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Weekly Gaia Development Meeting

Announcements & Notices



reporter: tony chung


Ebay ZTE Open issues: (these need to be nom'd for something to get action) 908512 OS OTA Update doesn't apply on ZTE Open 908622 Facebook contacts import shows "Invalid App ID: 323" [Bug 906836] New: [Messages] [TCL ] Movistar Columbia customers are not able to send/receive SMS (update: we have root cause) Google Importer app not working on ZTE - investigating&working with TEF on it (new version of app was approved and is working) First month report on FFOS support completed and ready to be shared-number of queries by market, top categories deep-dives, top SUMO articles viewed by users&bugs we've been working on this first month Ralph in Colombia for last phase of UX Research (in Paris today)



Talking this week (9/3): jrburke - want to land email notification work this week: integration tests, some notification integration issues. - getting ready for oslo - brining up dev environment for github bot getting ready for oslo Notes: The Team:

   asuth, evanxd, ianliu, gaye, lightsofapollo, doliver, jrburke, gghosh, mcav, jhford,   cserran, pdol, tony (qa), william hsu (qa), robmac
   Backlog in Pivotal Tracker:

Media front end

- Talking this week: hema

- Completed our first sprint and landed features related to music and video app 

- Doing a short sprint before Oslo:

    miscellaneous small features on music and gallery apps
   "forward lock" DRM (bug 985856)

- Details on pivotal: Team: djf, dhylands, dmarcos, johu, dkuo, jporter, mikeh, sikeda, cserran (epm), robmac, patryk, marcia (qa), hlu (qa), skasetti (product)


Talking this week: bkelly

   TEAM: bkelly, geo, hub, huseby, jhylands, jld, kgrandon, mlee, wlach, Bruce Weng, Walter Chen
   Team work week focused on performance automation and catching performance issues sooner
   We'd like to see a performance test try server
   Email or ask in #fxos-perf if you have specific performance tests your interested in.
   Triage: Component teams please tag performance bugs with perf keyword


Talking this week: Ben The team: blassey, bfrancis, dharvey, clord, cserran, naoki, hubert lu, krudnitski, francis, ian

   First integration test passing! :)
   Other integration tests failing :(
   Seeing weird timeouts in integration tests
   "rm -r $GAIA/b2g" seemed to help when running locally, but different people seeing different results
   Bugs in B2G Desktop?
   As usual you can see our backlog in Pivotal Tracker

Comms app

Talking this week: anthony (unless someone else wants to?)

   Bug 887776 - [User Story] Export contact as VCARD to Media Card:
   Bug 887663 - [User Story] Receiving contact as a VCARD via Bluetooth
   FDN (Fixed dial numbers) support in progress, we did a live demo but not landed yet
   We demoed placing a new call, redesigned the status bar version of the call screen and the call screen look with a conference call ongoing. No code landed yet.

System front end

Talking this week: gregor

   Bug tracking:

The team: cserran, gwagner, ladamski, reuben m, kyle m, michael h, aus, francis, jason, atsai, pdol

   new Notification API: closing, replacing should work.
   customization: unit tests done, not blocking on integration tests
   unifying permissions: on the way
   offline handling: replacing blue screen.
   Team blocked on legal & build/release team priority for "Create base integration test for Gaia System Customization work" - --please contact Ghislain Lacroix "Aus"


Talking this week: Mike Pennisi (jugglinmike)

   We only have unagis for testing (fixing soon)
   Rick and Corey still working on SMS
   Mike has been working on integration testing
   We have all been contributing to the new Clock features for 1.2
   Adding Timers and Stopwatch
   UX Improvements in
   Refactoring in
   Mike recently was made a peer


System platform


Media recording


Round Table

   Do we have users stories and UX specs for Flatfish yet? Will functional teams be working on these or another team in parallel? How will this be coordinated?
   Nexus 4 8GB now out of stock in the US and not coming back. What devices should everyone have?
   Anyone interested to work on bug 841422 - Move unit tests for shared code out of gallery?

Useful or Old Links


  • 7/22: James
  • 7/29: Ben
  • 8/6: Julien
  • 8/13: Antony
  • 8/20: Dietrich
  • 8/27: James
  • 9/3: Ben
  • 9/9: (OSLO)