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If you are willing to contribute to the Documentation work of Mozilla India and help us document all our work well, here are a few tasks which needs immediate attention.

One small request to everyone - if you are taking up any of the topics from the list below (to work on), please mention your name beside the topic so that there is no chance of redundant work.

Mozilla Developer Network

Review pages on Firefox OS on MDN [High]

Add/improve tags

Help tag Firefox OS pages on the Mozilla Developer Network. See the documentation status page for Firefox OS and start tagging! This takes higher priority because of launch of Firefox OS in Indian markets soon.

Editorial reviews

The documentation status page for Firefox OS also has list of pages that need editorial reviews. You need to go through those pages and ensure they have factually correct information and no spelling/grammar mistakes.

Add/improve tags to MDN pages on JavaScript

Help tag JavaScript pages on the Mozilla Developer Network. Look at how to tag JavaScript pages and then see the list of JavaScript pages that need tags. There is not much left to be done here, so we can wrap this up real fast!

Events related

Templates for Mozilla Events

There are many occasions where after a successful event, we often get requests for similar events in other organizations. These requests come from participants who had witnessed one such event and get enthusiastic about holding similar events in their respective schools, colleges, offices etc.

Mostly they have the same queries about what all arrangements needs to be done, what all responsibilities needs to be undertaken, whom to contact for help etc. We are looking forward to document a template for the Mozilla events. This template is expected to contain the brief details of how a Mozilla event is organized (from the very planning stage). If you have organized any event or been part of the organizing committee, you can take up this task and document the entire process here.

A proper explanation of the RASCI model

It was a great idea to implement the RASCI model for all the major events which fall under the banner of Mozilla India. Now need someone to document the RASCI model well for others to understand it and then implement it in their events. If you think you are knowledgeable about this domain, please do the share your knowledge here.