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Each Area of contribution has a Task Force Team. Task Forces are groups of individuals with a similar interest who focus on a specific area of contribution.


Each Task force is divided into owner(s), peers, and contributors. This prevents too many responsibilities from accumulating on individuals.


  • Each task force can have tasks - a small work - that have to be done and are assigned to contributors. It is not mandatory to have big/complex infrastructure like bugzilla for these assignments, but it is recommended to use an open and easy ticket management system like github issues.
  • Each task has a description, person in charge, due date and status. They are listed on their corresponding area/project page and also in the profile of the person in charge of it (as a friendly reminder).
  • Projects:

Every initiative is a new project, from “Localizing AMO” to “Improve site design” or “Tips and tricks for beginners”. Anyone can create a new project. Each task force can have any number of projects.

Who can be part of the Mozilla India Task Force?

Any contributor of Mozilla in India can choose to be part of any Mozilla India Task Force Team. The list of Task Force members will be listed at Mozilla India wiki. It will be on meritocracy basis for the work one do inside the regional community i.e. Mozilla India.

The Task Force framework will undergo review every 6 months or possibly during real life pan-India community meet-up. If you are an existing Mozilla contributor from India and wish to join any of the task force teams, please contact the respective task force team listed below. If you are not sure whom to contact, email us at join at mozillaindia dot org, and mention your area of interest and how we can help.

List of Task Force Teams





Firefox Student Ambassadors




Mozilla Science Lab

Policy and Advocacy

Software Testing and Quality Management




WoMoz : Women in Mozilla and FOSS