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Meeting Details

  • 9:00am Pacific, 12:00pm Eastern
  • 650-903-0800 x91 Conf# 206 (US/INTL)
  • irc.mozilla.org #l10n-drivers for backchannel


Axel, Choffman, Mic, WilC


Review of wiki page

  • Wil made changes to this page discussed last week and sent the link to amo-l10n for feedback.
  • We are waiting on Extenzilla updates to the page.
  • Babelzilla responded quickly to requests, added information to wiki page, and has created a forum for translating meta data. Their plan is to add a meta data form to their add-on submission process to make this even more streamlined.
  • Next objective is to provide more/better documentation about how to join a localizing team
    • We discussed where the best places to get this information are and how to interlink it appropriately
    • on MDC page http://developer.mozilla.org/en/docs/Create_a_new_localization in first paragraph could create link to amo localizers page from here e.g., if you're trying to create an AMO localization this is where you get it and vice versa on AMO page
  • We then discussed whether babelzilla would be considered our "recommended" system for localizing AMO, this sparked a larger discussion about how to make it easier for localizers to do the work
    • Babelzilla is not considered "recommended", the list is open to any extension site that is willing to post and deemed valuable by localizers
    • it would be easier if Localizers can work from one single system, however we don't believe we can truly recommend as anything out there currently as "one" system (applies to any translation tool for all Mozilla products)
    • there appear to be two main questions: (1) whether this should be a goal i.e., is this a direction we can start to push for and (2) can/should we take an action to review tools and then consolidate in a list?
    • Our objective is to avoid localizer having to get involved in many communities to get their work done;
    • we discussed a theory that the community will collectively decide on a set of tools that will work for them so no proactive work is needed
    • we suggested that we could maintain a site with the extensions' meta data containing a link for adding translations to that; this would raise visibility of where most of extensions are hosted for translation;

ACTION: Wil will look into creating meta data links happen; post the meeting Wil is having second thoughts, and would like to revisit the idea next week

ACTION: Axel will create cross link on MDC-create-new-localizations page and Wil will do same on AMO site for localization

RSS Reader

Consideration of options for Fx3: progress report (mic)

  • Checked in with Beltzner to understand UI/UE perspective, Beltzner thinks having a local language reader is a good thing, question is what is a good local language reader
  • Checked in with Lilly on progress to date, he cautions to ensure research is comprehensive to build a substantial list of potential local language readers
  • More needs to be done, still need to check in with Sayer, etc. See last week's notes for action plan

ACTION: Mic continue on plan

Email lists consolidation

  • Our objective is to make it easier for Localizers to get information and find each other and/or other localizers who can be helpful to them
  • From last week, pro's/con's for consolidating our lists were posted to a Mozilla internal intranet forum for discussion
  • The responses didn't seem definitive, we need to ask a more refined question to get to a yes/no recommendation
  • Our thinking is still, keeping amo and web separate should give localizers an uplift in community involvement vs separating them or is there larger overlap

ACTION - Mic to clarify asking question


  • Feedback on new sections created for l10n
    • Need a much shorter version that describes start to end, like an introductory paragraph this is how you start and how you end
    • Need to build out draft of skill set question next. There is still a debate as to whether they are considered "skills" or not, for example, one thing we can describe is what is the additional value that you get for team building or PR or translating the application; so the skill set is associated with a consequence of that set of actions (or skills)
    • Feedback also is to clean up wiki mark up

ACTION: Mic continue drafting material and incorporate feedback

Fx3 Time line and QA

  • Axel has promised Schrep an L10n idea of the schedule and time line, plan is to model around 3 days, consider how many lines of localization stuff they will add calling e.g., help files 80 characters/line and make this number go to zero for B2 and make it small for B1
  • For QA, we have made progress on testing in last week, both Alice and RobC are moving forward with the plans

Marketing buffet

  • Seth to present rough ideas, moved to next week