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Meeting Details

  • 9:00 AM - 7:00 PM Mountain View Time (UTC -7)
  • L10n team's work day in San Francisco
  • (notetaker: Stas&Seth)
Sethb, axel, stas, gandalf

Weekly update

3.5rc1 update

  • on track, 70 locales so far, 71st - Malayalam, handful of new betas on top of those 71 (or, es-CL, ms (Gen suggested including them in 3.5.x), rm)
  • code freeze planned for May 18
  • 7-8 new strings; new round of outreach before May 18
  • +1 string in Page Info > Permissions for geolocation (https://bugzilla.mozilla.org/show_bug.cgi?id=491732)

Action items

  • determine the date for the string freeze
  • Axel: give beltzner a date for the string freeze
  • Stas & Seth: reach out to the localizers

web l10n for 3.5

Action items

  • Pascal: what is Pascal's workload, could we handle additional locales working on the TBD items? should we say “l10n: no” on these, or maybe “l10n: up to the localizer”?

Q2 goals review

webl10n process and docs

  • what happens on the way from localizer to production?
  • what steps are involved? where is kubla in this? who does the review? at which point?
  • when is the en-US content reviewed? (for l12y)
  • when is the localized content reviewed?
  • what tools are used?
  • what happens where a localizer attaches the file to the bug?
  • what happens when they commit the file to svn?
  • update whiteboard in bugzilla? - not reliable, localizers can edit this field too
  • when do we mark locale as fixed?
    • when the revision on trunk is ready for production, a.k.a reviewed by Pascal
  • there’s a time window between the moment when we mark as fixed and when the file is published.
  • this is more of a QA problem, this is what the verified status is for
  • use Windmill for QA? Axel talked with Tim: use one test across locales. Mikeal and Clint

Action items

  • Pascal: update the "web documentation" goal status
  • Ask Pascal about the all-beta goal
  • What about "Add 10 more localized landing pages on Mozilla.com for Firefox 3.5"?


  • on track/done :)


p12n dashboard

  • two dashboards: ongoing work & history
  • q2 goal: ongoing work dashboard
  • stas is working on standardizing the process
  • three parties: l10n-drivers, localizers, providers
  • how to update the dashboard?
    • email is unreliable
    • manual updating is error-prone
  • can we get providers to update the dashboard?
  • how do we make sure that stas updates the dashboard after emailing a provider?
    • can we cc the dashboard?
  • the dashboard could keep the timestamp of the last modification and then prompt for update if the bug has changed since the last update
  • Goals/views:
    • what needs to be done for this locale (and who needs to do it)
  • 8prove the overview over all p12n pieces (how many locales are OK, here are locales with open items...)
    • provide a hook for the main dashboard to get an overview of a locale’s status
    • decisions made to date (history dashboard)

p5t (product) dashboard

  • we’re rewriting the thing
  • currently:
    • the dashboard creates static files and presents them (a json file from the builder, a json file from webdashboard)
    • no such thing as a build db
    • build information is serialized with python’s pickle
    • sqlite stores the informarion of compare-locales per locale, tree, time
    • distributed, fragile
  • plan:
    • create a web-app which works on a different builder (the migration will make all current data unusable)
    • single db bringing together:
      • builds (regular compare-locales)
      • pushes (pike’s bonsai)
      • web display (waterfall; tinderbox replacement)
      • stats
      • signoff (stacked on top to add feature, make opt in process easier)
      • future extension to include bugzilla, webdash, sumo, p12ndash
  • signoff will authenticate using LDAP
  • when ready? around the corner

webl10n dashboard

  • how can we update the dashboard automatically or semiautomatically?
    • update whiteboard in bugzilla? - not reliable, localizers can edit this field too
  • convert the data to json to make it more accessible to other people
  • admin panel?

(see webl10n process for more notes)


  • If Adrian’s OK, we’re ready to release 0.5.
  • Next: 0.7, 0.9, 1.0 this year

Action items

  • Gandalf: put the 0.7 features on the wiki

l10n community projects


  • architecture through mid-may
  • implementation June 22
  • plan deployment August 24, maybe mid-September
  • initially only supported for komodo, but perhaps for other IDEs in the future
  • GUI-based, localize, pull, commit locally, no-push initially
  • Axel’s wish list
    • hot keys to skp from one entity to the next
    • detect change strings
    • easily discoverable things for localization


  • GSoC was rejected
  • project picked up by mozilla under dportillo’s and gerv’s suggestion
  • integrate silme into narro
  • alexandru and gandalf serve as mentors


  • a tool based on his fork of ja to ja-mac
  • verification routines that he ran over all other locales
  • similar to translate toolkit routines
  • checking for arguments
  • variables in strings
  • duplicate entities
  • what is his code doing and how is it doing it?
  • Perl version of compare-locales, could he update to new python version?

verbatim w/ fred wenzel

(no notes?)

Jeremy (l20n)

  • summary of convesation with jeremy and gandalf and axel
  • initial work ideas:
  • shaver wants JSON instead of current platform
  • some rearchitecturing that might have perf impact
  • grammar work to do

Action items

  • gandalf works on examples of l20n json grammar for shaver
  • axel talks to jst and sicking how to hook up to content
  • axel and gandalf discuss next steps on plan


  • we haven’t come up with a tier11 testing startegy if the localizers don’t have mobile devices
  • Axel asked Reed to create a second db to experiment with the dashboards. This will allow us to add remaining locales to fennec's all-locales

Action items

  • Stas: remind Axel about adding remaining localles to fennec's all-locales
  • Seth: come up with a testing strategy for localizers who don't have mobile devices

ship devices to people / get joduinn do builds for desktop platforms / vpn to devices?

  • Seth: ask Jay again about the release timeline
  • Stas: finish p12n blog post
  • Stas: talk to Jay about p12n of localized builds and nokia builds

product details

  • briefly discussed this wrt Stas's timeline
  • chicken and egg problem - what comes first: product details? dashboard?
  • we keep release details in too many places: shipped-locales, l10n changesets, product details

Paris work week

  • Preliminarily scheduled for August 3-7
  • Berlin or Warsaw more likely

Action items

  • Seth: check with Jeremy?
  • Seth: check with Pascal?
  • Axel: check his schedule for August again