delete|d" [b2g-crash] [STR: Comment 20] RESOLVED FIXED
883756 [Call log] Tapping on an entry from a contact does not take to that contact's detail view screen but to a different one leorun3, [u=commsapps-user c=dialer p=0],[TD-68904], [LeoVB+] RESOLVED FIXED
884720 [Music] [Video] Picker for video/audio plays automatically VERIFIED FIXED
888794 [Camera] Image saving to filmstrip takes more time than video RESOLVED DUPLICATE
889261 [B2G][LEO] Never decrease memory of B2G after killed child process by LMK or by User. [MemShrink:P2] RESOLVED FIXED
891009 [OTA] Unable to reuse Update object to trigger OTA download again after severe network error in previous download [apps watch list] RESOLVED FIXED
891142 [App] Scrolling through marketplace dev causes many white flashes to be seen [LeoVB+] RESOLVED FIXED
891609 [B2G][Leo][Bluetooth File Transfer] When sending a file via bluetooth an incorrect message is displayed: "Receiving Bluetooth transfer.." RESOLVED FIXED
891797 [OTA][Data Migration][MediaDB] Data of Gallery, Video, and Music app is different than original after update from v1.0.1 to v1.1.0. VERIFIED FIXED
892159 [B2G] [l10n] [Calendar] Spanish: Hours in Semana and Dia view show in 12-hour format [leo-triage] VERIFIED FIXED
892392 [OTA][Data Migration][Bluetooth] Bluetooth function is turned off after update from v1.0.1 to v1.1.0 VERIFIED FIXED
893269 [dialer][contacts] wrong action will occur after opening the contacts through dialer and then tapping on a contact call log [TD-68904],[LeoVB+] RESOLVED FIXED
894031 If certification is invalid, there is a memory leakage in AuthCertificate memleak RESOLVED FIXED
894249 Regression: Youtube running in Browser app cannot interrupt background playing content [AUDIO_COMPETING] RESOLVED FIXED
894281 can not dial emergency number when enable airplane mode RESOLVED FIXED
894737 [Buri][WIFI-hotspot]Wi-Fi hotspot will be turn off automatic when change the security [leoVB+] RESOLVED FIXED
895795 [System App] Alert during application launch is not shown. [TD-68830] RESOLVED WORKSFORME
896176 [Music - MMS ] Not able to play AMR files(play from the sent item) from message view list RESOLVED FIXED
896322 screen goes off after reset and before FTU starts while power-on video is playing [LeoVB+] RESOLVED FIXED
896374 [A/V] Video codec is blocked, and no video file can be played. [TD-57882][LeoVB+] RESOLVED FIXED
896393 [Dialer] Keyboard doesnt show in apps when moved from Dialer Contact to other apps. [TD-67731] [LeoVB-] RESOLVED FIXED
896907 [Camera] No preview shown for successful video pick activity RESOLVED FIXED
896945 If SMS app is open when clicking 'send sms' icon in contacts app, the last thread open is displayed in sms app instead of 'compose new msg' screen. MMS_TEF VERIFIED FIXED
896958 [MMS] Showing wrong error message when opening the SMS application after the home button is pressed [TD-67660], [LeoVB+] RESOLVED FIXED
897283 [Settings] No scroll in input PUK screen [TD-68404][LeoVB+] RESOLVED FIXED
897388 [Homescreen] Weird icon is shown when user try to edit icon in homescreen [TD-68100] RESOLVED DUPLICATE
897701 Don't entrain pointerDownTarget in BrowserElementPanning longer than necessary [LeoVB+] QARegressExclude RESOLVED FIXED
897874 [Notification] horizontally scrollable with many CB messages [TD-68830] [LeoVB+] RESOLVED FIXED
897942 [SMS] SMS contact lookup type(Home,Work,Mobile) always displayed in English for other languages also [TD-69052], [LeoVB+] RESOLVED FIXED
898919 [A/V] GENLOCK_IOC_DEADLOCK failed occur while youtube streaming [TD-68993][SR 01255148] RESOLVED FIXED
898976 [Contacts] Keyboard does not disappear when clicking ENTER key in contacts search page. [TD-69750] RESOLVED FIXED
899354 BrowserElementParent isn't unregistering visibilityChangeHandler event listeners [MemShrink] [c=memory u=1.1] QARegressExclude RESOLVED FIXED
899711 Media files in smaller sizes when received via bluetooth from Mac book Pro doesn't show up in Music, Gallery and Video Apps [fixed-in-birch] RESOLVED FIXED
899801 BrowserElementPanning's KineticPanning.momentums can have over 20,000 elements in it [MemShrink][LeoVB+] RESOLVED FIXED
900595 [crash reporting] Once always send a report has been selected, selecting any other option is ignored with system crashes RESOLVED FIXED
900855 [Buri][WIFI]It is abnormal when turn on WIFI RESOLVED FIXED
900923 [CostControl] Device is becoming very slow if the Usage app is in background and use the Youtube app for 2 to 3 hours RESOLVED DUPLICATE
901416 Increase Observer of "network-activity-blip-[upload|download]" when screen on/off [MemShrink:P2] RESOLVED FIXED
901992 B2G MMS: Retry Mechanism for Downloading MMS is Buggy [leo-triage] RESOLVED FIXED
902460 [Bluetooth] Cannot listen after opp connection is failed RESOLVED FIXED
902847 [zffos1.1][input method] replaceSurroundingText() may output the wrong result when it mutates a contenteditable element RESOLVED FIXED
903362 Bricked Keon after upgrading from 1.0.1 to 1.1 with user data [LeoVB+] RESOLVED FIXED
905008 [A/V] Crash on!android::OmxDecoder::ReadAudio [b2g-crash][TD-76593][leoVB+] RESOLVED FIXED
905281 PhoneGap integration: Window.navigator security exception is blocking PhoneGap integration QARegressExclude RESOLVED FIXED
905927 [Contacts API] fail in matching digits test. [TD-78570][TD-78575] RESOLVED FIXED
906595 [Wifi] Can't re-enable Wifi on devices doesn't unload driver on wifi disabling. VERIFIED FIXED
907070 [PTS][BT][HFP] PTS verification process will be terminated after 2 test run. (TC_AG_COD_BV_02_I) VERIFIED FIXED
909688 B2G RIL: Losing Data connectivity after a few hours RESOLVED FIXED
913492 MobileMessageCallback::NotifyMessageDeleted needs a JS request before using JSAPI RESOLVED FIXED
917167 [Buri][T-mobile 51612][MMS]The device cannot send MMS RESOLVED FIXED

61 Total; 0 Open (0%); 54 Resolved (88.52%); 7 Verified (11.48%);