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MLS Task force Team - India


  • FSA / New Mozilla Club can start contributing to Mozilla via MLS project.
  • Whenever there is a pan-India community meetup/ any Mozilla event, the participants can walk atleast 5 kms from the host place i.e.hotel and to and fro from the Airport/Transport Station.
  • The Pilot event should have a duration of atleast 7 days and sprints to be 7 to 10 days
  • Badges for contributors.

Event Type


  • General event other than Geolocation sprint


  • Atleast 7 days event.
  • Swags for top 3 contributors.

General event

  • No swags
  • Voluntary contribution.
  • Could be of upto 2 hours durations.
  • Generally the first starting point for the FSAs who are trying to contribute to mozilla project.

Quarterly Contributor

  • Stumbling kits for contributors having 50k+ points.

Swag Request

  • To request swag for MLS events in India SWAG

Owners and peers and contributors




  • Aniket Deshpandey
  • Ram Dayal Gurumukhi
  • Siddhartha Rao
  • Sumantro Mukherjee
  • Viswaprasath


The idea is to generate regional output with respect to distance covered and the points generated. The unique cells will be gathered mostly with the Sprints and the pilot will target covering almost all the India which will eventually be coordinated with the Geolocation task force

Help from other TFTs

- Technical TFT : Score tracking and highlighting tool.

- Events & Logistics TFT : Swags

Meeting and Notes

Next Meeting

Meeting Notes