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Meeting Details

  • 9:00am Pacific, 12:00pm Eastern
  • 650-903-0800 x91 Conf# 206 (US/INTL)
  • irc.mozilla.org #l10n-drivers for backchannel


Axel, TimR, WilC, Mic, SethB, Clint Talbert (QA, based in Michigan, new to Mozilla)

Meeting Notes


  • Creating meta data links; post last weeks meeting we discussed creating these, however we uncovered some issues
    • It may be too confusing because we don't know what tool the author will use
    • There is a bug that captures, to some extent, the requirements that we're trying to address https://bugzilla.mozilla.org/show_bug.cgi?id=369070
    • In doing this we're trying to ensure it has a low impact on our resources (in terms of trying to create perfect UI) and is more focused on creating a backbone that keeps things open to other people so if you want to localize in babelzilla then you can go ahead, and there is a server architecture for two services to talk to each other, not just web services but local applications too
    • Our team conclusion is that this is no longer a "low hanging fruit" item in terms of hooking localizations interface in AMO, and not something we can address in the short term
  • Links on AMO and Creating a localization pages, these have been done on the AMO page and Axel will create the links on the appropriate L10n wiki page

ACTION: Wil is looking into filing a bug to handle the requirements or adding to those that are there (see above) ACTION: Axel will put a link on his L10n wiki pages


  • Alice has been making progress, her first priority is performance testing, second is to integrate some basic preference tests that she has now into personalization framework, and then determine what the next major steps are
  • Generally, QA has not made too much progress, given other priorities
  • There is a new member of the team hired this week, Clin Talbert who might be able to help out in +2 weeks (once he's settled)

ACTION: TimR to check in on how Rob is dong on integrating tests into build bot framework

Time line

  • Axel posted a proposed time line for l10n for Fx3, and is awaiting feedback
  • Mconnor is committed to making a schedule for localized builds, whether it means building l10n later or freezing strings earlier is still to be determined.
  • Also for consideration is making string freeze half a week to one week before
  • Beltzner has said he wants to have a schedule such that he can take feedback on Beta1 UI and change that user interface
  • We still need clarification on what the term "frozen" really means, as presently, it is not exactly clear
  • We expect ongoing discussion when Schrep is back (later this week/early next week); Schrep needs to touch base with MConnor and Beltzner
  • TimR felt we need l10n requirements laid out, when is swag, when is smart ware testing, still not seeing clearly dates and activities
  • In order to achieve this, we need input from others, to make this more clear (Axel has asked but haven't gotten all the answers yet)

ACTION: ongoing discussion and updates

Consolidating Email lists

  • We have proposed consolidating some of the email lists to make it easier for localizers
  • We decided to open up the discussion to people who use lists and ask them

ACTION: send out cross posted message to query community about consolidating lists, WilC will do so for AMO-L10n and ask if Pascal will do the same for L10n-web, ChrisH will do so for l10n - chrish

Marketing buffet

  • Seth has been traveling in Asia meeting localizer teams so not much direct work has happened yet check out his [blog] for some trip details
  • Asa has signed up at a recent Mozilla director's meeting to create this Marketing Buffet for localizers as a priority goal to be completed over the next 2 months
  • Asa and Seth are in a planning session today
  • Seth has exchanged emails with Gandalf asking him to send us the survey results he has from questions he asked of l10n members to find out what they were experiencing and what needs they had
  • Seth is also trying to get from Tristan Nitot the materials from a Public Relations training session he did with Gandalf in Poland, for which Gandalf had promised to write something up, this would be foundation of one of the items in the buffet
  • Axel reports that Gandalf is on vacation, he has laptop with him, and mentioned that he would work on making some progress on this document
  • From Seth's recent trip, he said the hands on work has been great, however fluid and able we are to do our work online and through blogging, newsgroups, etc. there is invaluable benefit in meeting F2F and establishing trust, etc. From his visit to Taiwan, he now has a better understanding of what they want and their formal relationship with Mozilla, which would have taken lots of responsibility trust, oversight, that is sometimes hard to interpret through email
  • More to come on the buffet next week

Fx2 audit

  • Did we do any kind of post mortem after Fx2?
  • Chris/Axel did host a chat/internet conferences from localizer, the results of those session were:
    • We need to be be more crisp about communicating deadlines
    • Not bust Help again as bad as we did
  • There was also a Postmortem session held at the Summit in November 2006 and notes were taken

ACTION: we need to review the notes and determine if there is any other feedback we should incorporate into our plans for Fx3

Outreach to locales

  • The question is, should we contact some localizations now to find out their plans for Fx3 e.g., team where we need a long lead time to consider issues raised
  • ChrisH proposed doing a party
  • For party, given groups are so distributed, our current major obstacle is finding out what a party means
  • We'd like to do something that tells localizer things are starting now
  • The other really challenging point is "when" to do this party or similar idea, when we feel we're also ready to do it as we still haven't communicated ourselves precisely enough what we expect when, for example, we don't know what Beta1 is
  • Our conclusion is, it's not a question of "if" but "when" and then defining what do these parties look like?
  • We expect to end up with something virtual, e.g., meeting on IRC than a physical party, travel budget, etc.
  • The other important part is we pick one point in time when we reach out to localizer community and tell them START, start watching these sights and get "back to life"

ACTION: SethB to brainstorm with Asa what this might look like, and Axel to continue to work on a final Time line

Recording our calls

  • We discussed if it would be allright to record our weekly calls so that Mic can take better notes
  • Everyone is ok so long as the recordings are not kept forever and erased after a reasonable period of time as the notes are what's most important

ACTION: Mic to enable this for next week under these caveats (erased after notes are up)

Axel update

  • There is a post on Axel's blog for the "Incubator" Axel built
  • He's got some good feedback from community e.g., Runa from India finds it very helpful to get instant feedback
  • BuildBot news: to get the stuff that we hope to see is going to be a little bit tricky, not designed to do l10n repackaging, e.g., 50x little different things is not what it's designed to do
  • Thinking about how to get localizers to work aggressively on their initial stuff on the trunk (which currently goes unmonitored), and getting/providing feedback, see that they're progressing and getting better, and make sure we give "pat on the backs" for good work
  • We'd like a way to create more cooperative competition between folks (following Morgamic's suggestion at recent Fx3 meeting), for example, setting up statistics for number of translated fields, our idea is to increase exposure to that type of data to make this a friendly competition
  • Also, getting localization progress onto the graph server; maybe take some kind number from build bot server and post to graph server

ACTION: Axel to talk to Alice about the possibility and then what kind of graph we could do