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Meeting Details

  • 9:00 AM Mountain View Time
  • 650-903-0800 x92 Conf# 206 (US/INTL)
  • irc.mozilla.org #l10n-drivers for backchannel
  • (notetaker: Seth)


Pascalc, Sethb, Axel, chofmann, clouserw

Meeting Notes


  • Got through bug filing yesterday
    • hr, es-MX, or, bn-BD
    • others still in the queue


  • 3 Goals:
    • Get to a point where localizers can get testable builds quickly
    • Have reliable builds for nightly testers
    • Being able to tell localizers what they have to do next


  • Things are still a bit influx, but we are getting much of this into RelEng hosted machines
  • Decommissioned bsmedberg's machine
  • Don't have highly forked repositories anymore
  • Compare-locales in repository good for RelEng and L10n dashboard with process to keep the two in sync
  • Got buildbot custom repositories together, no longer forked
    • This code is asking Hg repos for changes
    • Asking what to build
    • Still working on how the builds should look and how they should report
      • Ultimately, how l10n-server does builds will come over to RelEng


  • Beta three localized pages
    • Should have them by next week for localizers
  • Snippets for nine of the ten teams targeted by Marketing

Web services/Product

  • Filed bugs on bn-BD, or, es-MX, hr
    • Localizers are starting to work on web services
  • Tree rules for Axel adding locales (look in .tree management for the post)
    • Mob-rule and Axel is the mob :), so he will manage for right now
    • What to do with shipped-locales


  • AMO 5.0.3, minimal string changes
  • Next release (5.0.4) is really big
    • debetaing the new developer control panel, expect lots of string changes
  • all.html


  • Gandalf, Axel, Seth met last week
    • Good to get us on one page for this summer


  • Seth will meet with Timr on Thursday to discuss implementing some findings
  • Axel passed feedback to Seth's blog post
  • Wimboo added RTL manual test cases to Litmus -- where do we place those RTL tests?


  • How can we make our web story so that we can continue to take new locales?
    • Is there anything we can do from the infrastructure tooling side?
    • If we have an idea, what is the actual problem we have to solve? pascalc may be helpful in determining web-side of story.
    • Limit for release, with limited set of pages, is somewhere around 80 locales. Web content changes more often then the product...once we get over a certain number, new/smaller locales with very small teams may be chasing something that is ever-chasing.
    • Take the Getting Started page as an example...it's huge
      • Consider having a second version that is slimmed down. This could be applied to other heavy-content, ever-changing web pages.
      • How much do we agree on waiting for the product to be released with the pages? Or do we release?
  • Axel: we should be daring on what we ask Marketing so we can grow our locale count. We need to have a constructive argument so they know how it works.
  • Axel: We need to get communication out, localizer has to then think about content, hunt down on possible changes (markup vs. content)
    • Can we nail down marketing to reduce the changes and way they are doing things so that localizers can get pretty slim content (possibly) on a wiki
    • Reduced set of elements so we can produce a reasonable web display of that.
      • What is "that" content? Goal: this is the simple thing that localizers can do.
      • This will get more localizers up-to-speed and shipping.

Summary of Problems:

  • markup
  • maintenance
  • redesign of websites (not just maintenance or markup)
  • localizability of pages


  • Is there a tool that would make things easier for localizers?
    • So far, except for some localizers, not a huge complaint about editing html
    • Some complaints are with pages with javascript
  • Trickiness is around design...is it localizable or not?

Possible Solutions:

  • Smaller languages could use a default set of websites
  • Figure out a way to get better reviews of pages or better QA of pages
  • Get a screen shot tool for reviews
  • Anything that can help automate the QA of pages