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Meeting Details

  • 9:00am Pacific, 12:00pm Eastern
  • 650-903-0800 x91 Conf# 206 (US/INTL)
  • irc.mozilla.org #l10n-drivers for backchannel


Chofman, Wil, SethB, Mic, Axel, Pascal, AlixF, TimR


  • Comm Dev - update
    • Pascal was in Spain last week; round table with Opera and Microsoft talking about browsers; interested in participating in technology choices in the region
  • all.html - update
    • sites are ready
    • bundles are available but not QAed - can bundle language pack and locale switcher at same time (user would always have to download Firefox)
    • Steven Donner

ACTION: Mic to follow up with right people i.e., QA (steven donner) and WilC

  • AMO/Chatzilla update
    • Mic to write requirements
  • QA updates
    • not much to update; how do we want to handle locales for beta
    • right to left help from QA is that available? localizer should post bug describing what he's looking for and ask for "QA wanted"

ACTION: Tim get Jay to reach out to localizer Tomer to help him out on filing of bug

    • choose 15 locales couple days before code freeze for Beta 1; those in good shape will release as Beta locales; those we are not sure about = Alpha; good shape = Beta; team will test up to 15 of Beta quality ones to ensure Moz/Localizer are agreed about quality

ACTION: Mic - investigate alpha section on all.html list

  • Tools
    • Task - Recommendation to make for African proposal; what questions do we need answer in order to address their proposal
      • validation phase: technical review of what they've done to really see if it's going in a direction that they say it's going
      • qualitative phase: direction is the right direction, target audience is an audience we care about; more specifically we need to conduct a review of work that tests feasibility of what they're proposing and how it maps to what they want to achieve
      • L10n drivers needs to create a set of requirements that we believe are worth addressing and against which we can evaluate these types of proposal e.g., it's reducing barriers to entry for people to do contributions (think this will also improve quality of localizations we have), -- in the case of African team we believe this is the case and we don't their proposal is geared to streamline process
      • We agree that we want to work with dwayne to explore for example how we refine requirements, and possibly ask Dwayne to re-write and structure in way that is more phased e.g., 2-3 months @smaller amount of money at a time; Mic/Seth could help Dwayne do this
      • Mic is currently conducting a review of other open source projects and their translation tool sets; Ubuntu (Launch Pad and Rosetta), Komodo, NetVibes (although not open source, still interesting).
      • Dwayne's proposal positive - could see where someone new to process could use tool to do something

ACTION: all available - create a set of requirements of what we want system to do - then we can assess each proposal against how it achieves those things; then Seth/Mic to talk with Dwayne and restructure proposal - call set for Thursday Nov 1 at 8amPST, all must read all materials sent around (Axel)

  • Fx3

prep - latest news on beta's, deadlines, etc

    • re-review how to transport prioritization data from >> to trunk
    • list which locales are ready
    • always run into the problem - how start discussion; start wiki page and get localization teams to add comments on whether they think they're ready (list from last week's Firefox 3 notes)

ACtION: Mic create page for need: Beta 1 readiness