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Meeting Details

  • 9:00am Pacific, 12:00pm Eastern
  • 650-903-0800 x91 Conf# 206 (US/INTL)
  • irc.mozilla.org #l10n-drivers for backchannel
  • (notetaker: clouserw)


  • chofmann, Axel, clouserw, Seth, Pascal, Tim, Mic

Proposed Agenda

  • Tools
    • (seth) Putting together a more formal writeup for supporting tool proposals
    • (seth) Alexandru says performance problems were just a symptom of someone testing at the same time. He thinks l10n.m.o might be slow.
      • (Axel) l10n.m.o is in .nl and it shouldn't be slow.
  • Community Dev
    • (Pascal) moz-mx is focusing on four Mexican locales, Pascal will blog about it soon
    • (Mic) Is there an update on Gandalf's community page?
      • (Pascal) No change since last week
  • AMO
    • (Mic) After we have a full build (beta or official) we'd like to remove the language pack link from all.html since it will be above in the full download. Any objections?
      • nope
      • (clouserw) I don't think we have a policy in place for the locale packs on AMO yet.
    • New AMO dictionary and language pack pages
      • bug 423535 is for support of fx2 & fx3 on that page
  • Fx3
    • (Mic) Productization effort for RC1:
      • Only about 6 locales are complete. Bunch of small stuff to finish. Waiting on en-US to land a couple things
    • (Pascal) QA'd in-product pages
    • (Mic) RC1 is 2-3 weeks away, little worried about getting in-product pages done
      • (Pascal) Depends on the content. If they are long and have localized graphics it could be a problem. If we get them by mid-next week we should be alright.
      • What do we think of finishing web content after the release?
        • (Axel) An RC means everything is done, we shouldn't do this.
        • (chofmann) We've done this in the past, and we could probably squeeze it in again. If we do, we should provide a schedule of how long things will take and enforce it. Let's raise flags next week if we haven't frozen web content by then.
        • (action:Mic) Send email to pkim and jslater with a heads up about timeline for L10n
    • How's QA?
      • (Tim) Finished minotaur testing for win/mac for b[2-4].
      • (Tim) There are default protocol handlers (mailto, etc.) landing. We will do another test run after they land.
      • (Tim) (action:?) Lets aim for having the current results files reviewed by next week.
      • (action:Mic,Tim,chofmann) Meet about b5 testing, 1pm PST
    • Rumor has it b5 is slipping to Monday
  • Spanish Litmus
    • (Pascal) The Spanish team is using a tool (mini-Litmus) to get feedback on the quality of their localization. They want to release it for b5. It's localizable and includes several feedback forms, etc.
      • (Tim) Please don't call it Litmus, plskthx.