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Meeting Details

  • 9:00 AM Mountain View Time (UTC -7)
  • 650-903-0800 x92 Conf# 206 (US/INTL)
  • irc.mozilla.org #l10n-drivers for back channel
  • (notetaker: )
  • (attendees: )

Meeting Notes


  • triage of dashboard bugs
  • conf call with releng, outcome:
    • updates to 1l0n.inis will be communicated through bugs, to be filed when changes come up. They'll integrate the data as they see fit. Drop re-use of scheduler code in buildbotcustom
    • updates to l10n-changesets will be landed by the release engineer, management of sign-offs will stay in the hand of the l10n team. For now, fennec is different due to maemo-locales
  • survey on l10n community server url, 8 responses, generally in favour of l10n-community.m.o, so that's what it's gonna be.
  • started to work on bcp47 patch, and for that
  • hacked on django app to compare talos try numbers with trunk, bad and slow
  • minor fixes to l10n_site

Talking points: Firefox 4 Beta Program


  • Firefox Cup
    • installed Zamboni locally to help with Firefox Cup l10n on the dev side
      • we need a process to localize this project
      • it's an app inside Zamboni
      • trying to figure out if we can use separate PO files for this
      • using z-messages.po seems easier on the dev side, but more complex on the localizers' side
    • Filed bugs to localize the promo of Firefox Cup on AMO, see dependencies of bug 565785
      • 12/17 done
      • to do: af, en-GB, fr, ja, pt-PT
  • Fixed Student Reps on Verbatim (localizers weren't able to commit)
  • Filed a bug about not being able to commit from Verbatim for the SUMO project: 566855
  • Pike wanted me to look at 565165 (passwd reset pages for Weave), still on my todo list.
  • Booking travel to the summit



  • Jetpack API work in bug 549315
  • L20n content-sink patch updated to mozilla-central and prepared for bug to be filed
  • Verbatim updated to Pootle 2.0
  • Supporting Transifex team to get on speed with Jetpack l10n webservice
  • Preparing for the Balkan event (slidedecks etc.)
  • triaged l10n-site bugs with stas and Pike


  • Finish Dimitris Statement of Work
    • Emailed, waiting to hear back from him
  • Pontoon support
    • Emailed ozten
  • Ragavan/weave
    • Emailed mconnor and ragavan about string freeze, outreach, builds, and website
  • Fennec outreach
  • Emailed individual localizers
  • London
  • Collecting visa information from L10n community for committee
  • Firefox beta survey and user voice localization meeting
  • Working with Dwayne Bailey to gather feedback about Verbatim/Pootle from our Moz Community
  • Meeting with Eve and Jane about localizing consumer marketing newsletter
  • Student rep outreach emails with William


  • various fixes to firstrun/whatsnew pages
  • working on June snippets + starting to work on how to turn that in a web service
  • some work on campus-reps (trying to turn German previous version in .txt into a .po file, updated a few strings on the site, fixed a couple display bugs...)
  • kept working with Delphine on finding contributors for smaller European locales
  • lots of small or big web l10n projects popping up (mission page in mozilla.org, new snippets, snippets on a chrome page,
  • Worked on Add-ons Workshop London in June
  • conference in Aix


  • Balkan Meeting
  • Kitsune PRD
  • Verbatim documentation
  • Localizers Schedule