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What we do?

We are the technical backbone of the community

Getting Started

  • The first steps is to start hanging out on #introduction on since there are a lot of folks there who can help you get started and also find potential mentors who can guide you through your first bug. It's completely natural to sometimes not understand anything about a given *good first bug* but that's what the mentors are for. But make sure you have done some background work and effort of your own to figure out what something means before asking a question on IRC.
  • This is a good place to look for bugs based on your interests:
  • Looking for what you can do for Mozilla? -
  • If you are looking for bug triage, here is a guide to that as well:
  • To chat with other community members from India hangout at #india at
  • You should start by taking a look at Contributing to either Firefox or Thunderbird, involves first of all downloading the source code and building it on your computer, the instructions for which are given on that page. While it builds (and trust me it'll take some time) you can checkout the bugsahoy( website for which bugs interest you, start talking to your mentor on irc or commenting on the bug if you need further clarifications. If you are unable to find your mentor or have any questions you always ask on #introduction.
  • An important virtue in irc communication (and will help you in your overall experience too) is Patience. Since a lot of the people you might be looking for work either in PST or some other time zone than IST, you need to be patient. Post your question and wait, stay connected on the channel and don't leave after five minutes (if it's possible) because a lot of time what happens is people come to help but by that time the newcomer is gone.
  • Start small, pick a bug which you feel is easy. Getting it fixed will give you confidence
  • When you attach a patch on a bug, sometimes you get r-. Don't let that affect you. Your effort is always appreciated and most of the time you're just a few steps away from r+ and getting your first bug fixed!

To do Tasks

  • Migration of to latest MediaWiki instance
  • Push to
  • Curate and display list of events and evangelists from India
  • to display blogposts from Indian Community members
  • Event request form which onSubmit will push e-mail to event task force team members

Future Plans

  • Discoverability of Mozillians
* Use skill-specific groups in
* Plan & work on a contributor discovery tool for all functional areas)
  • Unification of Communications
  • Modularize the infrastructure efforts & delegate


  • Soumya Deb [:Debloper]


  • Saurabh Anand [:sawrubh]
  • Kaustav Das Modak [:kaustavdm]
  • Sankha Narayan Guria [:sankha93]
  • Jaipradeesh [:dolftax]
  • Sayak Sarkar [:bugsmith]
  • Rishab Arora [:spacetime]


  • Kumar Rishav [:rishav_]
  • Akhil Pandey [:AkhilHector]
  • Abhiram [:abhiram]
  • Trishul [:tsl143]
  • ViswaPrasath [:VP7]
  • Yaseen Khan [:YaseenKhan]
  • Ayan Choudhary [:technoayan]
  • Girish Sharma [:Optimizer]
  • Sudheesh Singanamalla [:sudheesh]
  • Akshay Katyal [:MrDHat]
  • Sumantro Rijndael Mukherjee


  • Notes to TTF meeting, 27 April 2013.