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Weekly Gaia Development Meeting

Announcements & Notices

   Please, watch Travis and TBPL. Don't be afraid to back out.
   New triage schedule: (don't call it a comeback)
   Bug 923961 fixed: b2g-desktop OOP on mac works again after 6 months. Thanks mrbkap, mhenretty and bent! (not yet on Linux)
   Stephanie joined the FxOS security team and is located in the Paris office


reporter: tony chung

Most Recent Result on 1.3 - 95/109 tests passing Xfail bug query for disabled tests (xfail whiteboard) - Test failures:

   test_call_log_all_calls - Device freezes/hangs when making the call.  This is not replicable manually so seems to be related to why 
   test_setup_basic_gmail - This test failed a fallout from the previous  test which froze the device and runs fine on its own 
   test_send_imap_email - This was fine running locally, perhaps a slow  email server problem 
   test_installing_everything_me_app - A HTML locator has changed and the  test needs to be updated. The functionality is fine. 
   test_persona_standard_sign_in - Persona very slow to respond upon first  load ( >30 seconds). Replicated locally, successive loads are fast 

Intermittent failures:

   test_add_photo_from_gallery_to_contact -
   test_enable_do_not_track_via_settings_app - This needs some adjustment  on the test side to wait for the prefs to be updated after changing the  settings. 

Disabled tests:

   test_sms_add_contact -
   test_capture_multiple_shots -
   test_add_photo_from_gallery_to_contact -
   test_gallery_edit_photo -
   test_calendar_new_event_appears_on_all_calendar_views -
   test_cards_view_kill_app_with_three_apps -
   test_cards_view -
   test_clock_set_alarm_time -
   test_select_album_play -
   test_play_ogg_video -


   3rd FFOS Support Summary report out - some numbers: feedback volume increased from 230 in July to 920 eo September(814 Input, 106 forums), v 1.0 main positives - general&simplicity, main negatives - responsivness(<10% positive)&lack of apps (whatsapp&line top of list)
   analyzed top support articles in the KB since the first launches and reorganized it so that we now have top 30 articles ready for localization for all the markets where we have launchend or are going to launch. Community is working on them.



Talking this week: jrburke Notes: The Team: asuth, evanxd, ianliu, gaye, lightsofapollo, doliver, jrburke, gghosh, mcav, jhford, cserran, pdol, tony (qa), william hsu (qa), robmac

   Burning down koi+ bugs
   Backend for POP3 in cleanup/testing phase.
   Considering future work: next/prev message traversal, calendar stories, haida
   Backlog in Pivotal Tracker:

Media front end

Talking this week (10/29) : djf The Team: djf, dhylands, jporter, dkuo, johu, dmarcos, mikeh, cserran, robmac, pla, marcia, skasetti, justindarc Sprints: Updates

   1.3 is shaping up to be a busy release for us. Some of UX's highest priorities for this release fall to our team:
   Camera UX and visual dev changes
   Lots of Flatfish work that we've been asked to help with
   Keyboard UX work that isn't Media, but I'm involved with
   Some of us are still working on Koi+ and HD+ bugs.
   Justin D'Arcangelo (justindarc) is back as a contractor working with our team. He worked on Gaia at the very beginning. If you're an old timer and remember Justin, say hi on IRC.
   Intern Tom Herold will be leaving at the end of this week. He's going to land an awesome automatic image enhancement feature in Gallery before he goes. Thanks Tom!


Talking this week (10/29): bkelly

   TEAM: bkelly, geo, hub, huseby, jhylands, jld, kgrandon, mchang, mlee, wlach, Walter Chen
   Continuing to focus on koi+ blockers
   Power harness, automation, profiler work continues as well
   We had a really good sprint that ended last Friday.  More details on what we worked on here:

Comms app

Talking this week: Anthony

   Sprint 3 
   Nice job done in closing out 26 koi+ bugs in Sprint 3. v1.2 bugs x 26:
   Sprint 4 
   v1.2 bugs x 21:
   v1.3 feature x14:
   DSDS support (Dual SIM) has priority

System front end

Talking this week: Gregor/Candice


The team: cserran, gwagner, ladamski, reuben m, kyle m, michael h, aus, francis, jason, atsai, pdol, benfrancis, daleharvey, naoki, john

   Bug 925970: Implement visual refresh to homescreen search bar
   Helping out a-team with test suites. Enable tests on emulator debug builds.
   Work week in SF: Nov 4-8


Talking this week: Corey Frang :gnarf

   koi+ bugs our main focus in clock
   starting to move onto 1.3 for sms
   tracking down keyboard problem with integration tests
   Have noticed a big decline in scrolling behavior on the inari devices in the last month - anyone aware of a bug open for this?


System platform


Media recording


Round Table

   Paris: Layout & Graphics workweek last week, met with Gaia folks for feature requests, performance updates
   Code complexity analysis tool: also (jshint has but it may be too simple)
   [jsmith] Smoketest regressions & MarionetteJS Integration Tests
   [djf] Anyone think we could get UX and visdev to check their specs into git instead of using Box or Dropbox?
   maybe wiki ?